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Top 6 Simple Things Every Girl Wants But Won’t Ask For

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If you were ever in a relationship or want to be in a relationship then these are some things every girl wants but won’t ask for in a companionship. Your relation with the girl maybe just friends, best friends, boyfriend, or even the one with no tags on it; but to all those who want their lady to feel special and to be treated right, these are some things which girls really like their partner to understand and do without asking! Excited to know what these things must be? The read on to find out 6 things every girl wants but won’t ask for.

1. Attention 

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Every person in a relationship whether it’s a boy or a girl, they want their beloved’s attention. It’s all they care about in the initial days. How a girl dresses, puts effort to make you smile, or feel special are just some tactics girls use to get the other partner’s attention. If you can’t give them attention without asking for it every time then you are going in the wrong direction bud.

Attention is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask for it directly. You have to put an equal amount of attention if you really want her in your life as you give attention to other important things.

A girl will truly appreciate your attention if given unasked. This is what will be your base for your relationship. If you’re a friend or a boyfriend, giving her attention when she shows you something, talks to you about her day, or even when she asks you how she looks, means a lot to her.

Responding to her attentiveness can not only give you bonus points but also will make your relationship bloom further. This requires a lot of effort guys because science says we have an attention span of 8 seconds but surely your girl will demand more of that and be ready to give her that unasked.

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2. Active listener man and woman lying on bed

An attentive listener is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask for. If you have cracked the code of attention then this will be a lot more easier for you. Girls always admire an active listener. When she goes into her blabbering session, be sure you listen actively and encourage or respond to her accordingly. An active listener is one of the favorites of things every girl wants but won’t ask for it.

When you guys meet and talk about the day, an active listener can understand the other person’s mood by just listening to the tone of the speaker. If your girl is excited then she might have had a good day but if she’s slow or isn’t talking much then maybe something is wrong. An active listener can understand the changes in the tone and pitch of a speaker. Try to be an active listener when a girl speaks.

This will be a great life hack for your future life too. Being an active listener can land you being popular because not many people pay attention when other people speak. Just being responsive to a speaker and encouraging them to speak will automatically make the other person feel comfortable and they tend to share a lot more when they realize you are listening attentively.

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3. Remember important datesthings every girl wants but won't ask for

Don’t be scared if you can’t do it. But if you can follow this, your girl will always adore you. One thing girls want in their partner is that they are observant about you. If you remember important dates like her birthdays or the day you got together it will mean a lot, but this is a general demand of any girl in a relationship.

Making you ace your remembering game is if you can remember small event dates which means a lot for her. Yes, I am talking about the menstruation cycle. This is a taboo topic in most of the parts and boys shy away to accept the biological process as normal. But if you shower her with extra love during these important days where she is in pain and need for care, she will adore you forever. What makes a man gentleman is how he treats her lady and when your girl wants but doesn’t ask for is your care and attention during her menstruation days.

This doesn’t only apply to menstruation days but in general, if you remember small events about her, this is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask for. It’s a small but makes a huge impact on your relationship. Making efforts in small ways will add up to longer and bigger happiness you build in your relationship.

4. Constant supportperson forming heart shape with their hands

A happy relationship is when both the partners are supporting each other to build their careers and life. The world is a scary judge where you constantly walk on a tight rope aiming to succeed, but if you have a little support and encouragement from your loved ones, then it becomes a little easier. Positive support has a huge impact on a person’s life and if your girl gets that support from you then it would not only boost her life decisions but also amplify your relationship to a stronger note.

Support is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask for directly. Having someone to watch your back in career, life, education or any other decisions of life is always a boon. Supporting in a positive and efficient manner is important as approval from your loved ones gives confidence in moving ahead in your choices and decisions. Many times a girl just wants to hear a word of comfort or a willful listener to see your support. Being the person who guides you in your life decision is one thing every girl wants but won’t ask for openly.

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5. Share workloadbowl of tomatoes served on person hand

The fact that some chores are gendered is so wrong, just like fieldwork is for men and house chores are for women. There is no work that is strictly classified for a particular gender. A good partner will always lend help to the other person if the workload is more. If you help her with simple chores around the house or even her office work, this will be a great sign of your effort. This is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask in words because they won’t want to burden you with their work.

If you are considerate and are observant of the wants of your partner, then you can even identify their sigh or slumped shoulders which indicate they are tired or need help. Offering to help them and sharing the workload will not only bring you close but also will boost your understanding of each other. You can get to know the person better when you spend time with them doing the same thing and what better way than to be a helping hand in their chores.

Things that every girl wants but won’t ask for is to be an extra burden on the other partner but if you willingly ask to help them and genuinely understand that no work is bigger or smaller then the respect for you only increases. Be a helping partner and share the workload, it will not only be fun but an awesome chance to get to know each other on a deeper level.

6. Acceptanceman and woman with tattoos

We all have a perfect image of a life partner which is highly fantastical. Well, this is a big flaw because we put immense pressure on our partners to fulfill our desires. This makes them as well as you, sad. Acceptance is a big factor in a relationship. If your partner accepts you with all your benefits then they should accept your flaws too. Accepting as they are, is one of the things every girl wants but won’t ask for.

You know your biggest plus points and your negatives, and you want to be accepted as you are because you hate changing yourself for the world to think you are perfect. That’s the case for all, no one likes to change themselves but if you are a supporting and an accepting partner then you can help them realize their flaws and aid them to improve into a better person.

Accepting is tough and doesn’t come easily but over the period you will come to adjust and compromise on certain aspects of your partner which will bring you closer. There will be a point where you will fall in love with their flaws, the little things they do which annoy you will become adorable and bearable. Try to accept, that’s the things every girl wants but won’t ask for.

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These were few abstract things every girl wants but won’t ask for it directly. She might do things in subtle ways which tell you that she needs these things. Try to keep your senses active to understand these subtle gestures and give what your lady demands. These are highly inexpensive things but worth a lot. These are a few things that every girl wants but won’t ask in words because they might seem absurd. Keep these points in mind the next time you have some issue in your relationship because somewhere you might have lacked in giving her things which she wants but won’t ask for directly.

What do you think are some of the other things every girl wants but won’t ask for? Share your views in the comment section below!

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