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6 Tips for Setting up Your Very Own Lakeside Cabin

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If you are an outdoor person who also loves to participate in aquatic sports, you should really think about getting a lakeside cabin of your own. By having one, you will be able to not only enjoy the tranquility of the woods, but also be within walking distance to the water. Before you start building a lakeside cabin though, you should make sure that you do it the right way. You should also make sure that you equip it with the right features. Here are 6 Tips for setting up your very own lakeside cabin.

6 Tips for Setting up Your Very Own Lakeside Cabin 1

  •  Survey the Build Site Before You Start Building

If you are going to choose a build site for your lakeside cabin, you should be as careful as possible. Remember that building a lakeside cabin can be expensive, so it is important that you take your time before you decide. 

Before you purchase your buildsite for your cabin, you should make sure that it is safe and near enough to the lakeside for you to see your dock. The land must also be within walking distance, that way you can have your building materials easily delivered to your build site. You should also check if your potential buildsite has any impediments such as stony or muddy foundations. 

  • Check Out the Weather Conditions and the Wildlife in the Area

6 Tips for Setting up Your Very Own Lakeside Cabin 2

Aside from the area, you should also check if the weather conditions are ideal for your lakeside cabin. Remember that some dock sites are prone to storms and other natural disasters. The lake could also have a tendency to flood during rainy weather. 

If your build site is near a mountain range, you should also check if the area is prone to landslides, because it can be life-threatening to you and your family. You can ask the locals about the weather conditions, and their effects on the surrounding area. You should also check with the local ranger if the area has any bears, wolves or mountain lions. It would not be a good idea to build a cabin in an area that is infested with dangerous predators

  • Choose the Right Materials

When you start building your cabin it is a good idea to choose the right materials. Remember that conditions in the wild could change quickly, and if your cabin is not made of the right materials it could get destroyed quite easily. It would also be more prone to rot, if you buy cheap materials. So before you start building your cabin, you should make sure that the materials you choose are of the best quality possible. 

  • Set up a Sturdy Dock System

Remember that you are building a lakeside cabin, and you would want to be able to enjoy the lake as much as possible. As such, it is imperative that you build a sturdy and multi-faceted dock system to house your boats. It should also be placed strategically so that your vessels can be docked as easily as possible.

When it comes to setting up a dock system, it is always a good idea to create both a stationary dock, and a floating dock. A stationary dock is a mainstay for most of your vessels because they provide both strong support for your vessels and a platform from where you can board your vessels. The stationary dock is mostly made of lumber and has concrete foundations.

Floating docks on the other hand are made of plastic floats that can be assembled with minimal fuss. These plastic floats are very very buoyant, and once assembled they can handle a great deal of weight. Due to their floating nature, these types of docks are perfect for docking operations that are far away from the shore.

You can even create a floating platform in the middle of the lake if you have enough plastic floats. Luckily, plastic floats are reasonably affordable, and you could purchase them in bulk from well-respected manufacturers such as Hisea Dock.  These plastic docks are particularly versatile, and you can use a myriad of awesome designs to create your ideal floating dock.

  • Ensure That Your Plumbing Works

Most cabin build sites are situated away from civilization. So if you want your stay in the woods to be bearable, you will need to install some necessary comforts and amenities to it. One such necessity is proper plumbing. 

Remember that your cabin will be miles away from the nearest working bathroom, and if you don’t want to answer the call of nature in the middle of the woods, you should make sure that your plumbing works perfectly

This includes your water system. Although you are near the lake, which gives you a bountiful supply of water, it is still a hassle to go out and get water every time you need to take a bath or wash your clothes. So if you want your stay in the cabin to have a semblance of comfort, it is imperative that you set up your plumbing the right way.

  • Make Sure the Doors Are Secure

Although the woods are usually safe from intruders, you should never get complacent. Remember that wild animal live in the woods, and they could just as easily wander into your campsite without any warning. 

Strangers could also barge into your home and steal your belongings or worse. So if you are going to build a lakeside cabin of your very own, you should make sure that your doors are sturdy and secure. Make sure that the doors are thick and reinforced. You should also make sure that the hinges are strong and are not easily taken down. 


Having a lakeside cabin is a dream for those who have an adventurous soul in them. However, before you start building your lakeside cabin, you should have the right strategy. Remember that the woods are both beautiful and dangerous. Luckily,with these tips, you’ll be able to build the lakeside cabin of your dreams.

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