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7 of the Best Cute Things Guys Do While Talking to Girls


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Apart from the feeling of butterflies in your tummy, here are seven cute things guys do while talking to a girl that makes her feel special.

I’m sure you can all relate to that feeling when a guy is talking to you but everything, he says goes into one ear and comes out from another. And why’s that? Maybe because you’re transformed into the real-life heart emoji for him and can’t help but wonder that this guy makes your heart melt.

But hold on, this isn’t a romance novel and these things don’t just happen by chance. And they definitely do not happen with every single guy we meet.  It takes a special someone, who knows a thing or two, it’s just some of the cute things that guys do.

So, boys, take notes. This is how you win the girl of your dreams over. Here’s a short-list of 7 of the best cute things guys do:

7 cute things that guys do while talking to a girl:

1. Their body language

You know a guy’s really into you, well not just his words but his body responds to you as well. This could mean things as simple as his feet facing you and him leaning in and also those playful nudges and light touches.

Most boys do it subconsciously but when he puts his arm around you, grabs you by the waist so you don’t come in harm’s way or even holds your hand while crossing the street.  It’s those little things that make you realize just how much he cares about you

The things also show a whole other protective side to him that you never knew he had. And this probably makes you fall for him even more than you had before if that was even possible. Something as simple as casually putting his head in your lap to stroking your back when he knows you’re in pain, these are some of the cute things guys do that make your heart flutter.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I think it isn’t mentioned enough how incredibly sexy it is when a guy maintains eye contact with you throughout the conversation, you might be looking down or around because you’re blushing or nervous.

But he doesn’t look away for a second that confidence needs a whole another category of its own to be honest. Not only is it a cute thing guys do while talking to a girl but it’s also incredibly, unbelievably hot.

When a guy bites his lip, you know that he’s nervous. When he blushes at the slightest mention of you. When he gets goosebumps if you kiss him on the cheek. Running his hands through his hair even running his hands through your hair, the ‘accidental’ touches. It’s like men are programmed to show their feelings for a woman physically, and these clues aren’t so hard to read.

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2. The little things

The ability of a man to pay attention to the tiniest of details while talking to you is surprising and is on the list of cute things guys do. It’s often said that men have the attention span of toddlers but when a man takes an interest in you, it’s almost as if suddenly he has a photographic memory.

I’ve known men who even make notes about a girl’s likes and dislikes and her interests and hobbies. It surely is one of the best cute things guys do. You could go on for a while about your childhood dream or the hundreds of DIY’s that you save on Pinterest but never really get to doing and the man will actually remember every word and even respond to everything you have to say.

This one time a friend told me that she’d met a man at a departmental store and he asked her to meet him for coffee later that evening, he even noticed that she’d worn my hair differently on both occasions. I told her right away that if she doesn’t date that guy, I will.

A guy who remembers what the color of your favorite dress was when you were 11 years old, now that’s a man who’s worth your time.

3. You before anyone

Most boys would give you excuses to hang out with friends or ask you for a rain-check for a boy’s night out. You need to get yourself a guy who can get over his friend’s teasing him for wanting to spend time with you. A guy who’ll stand up and proudly declare that you’re more important than a round of beer and some video games.

You know a guy is really into you when he makes you his priority. You’re feeling low? He’s at your doorstep within the hour. You’re sick? He’s already ordering your favorite food for you before you even finish talking. You’re bored? he’ll give his plans up so you can hang out and be bored together. Now that’s a guy who’s dating material.

When he’s out with his friends but goes to a corner and is texting you all night? Or even leaves them and comes over to hang out with you. That’s when you know for sure that he’s into you.

When he knows you like it and so he intentionally and proudly calls you his in front of all his family and friends. And shows you and your love for each other off instead of hiding it in embarrassment or being ashamed of it.

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4. Taking an interest

Remember earlier when I mentioned that some men even take notes about your likes/dislikes, hobbies, and interests? Well, this is another one of the super-cute things guys do.

They take an interest in learning about them. They google it, initiate more conversation about it, and sometimes are even willing to have a go at it with you. It doesn’t always have to be just this.

Even if you’re talking to a guy and mention a term that he’s not familiar with, the fact that he looks that term up so he can respond to you in the best way is honestly everything.

No man would admit to liking rom-com movies, baking or cooking, shopping, or talking about what happened in your girl group last week. But when’s he with you he puts his differences aside and is all eyes on you. And is up for anything that you want to do. Now that’s the man of your dreams right there.

5. When he lets you in

A lot of guys are usually closed books. It can be the introvert who doesn’t get along with anyone or even the popular football team captain who decides to keep his thoughts and feelings closed off or hidden. Why do they do this? Probably because they’re too afraid to talk about it.

It could be because they don’t want to face harsh reality or maybe even because they don’t know how people would react. Fear of rejection or being judged the list of reasons why boys don’t like to open up are probably endless.

And it isn’t easy. Being able to trust somebody isn’t easy, not just for men but for women as well. Especially if you’ve been through a lot. But one night at 3:00am when he decides that he can talk to you.

About anything and everything, his hopes, and dreams, his fears, and his darkest thoughts. The minute you know he feels comfortable with you and trusts you is the minute that your relationship moves to the next level.

This is when you begin to feel feelings you didn’t even know you ever could. This is when you fall for him. Because that is also when he knew, that he’s fallen for you. When he can talk to you and rely on you.  It is one of the cute things guys do, letting you know that he trusts you and that you can trust him too.

When he shows you all the different sides that there are to him. Sides you would’ve never expected, sides that nobody else has seen before. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You have to let him know that you’re in it till the end, and he’ll surely do the same for you. Who would’ve guessed that the guy who’s considered the school nerd listens to heavy metal or the captain of the football team dreams of being a NASA scientist?

Those late-night conversations were worth it after all. They are a game-changer.

6. The perfect gentleman

Here is another one of the cute things guys do.

Be it opening the car door for you, pulling a chair at dinner, or even putting his jacket over your shoulders when it’s cold out. A man who cares for you and will put your needs first to protect and make things easier for you is the perfect gentleman.

Here, again, it’s the little things that make the biggest differences. If you have a man who will do all of these things to you without you even having to mention it, then you are one of the luckiest girls in the world. This is something that guys do out of respect, out of love and out of care and honestly what more could a girl ever ask for, when you have everything already?

Something about a guy who has the manners of the perfect gentleman that makes you fall in love with him even more, that’s the kind of feeling that leads you to start picturing your future together. A long-lasting relationship, maybe even marriage and then later on kids? Who won’t feel that way after getting a taste of that irresistible charm?

This also says a lot about how he was raised, what kind of a man he will be, his values and views on love and family. This is how you know what kind of a guy he is and then decide on whether or not you want to be with him.

7. All eyes on you

Making sure you have all his attention is one of the very cute things guys do. When you’re looking at the stars and the sky, all he sees is you. If you’re in a crowded restaurant, all he can hear is your voice. When you’re walking down the street, all he can feel is the warmth of your hand holding his and when you’re talking to him, all he can pay attention to is you.

Another one of the cute things guys do is make sure you know that he has all eyes on you. The kind of guy who’d out his gaming device away to spend more time with you. The one who’d rather have a quiet night in alone with you than a day of clubbing. The one who puts his phone away no matter how much it buzzes to listen to you talk about your day instead. There’s your prince charming.

When he gives you little compliments, something as simple as how pretty your eyes are, or how incredible you look without your makeup. Asks you what kind of a day you had and what you did all day when you’ve gotten off of work.

When he laughs extra hard at your jokes to make you feel better or hypes you up with endless messages and heart emojis when you send him a selfie in your new outfit or simply because you felt cute that day. Or even when he randomly tells you how badly he’s into you, just to see you light up and give him that smile that he looks forward to all day. How can anyone resist how cute these things are?

If you experience any of these cute things guys do, consider yourself very lucky. It isn’t always that a guy will act adorable and affectionate. It’s even more attractive when they do it without even knowing that they are. Isn’t it?

But this was just a short-list of the cute things guys do while talking to a girl, which will probably have her falling head over heels for him. Do share your views and add-ons to this list of cute things that your guy has done for you, or things that you’d want him to in the comments! We’d love to read your list as well.



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