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6 Reasons Why Not To Quit Smoking!


Addiction or affection! Whatever be the reason for smoking, it is harmful. But for all the smokers and chainsmokers out there, here are six reasons why not to quit smoking. This is obviously not written to encourage you but its just to look at smoking from a positive angle.

Here are six shocking reasons which are sure to raise your eyebrows on why not to quit smoking.

1. Obesity? This will not be your friend…

Nicotine, the lead content in cigarettes is an appetite suppressant. Matter of fact that women were introduced to smoking in early 19 century with a view that smoking would make them thinner. Smoking is a cause for very complex actions inside our body which makes smokers eat less and food might get less tasty for few smokers.
Girls, if you want the cheapest weight loss therapy then you have it at every third shop in India for just Rs.11. But, the chances of gaining weight after quitting smoking is significantly high which may again prevent you from quitting it.


2. Got a heart attack? Don’t worry, you will respond faster to medication…

Clopidogrel, a heart drug vastly prescribed for pre cardiac arrests’ medication. This drug helps in inhibition of blood clots for those patients suffering from coronary artery disease and other circulatory diseases leading to strokes and cardiac arrests.

But, if you are a smoker then you will respond to this drug more efficiently than people who don’t smoke. A study by Korean researchers in the October 2010 issue of the journal Thrombosis Research illustrates the benefits of smoking at least 10 cigarettes a day. (Google it now)

3. Got a problem with your knee? Don’t worry, smoking lowers the risk of knee replacement…


Yes, you heard it right. Smoking lowers the risk of knee replacement. Knee replacement is common in obese people and obesity is rarely seen in smoking so this way we can derive some relation. But, you will obviously spend more money on treating your lung cancer than knee replacement.

4. Cigarettes connect people…

Every smoker out there will agree with this. Cigarettes bring people closer and establish new friendships.
“Do you have a matchbox?” or “Do you fag?”, almost everyone has heard these kind of phrases in their college and if the answer to (“Do you fag?”) is yes then, BINGO, you have a new friend.
Even at local smoking parlours one smoker always tends to interact with another smoker.


5. Your cardiac arrests would be of smaller intensity than normal people…

As you already know smokers respond better to clopidogrel. Here is another fact, smokers usually tend to have smaller heart attacks than normal people. Since smoking causes only tar scars on the arteries, it results in smaller heart attacks.
Looking at it from another angle of logic we find out that 70% cardiac arrest patients suffer it due to obesity but smoking actually prevent obesity so you are actually safe from the main type of cardiac arrest.


6. Smokers are usually less frustrated…


One of the main reasons for people to start smoking is stress and frustration. Since you will remove all your stress on that one little, 4 inch, soft stick by taking in its 4000 chemicals, you are found to have less stress and frustration but with little peace inside.


P.S : By writing this article, I do not support you to smoke. Smoking is no doubt harmful and you must try your level best to stop it. Again, I am not encouraging you to smoke. This article is aimed at viewing smoking from a different angle.


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