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5 Ways In Which Internet Can Ruin Your Relationship

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On the face of it, joining a matchmaking platform seems to be the ideal way for singles to connect with potential partners. In an increasingly busy world where leisure time often seems to require prioritizing amongst other demands, having access to potential dates simply by clicking a few buttons on your smartphone is so convenient. Sites are geared towards compatibility, so you’ll always find it easy to connect with other singles on your wavelength. No matter what aspirations you might have when it comes to searching for a partner, you can choose from a diverse range of options by browsing through best dating sites reviews. But nothing in life is ever straightforward, and much as the Internet seems perfect for organizing your social life, there will always be drawbacks. Here are five ways in which the World Wide Web can ruin your relationship.

5 Ways In Which Internet Can Ruin Your Relationship 1


Too much screen time is unhealthy


The Internet is available 24/7, a constant distraction that can be tapped into at any moment as long as you have the appropriate gadgets to hand. The ready availability of access to social media platforms, including Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, or Instagram images means individuals can spend inordinate amounts of time online. Aside from the obvious detrimental aspects like eyesight strain, people can become fixated on the virtual world which will impinge on their actual relationships. Instead of engaging in healthy face-to-face conversations, there is a constant temptation to keep returning to whatever’s happening in the palm of their hands.


Social media can be a source of mistrust


So many people are active users of a variety of social media platforms. Whenever you are in a relationship, especially in the early stages, there can be a temptation to dig into someone’s social media presence for background information. But a fine line has to be drawn in case this becomes overly intrusive. It’s one thing to take an interest in a prospective partner’s social activities and hobbies. It’s something much more worrying to begin questioning how close they seem to be with other people in photographs. Jealousy can be instigated by the most innocuous-looking scenarios.


The Internet can be bad for self-esteem and mental health


A major problem with the Internet is that people are naturally drawn to presenting the most favorable images of themselves. In the modern age, selfies are so much more than self-portraits. They can become a way for individuals to boost their egos. Vanity can take over as individuals select their most impressive photos before sharing, or even alter images using software. Instagram posts often seem less like natural representations and more like model catalogs. This can all become demeaning, as other site users are left feeling judged or inadequate, affecting their stress levels.


There are a lot of temptations out there


Facebook, by its very nature, is all about increasing friendship circles. But it is not uncommon for people to receive friend requests out of the blue, from old acquaintances, sometimes even former partners. There have been numerous instances of historic romances being rekindled by the excitement of touching base after some time. A few friendly message exchanges might develop into something much more inappropriate.


Shorthand can quash romance


The Internet is all about instant communication. It offers such a convenient way of keeping in touch with partners, and a whole shorthand has developed to make messaging even more instant. Instead of completing thoughtful paragraphs of loving prose, all any site user has to do is select from a whole bank of emojis to try and express the same emotion. But nothing will ever replace the eloquence and affection that can be expressed by language. Slang and shorthand can also be misinterpreted. The result is that the intensity of passion can quickly become diluted.

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