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7 Best Cities in Denmark to Explore


Something about the serenity that Scandinavian countries offer is unmatchable. The cities in Denmark will provide you with the best of Scandinavian culture and heritage.

Located in Europe, Denmark has Sweden and Norway towards its north, while it shares a boundary with Germany in the south.

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There are various things that this country is famous for, including its architecture, international brands, trade, sweet treats, castles or palaces, museums, and more. Tourists love the colorful houses and do not forget their traditions.

A fact that makes Denmark exceptional in today’s chaotic world is its happiness rate. The country is amongst the top happiest countries according to the UN World Happiness Report.

What could make the people of Denmark happy while it is a pretty expensive country? Maybe the hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for a state of mind or mood corresponding to comfort and contentment.

Did you know the world-renowned building locks brand LEGO was invented by a Dane back in 1949? LEGO has surely been a part of the lives of children who love building, creating, or even breaking structures.

You can pay a visit to the original LEGOLAND and relive some of the best moments you had as a child or even as an adult.

Since Demark is a peninsular country, sandy beaches, stunning shores, and the ocean can be seen even from great distances.

There are about 444 islands, out of which 76 have inhabitants, and an interesting piece of news emerged back in February that Denmark will be building the ‘firth energy island’ in the North Sea.

The credit for Denmark’s fame shouldn’t be given entirely to the biggest cities but the little towns. One of the oldest cities in Northern Europe, Ribe, is located in Denmark. It is as old as 860. Speaking of towns, Klitmøller town is known as “Cold Hawaii.”

Are you looking forward to a trip to Scandinavian countries? Here we present & Danish towns that we believe are a must-visit once in your life!

Top 7 Best Cities in Denmark: Cities in DenmarkThat Should Be on Your List of Places to Discover

1. Best cities in Denmark: Copenhagen

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The capital city of Denmark is known for its rich history, architecture, and waterfront that offers great attractions. It is also Denmark’s largest city, with a population of over a million people.

The city ranks as one of the cleanest and green cities in the world. Copenhagen is also home to the Tivoli Gardens. It is the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world today. Be it during the day or the night. The Tivoli Gardens can lift your mood.

There are a lot of rides, games, stalls, and events, so Copenhagen has a way to please its visitors.

There are plenty of green spaces to complement the overall peaceful atmosphere. For food lovers, the capital of Denmark has more than 15 Michelin Stars restaurants.

Nevertheless, the harbor is clean enough for you to take a dip. Events such as the Copenhagen Pride Festival or Midsummer’s Eve celebrations are a must-watch. The cycling culture is amazing too. The locals prefer going to work on their cycles.

As the capital city, Copenhagen has a popular tourist destination known as the Little Mermaid statue. The Disney movie little mermaid, based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen, had a really happy ending.

However, this statue represents gloom and melancholy, for, in theory, the mermaid had a tragic end. The founder of the famous Carlsberg beer, Carl Jacobsen had the Little Mermaid Statue made. Hans Christian Andersen is also the man behind other fairy tales.

The residential palace of the Royal Family is also located here. If you are fond of pandas, the Copenhagen zoo is the one to visit.

2. Best Cities in Denmark: Aarhus

By Stephan Mahlke/Unsplash

The second-largest city is located on the east coast of the peninsula. The city has some great museums out of which Den Gamle By is regarded as the old town open-air museum.

Aarhus is situated in the central Denmark region, and if you love local history, then the underground Viking Museum is a site you will enjoy. Aarhus was pointed on the map for being the European Capital of Culture for 2017, and its attractions prove it true.

To taste the best of New Nordic cuisine the restaurants in the city center are the best. Did you know that Denmark isn’t the birthplace of the famous Danish Pastry? Rather, it was a concept brought about by Austrians.

During the summer, the beaches of Aarhus attract many people to soak in the sun. Apart from being one of the biggest cities in Denmark, the city is also a center of vibrant nightlife.

The millennials find the Latin Quarters a blissful place to mingle. The cozy ambiance can be a perfect getaway from the hectic schedule.

3. Best Cities in Denmark: Odense

By Marcel Haantjes/Pixabay

Lying southwest of Copenhagen, Odense is the main city of the island of Funen. Many people believe that Odense is overrated and other towns like Svendborg, Kerteminde, and Nyborg are much better to visit.

This region of Denmark is culturally rich, with almost every corner reminding you of the fairytale world because every year, the week-long HC Andersen Festival is hosted with over 500 activities, out of which most of them are free.

There’s also an impressive Gothic Cathedral that screams the history of the town.

4. Best Cities in Denmark: Aalborg City

By: Kendo 1938/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

With cute old houses and a lot of scope for shopaholics, the city of Aalborg is one of the biggest cities in Denmark. Aalborg is known for having a good industrial base, and especially its healthcare industry is booming.

Many companies have their headquarters located in this region. The Viking ships once used to sail from here, making it an ancient city with a lot of cultural significance.

Its attractions include the half-timbered Aalborghus Castle, Utzon Center, House of Music, and the 1,000-year-old history-telling Aalborg Historical Museum.

The streets are vibrant and colorful. The best hotspot is probably the Nordkraft. The city is a blend of new and old, so you get the best of both worlds.

Apart from the museums and the zoo, the cafes in the old town are very cozy and a must-visit. It got the title of “City of sports” back in 1960.

5. Best Cities in Denmark: Skagen

By Marie Sjödin/Pixabay

The light and landscape of this city have inspired many artists and poets over the years. While you must have thought about Skagen’s watches, there’s more to the name.

Skagen is a port town and lies on the north tip of Denmark. The city boasts of its white-sand beaches and the center with delicious food serving restaurants and cafes. A million people visit Skagen for hiking trips and walk.

In May, the Skagen Bird festival is held, and people fond of bird-watching can get to see some rare species.

There was a time when Skagen was a fishing village with a good herring industry. Even today, the legacy continues, and one can eat delicious seafood there. Skagen Fiskerestaurant, located near the harbor, is regarded as the best.

6. Best Cities in Denmark: Roskilde

By: News Oresund/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Topping the list, we have the gothic twin-spired Roskilde Cathedral. This cathedral has the tombs of many Danish rulers. It is also partly Romanesque.

Towards the west of Copenhagen, Roskilde houses some of the magnificent structures from the history of Denmark.

The site is picturesque, and a day trip is worth it. Back in the past, after development, the Danish city of Roskilde became a hub for the Vikings. Even today, the land of Legends museum perfectly creates the Viking life and the Stone Age.

The Roskilde Festival is northern Europe’s biggest music festival. The festival first commenced in  1971 by two high school students, Mogens Sandfær and Jesper Switzer Møller.

While the 2020 event was canceled, in 2019, some great world-famous artists like Travis Scott and Cardi B performed.

7. Best Cities in Denmark: Helsingør

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Last but not least, amongst the cities in Denmark, Helsingør stands as an important port city and one of a lot of historical significance. It is also known as Elsinore. The tour of Kronborg Castle makes the trip worthwhile.

The castle provided the set for Hamlet by Shakespeare. The train station of the city is also an attraction. It is one of Denmark’s important cities for its proximity to Sweden.

Apart from having beautiful scenic towns, Denmark amazes us with its historical backdrop. The flag of Denmark is perhaps the oldest in the world.

The royal family is even older. We know how with being a royal, restrictions come in tons, but Prince Nikolai of Denmark is a model. He walked for Burberry during the London Fashion Week in 2018.

By Grzegorz/Pexels

Denmark may look like a small country. The giant territory of Greenland is under it. No wonder why the people are happy! Notwithstanding, data suggests that it is one of the least corrupt countries to exist in today’s time.

So if you wish to stroll or cycle around, eat the national dish Stegt flæsk med persillesauce, enjoy at the ‘literary city’ or relax, then Demark is the next vacation spot for you.

Did we miss any city? Let us know in the comment section.


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