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5 Ways to Ace a Job Interview


Yesterday, one of the country’s biggest consultancy firms held a campus recruitment session at our college. All the final year students were invited to attend, and we accordingly filed into the venue by the droves, eager to see what a real interview was all about!

The professors had previously prepped us a little bit for the big day, and we could all feel butterflies in our stomachs as the names of those who had made it through the initial aptitude test were called out one by one for the interview.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks that I picked up from that experience and would like to share them with all of you, about how to ace a job interview.

Presenting you with a list of 5 Ways to Ace a Job Interview.


This is probably not the first time you hear this, and it certainly won’t be the last, but confidence really is the key to success in any job interview. The interviewers will only have faith in you if you have faith in yourself. Even the right answer, delivered in a confused and unsure manner, may lead the interviewer to doubt your knowledge or competence. Self-belief is the best qualification you can carry with you into the interview chamber.


The first impression is the last. This saying holds doubly true when you are going in for a job interview. And again, there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive focus on your appearance may make you come across as shallow and superficial, while too little will end up making you look sloppy and careless. It is important on such an occasion to look both presentable and professional, with a neat, clean and decent outfit paired with minimalistic make-up (in case of women) and minimal accessories for both genders. Stick to formals and avoid loud colours on this particular day.


An interview is basically a test of your verbal skills. You must present your knowledge of the profession succinctly and fluently, encompassing all the details within the interview time frame. This is easier said than done and requires an excellent command of the language in which the interview is held. If this is not your first language, it might be useful to invest in a class or tutorial to improve your fluency before the interview. Everything you say must be clear and comprehensible to the interviewer, so that he or she may judge your skills without any language barriers or miscommunication hindering the process.


4.Curriculum Vitae

An impressive CV is essential if you want to land a job at a good company. It may even be worthwhile to get professional help in preparing your perfect CV. It must be clear, neat and succinct, and spell out all your past achievements in all relevant fields. Do not add extra or unnecessary information. A musical award, while impressive, does nothing to prove your worthiness for a job in the production department of an FMCG manufacturing company. The CV must be relevant to the interview in question. Try to get as much experience in the field as possible through part-time jobs and internships before applying for interviews, as this makes your CV look more impressive and improves your chances of landing a job.


All external factors notwithstanding, the most important thing you need to land your dream job is a thorough knowledge of the field you want to work in. Your knowledge, sincerity and dedication are ultimately the things that will make you stand out from the rest. Read extensively about the industry you want to work in, research about market-conditions and make sure you have profound knowledge of the position you are interviewing for and the kind of work it will entail. Without understanding and ability, everything else will fall flat.


Now that you know how to prepare for your next interview ace the interviews and get the job you have always dreamt of having! Give it all you’ve got, and best of luck for the future!



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