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5 Nutritious Sweet Treats for a Healthier Halloween Holiday

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On Halloween eve, it’s expected that your neighborhood will be filled with a crowd of fancy-dressed kids, knocking on every door and asking for sweet treats. However, sweets typically don’t have healthier components, and most have tons of sugar and preservatives. As an adult, providing decadent yet nutritious treats is your primary concern. 

Indeed, cutting the sweetness doesn’t take away the fun at all. In fact, there are plenty of recipes you could use that have nourishing ingredients. Further, these recipes have a concept of “replacing a component with a more nutritious counterpart, and adding elements that amplify taste.” And if you still don’t have anything on your list, below are the healthier sweet treats you can give to the kids that you couldn’t agree more.

5 Nutritious Sweet Treats for a Healthier Halloween Holiday 1

Usually, meringue is a sweet treat made from egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar whipped until it reaches a soft peak. The meringue crispy yet chewy in the middle texture is a sure hit for kids. Thus, an aquafaba meringue is a version of your meringue that’s not far from the traditional one; it only has an uplift to flavor and added nutrients. 

An aquafaba meringue is an egg-free baking dessert recipe. Instead of using egg whites, the liquid from cooked-chickpea legumes is used. It is just similar to casual meringue preparation: whipping the chickpea liquid with a teaspoon of cream of tartar and a cup of sugar, piped on a baking sheet, and pop in the oven. Further, since it uses legumes, it contains fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

As a Halloween treat, put the baked meringues in a pouch, as an imitation of witch’s herb potpourri. 

  • Zucchini Chocolate Cake Bars

Chocolate is every kid’s best friend, especially when incorporated in baked goods. Although it is already a decadent dessert treat, a healthier version is a great substitution, perhaps a zucchini chocolate bar. 

Who would’ve thought that chopped zucchini, a summer-squash vegetable, would add not just an interesting texture to the cake but also health benefits? This unusual recipe is suitable for picky-eating children since it hides the vegetable. It is creamy yet not heavy to the stomach. Importantly, zucchinis are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that slow aging. 

Piping a green-tinted whipped cream on top of the bar paired with tiny skull-shaped candy is an excellent play of capturing Halloween’s essence. 

  • Honey Banana Cupcake

Cupcakes are an all-time favorite classic food that still beguiles people of different ages. However, its irresistibility has downsides if consumed excessively. It can affect the increase in the sugar level or, worse, diabetes. Children at an early age, love to eat cupcakes. And now that trick or treat season is near, a healthier cupcake, like the honey banana cupcake, is an excellent giveaway for a healthier holiday.

This cupcake recipe doesn’t need brown sugar or artificial sweeteners because honey and banana already have natural sweetening agents. Bananas are an excellent potassium source for strengthening bones, while honey contains antioxidants that maintain healthy cells. Also, using yogurt as a substitute for butter lessens the fat content without drying out the texture. 

You can serve this with a dollop of piped whipped cream, rather than buttercream frosting, for a refreshing and light take. 

  • Fruit Tartlets

Fruit tartlets are a smaller version of fruit tarts. This tiny pastry treat is jam-packed with flavors and nutrients since the filling is made from various fruits. Also, it’s easy to produce. All you need is a tart shell and a jam or fresh fruit. To help you select the appropriate flavor profile for kids, we enumerated below some of their favorites.


Strawberry has a tart taste that cuts all the sweetness. It is also high in vitamin C, folate, and manganese. 


This tropical fruit has a contrasting sweet and sour taste that every kid would love. Its flesh oozes refreshing juices that contain vitamin C and A, and help boost the immune system.


The crispy and fleshy apple is one of the many perfect pairings for fruit tartlets. Since most kids are familiar with this flavor profile, they will not hesitate to grab one. Eating apples promotes smoother digestion, increases brain power, and fortifies the immune system.

  • Yogurt Cups

Yogurt is considered a superfood because of its plethora of health benefits. It contains probiotics or live bacteria that are beneficial to digestive health. It also helps strengthen the bones to prevent osteoporosis when they grow old, considering that it’s the kids’ earlier age where proper nourishment is vital.

Meanwhile, although it’s an unconventional treat for the trick or treating kids, it’s a great introduction to new ways of handing healthier yet satisfying sweets. Putting yogurt in a cup with mixed fruits, fresh or dried berries, nuts, and oats is a more straightforward way of serving.


Significantly, it is during the holidays that kids get to have a chance to splurge on sweets. But regardless of the occasion or holiday, it’s important to keep their health.  The food they eat must be nourishing because it’s the crucial stage of their growth and development. Nevertheless, a healthier substitution and addition to the sweet treat’s ingredients don’t diminish the holiday spirit—it even makes the season better. 

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