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6 Appliances You Need To Elevate Your Home Cooking

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When it comes to cooking at home, you need to have the right kitchen appliances to ensure that you can easily create delicious meals for your friends and family. This is especially true if you love experimenting and spending time in your kitchen. 

6 Appliances You Need To Elevate Your Home Cooking 1
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If you’re looking for ways to take your cooking up a notch, start reading informative blogs on kitchen appliances, such as Food Shark Marfa, and investing in the following:

  • Microwave Oven

Microwave oven is an excellent way to prepare meals. This piece of appliance is usually small and is easy to store. This appliance also has a convection feature that allows the food to cook evenly. It can be used for preparing soup, stew, and pizza, among many others.

Some of the most common and easiest recipes you can do using a microwave oven are crispy bacon, vegetable quiche, poached eggs, and even breakfast quinoa. Regardless if you’re fond of making sweet, salty or sultry meals, there will always be some kind of dish that you can easily create using a microwave oven.

  • Professional Blender

If you want to make the most out of your kitchen for cooking, you’ll need the right kind of professional blender. A professional blender will provide you with the power and performance that you need in the kitchen as this can help you easily cut solid foods into small pieces.

Contrary to popular belief, a professional blender will not only allow you to make fruit smoothies. With this appliance, you can also make awesome lemonades, pancakes, silky smooth soups, and even the fluffiest eggs. You can also use your blender to make a quick salsa, cauliflower sauce, or whipped cream!

  • Steamer

Steamers can be found in many different shapes and sizes, and they’ve made to do many different things in the kitchen. Some of the most common types of steamers allow you to get rid of a lot of extra fat from the food, such as chicken or fish, while others will keep food warm longer so you don’t have to constantly add more water to cook it.

If you think a steamer is a great addition to your kitchen, start looking for recipes on steamed spring rolls, steamed palak vada, and steamed prawns in garlic sauce. Aside from being easy to prepare, meals prepared using steamers are often healthy and very filling.

  • Stand Mixer

While some people only want to delight their friends and family with home-cooked dishes, others want to serve a full-course meal to anyone who will dine in their kitchens. If you’re one of the latter, you should definitely buy a stand mixer soon.

Although uncommon for some, a stand mixer can make your life easy in the kitchen as this appliance allows you to prepare chiffon cakes, beer bratwurst, ricotta tortellini, and even seeded crackers. You can also make pizza doughs, raw vegetable salad, and fresh spaghetti (and many other kinds of pasta) using your stand mixer.

  • Air Fryer

Unlike all the other kitchen appliances mentioned in this article, air fryers are quite new. As its name suggests, an air fryer works by using a circulation of hot air to cook food rather than submerging your ingredients in oil. Cooking fryers come with cooking chambers that radiate and circulate hot air.

Because it doesn’t use oil to cook, a lot of people think that using air fryers is a healthier option than frying your meals. Air fryers are also very easy to clean, allowing you to use the appliance as often as possible.

Some of the most common ingredients you can use in an air fryer are chicken, shrimp, and bacon. Air fryers are a godsend for people who want to eat healthy as these will help you make French fries, zucchini chips, roasted asparagus, and even tofu minus the oil.

  • Barbeque Grill

Everybody loves to prepare and eat barbeque. In fact, most gatherings won’t be complete unless barbeque is served on the table.

If you share the same sentiment and love barbeque just as much, buy a portable barbeque grill for your kitchen or have one installed on one of your kitchen counters. A barbeque grill is a cost-effective investment that will help you prepare the best barbeques and even steak. You can also grill your favorite vegetables using this appliance for your side dish or appetizer.


Choose Carefully

There are many different types of appliances that can help you cook food at home. You just need to check whether the one you’re eyeing to buy is suitable to your needs or not. You should also consider the price and the durability of the appliance. If you buy a high-quality appliance that’s durable, then, you’ll surely be able to enjoy using them for the longest time possible. 

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