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7 Best Golf Schools in Florida


Florida is as pretty as a picture. From heavenly beaches to aesthetic theme parks like the famous Walt Disney World,  it has the largest number of tourist visitors in the world. But did you know that Florida is widely acclaimed for its golf courses and schools?  Golf schools in Florida are the best.

7 Best Golf Schools in Florida

Here is a list of 7 Best Golf Schools in Florida. You can also take a look at the ten most expensive Golf Clubs.

The Best Golf Schools In Florida.

1. Golf Made Simple

Golf Made Simple is the third best school in America for Golf. It has a chain of golf schools all around America. Falcon’s Fire Golf Club is located in Central Florida in Orlando.

You should surely visit this place and the best time to visit this place is during the Winter and Spring Seasons. A bonus for your trip is that, you can visit Walt Disney World, which is just a few walks away from this Golf club.

On-Course Golf Training.

When you visit this Golf club, you must take up the three-day GMS program, which is one of the most effective programs that they have, which will help improve your skill level extensively. You will notice an improvement in yourself throughout the day because that is what this golf club promises its students.

It is the most organized program where you will be working on your swing, technique and control, and your driving range.

Ask a question or put forward your queries at the Chalk Talk Review. In the three-day program, you get to learn about ball striking and get on-course instruction.

The golf course is stunning! Worry about where to stay? You can choose from two gorgeous hotels: The Embassy Suites and The Gaylord Palm Resort.

2. Arnold Palmer Golf Academy

The Arnold Palmer Annual Invitational.

The academy is named after the famous golfer, Arnold Palmer, who was often referred to as The King. The Arnold Palmer Invitational is an annual golf tournament at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, a resort owned by Arnold Palmer since 1974.

Regarded as one of the best golf schools in Florida, it is located in the southwest of Orlando. The Golf club has around 27 Golf Holes, to name a few, there is the charger nines, the challenger, etc.

Apart from the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, they have a spa and fitness center, a marina, a tennis court, a public Golf shop, etc. The guest cottages and lodges with 69 rooms are so charming and appealing as well.

The academy is known for its PGA tournament held in March every year. It offers various programs to learn golf. They have a 5,3, 2-day program, a learn and play program, and new player programs. They also provide private lessons, club fitting lessons, and the list goes on.

Private lessons range from $40-$250 an hour. John O’ Leary III and Tom Garner are two of the best instructors at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy; they will help you work on your skill level and make you better at the game.

3. Gilchrist Golf Academy

Gilchrist Golf Academy Training.

Gary Gilchrist, the owner of Gilchrist Golf Academy, is renowned for his top training skills and instructions, which is why this is one of the Best Golf Schools in Florida. Gary Gilchrist and his team carefully assess each student, be it a junior or a senior, understand their weakness, and then train them.

Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy provides a three-hour session for new students. They also coach by the hour and have on-course training as well. All these sessions cost $300- $900 per hour.

Gary Gilchrist has been successfully training students for more than 25 years, and has trained many golfers during the PGA and LPGA tournaments to reach the world’s top rank.

Brittany Ungaro and Guillermo Contreras S. are two of the best coaches at Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.

4. Jim Mcclean Golf School

A beautiful Golf resort in Florida.

Jim Mcclean Golf School is located on Anastasia Avenue in Coral Gables. The golf school is known for being one of the best golf schools in Florida and also, globally. This Golf school accepts the fact that each individual is unique and needs a different kind of training.

Jim Mcclean has given his coaches the freedom to use their creativity and develop new training methods. At Jim Mcclean Golf School, everyone is consistent and systematic. Jim Mcclean has also worked with Ken Venturi for a long time.

They analyze your weak shots and your swing and work hard to make them perfect. Because of their determination and dedication, in training the golfers, they are one of the best golf schools in Florida.

The school do things systematically, so before they begin actual golf training, they make you do a few exercises and stretches, preparing your body for the golf lessons. They have various programs for juniors, seniors, beginners, and professionals too.

You can stay at the Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables while you are training.

At Jim Mcclean Golf School, they have more than 50 employees:  Michael Perez, Tyler Slocum, Julio Nutt, Glen Farnsworth. The private lessons cost around $250- $780 per hour. They all provide personal lessons and all-day lessons.

5. David Leadbetter Academy

Learning Golf is not easy. It will take your time and concentration. That is exactly what they do at the David Leadbetter Academy. Student are trained by professional golfers. They have a Golfzon Leadbetter University where they have online sessions and sessions for players and coaches.

They have their academies worldwide, which only shows how good they are at what they do. The academy at Championsgate Florida is considered a jewel, so this academy comes in the list of top best golf schools in Florida.

Sean Hogan, Bob Lohr, Andy Leadbetter, Chema Sanchez, and David Leadbetter himself are a few of the many talented instructors at the Golf academy.

Not only that, but David Leadbetter has also written several books. The Omni Orlando resort has amazing villas, suites, guest rooms, and lodges as well. At the academy, your swing shots are carefully recorded, making the coaches develop new ways and methods to train you better.

David Leadbetter Golf Academy gives the best training.

David Leadbetter Academy has private and online sessions, and they also have schools. The cost of their programs ranges from $70- $750.

6. Mike Bender Golf Academy

Mike Bender Golf Academy is one of the best golf schools in Florida and one of the top 25 golf schools in America. Here, you can personalize your program.

Golf Equipment used while playing Golf.

Their methods of training are always used in tournaments. They provide all the facilities and types of equipment, no matter what program you choose. The patient golf instructors will give you all the instructions and provide you with golf balls, clubs, an instruction manual, and other essential things. Welcome gifts are given to guests too.

The academy’s summer program is specially made for children. You don’t have to worry about your children as they take good care of them. Apart from this, they also have a full-time junior Golf program. They have private coaching, winter camps, a full-time residential program, etc.

They have some excellent programs for adults as well.

7. Faldo Golf Institute

Faldo Golf institute is a charming resort, located in Avenida Verde,Florida. It is a 35-acre field where you can practice without any distraction. It also has a Golf school called the Marriott Golf Academy, and a 9-hole executive golf course. You can visit this place daily by booking in advance.

They also do not charge much for the 18-holes; all they charge is $20.

Electronic Golf Cart.

You can hire the electronic cart and the Golf equipment from here as well while you are practicing. The Golf academy coaches include Dave Dolengowski, David Graham, Cori MCauliffe, Donald Moyer, etc. They are open from Monday- Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tips To Help You Play Better

Now that you know the best golf schools in Florida, here are a few tips that might help you while you are playing golf. And if you want to know more, click here.

  • If your ball falls off the tee marker, then it will not be considered a point.
  • You cannot change the ball’s position. You have to take the shot from the exact position of the ball.
  • While another person makes a shot, you cannot make any noise or cause any disturbance.
  • After you make a shot, you will have a maximum of 3 minutes to search for your ball, or else it will be considered lost.
  • Lastly, you need to be patient and not lose your temper if you do not make a point.


A Golf Course in Florida.

Florida has the maximum number of Golf courses in the United States of America. Apart from golf courses, Florida have other popular attractions like the Kennedy Space Center, beautiful gardens and beaches. However, golf schools are what attracts people.

Next time you visit Florida, you will have an idea of the best golf schools in Florida, and you can decide which one you would love to visit.

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