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5 Surprising Facts About Online Gaming That Will Blow Your Mind


Online gaming has prospered in recent years and has built itself to one of the most predominant growth sectors in the present and worldwide economy market. This progression has been growing significantly and with the evolution of mobile gaming more diversity and flexibility have come to the table for players all over the world. Have a look at these five surprising facts about online gaming.

  1. The Priciest Game Ever Invented

The 2013 version of the online game Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive game that was ever developed. It took more or less $137 million to develop the game plus another $128 for marketing expenses. However, Rockstar North, who is the developer of the game, earned himself a substantial profit because the game exceeded $1 billion in revenue in the first three days. The second most expensive game that was released in 2009, is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The complete cost of development was $50 million, but the marketing totalled in the region of $200 million.

  1. The Female Population Rule The Online Gaming Community

I bet you didn’t know that forty-five percent of video gamers are women, and forty-six percent of game purchases is also made by women. With more complex storylines, personalized characters and more tolerance for being geeky, it is no surprise that the world of online gaming is no longer a boys-only community.

These days, if you tell someone that you’re into playing video games, most of the time you’ll be asked which games you like to play, which is wonderful. You can check out non stop casino showed UK companies not participating in gamstop for casino games. Video games as a hobby are widely accepted and confirmed. Whether it is a puzzle game or an online crossword, look out boys, women are here to stay, and the challenge is on.

  1. Almost Fifty Percent Of Online Gamers Are Over Fifty Years Old

You will be astonished about how many of the gaming community is made up of older gamers. These statistics were overlooked initially since game developers didn’t target mature and senior citizens at first. Just under thirty percent of online games are now suitable for fifty and over, with titles like crosswords targeted at senior gamers.

  1.      More Adult Gamers Start Playing Online Games With Their Kids At Least Once Weekly

While video games are still predominantly linked to younger adults, online gaming has a broad audience. Not only does this audience include educated and older individuals, but also parents who are eager to play engaging and interactive online games with their kids. More than thirty-three percent of adults engage in online games with their kids once weekly. Examples of such games include adventure games, money making games and titles that has family-friendly titles.

  1. South Korea Banned Midnight Gaming Once Before

The Cinderella law was passed once before in South Korea which prohibits kids under the age of sixteen to play online video games between midnight and six AM. However, consoles and mobile games were not influenced. Kids could not resist playing online video games and eluded the law by starting to steal the resident registration number.

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