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7 Cheapest Country to Live in for a Better Life


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Just like everyone, you may also have the dream of visiting foreign countries either for your work or for your personal interest.

Some people like to explore new places and want to do some adventurous act in foreign countries.

Many of us would have missed the chance to explore new countries due to our monthly budget issues.

But the good news is that there are few cheapest country to live in where we can visit to have fun or work or live permanently within our budget at a low cost.

If you decide to visit the popular countries, then you would be losing your hard-earned money. So, it will be better to choose the cheapest country to live in where you can get well-paid jobs.

1.Visit the Budget Friendly Country Vietnam

Keeping our monthly budget in mind, we can choose Vietnam to travel to. If you are looking for delicious cuisine and want to be a part of interesting culture, then do not ignore the idea of visiting here.
When you are planning to settle in this country, then do not miss to explore the cities.

One of the popular jobs available here is teaching English. There are ample opportunities available for the English teachers, and their average monthly salaries are higher than the neighboring countries.
If we think about the cost of living, it depends on which city you will settle in this country.
There are differences when we compare the cost of living of urban areas with the village areas.
If you rent an apartment, then you may need at least 200 to 400 dollars a month.

You need to pay 10 dollars to have your lunch or dinner in a roadside restaurant.
Transportation is very cheap; you need to pay around 0.30 to 0.60 dollars.

2.Features of Costa Rica, the Cheapest Country to Live in


Here, you can have fun in adventures jungles, tropical beaches and you can do more interesting things. You can spend your time and money usefully.

If you search for a job, you would know that more vacancies are available here for teaching through which you have to teach the language and the country’s tourism. Swimming, intense training in scuba diving can be offered to the students if they are well versed in these things.

Many petty jobs will make you earn more and your life will be awesome in this cheapest country to live in.


3.Cheap Public Transport in Bulgaria

If you plan to travel to Bulgaria, do not miss exploring its main location, which includes Greece, Turkey, and Romania.

Like the other English countries, more job vacancies are available in the teaching and tourism domains.

If you want to live in a single bedroom apartment, you need to pay approximately 230 dollars for a month, but to travel on public transport, you need only 1 dollar.

Here, the teacher vacancies are open only for those who have completed the TEFL course in an international TEFL academy. Else a teaching job would not be assured in any of these cheapest country to live in.

4.Affordable Stay in Mexico

The Mexicans are having a lot of fun within their country by roaming inside the jungle, using the  Caribbean waters, and relaxing in the clean and chilled beaches in the Pacific Ocean’s towns.

You can also taste delicious street food like tacos, tamales,  Aguas Frescas and need to pay just1 dollar for lunch in the street-side restaurants.

If you eat in famous restaurants in any one of the cheapest countries to live in,n the food will only be affordable. Coming to the work front, job vacancies are available in several domains like sales positions as well.
You have to pay approximately 500 dollars per month if you need 1 room apartment for your stay.
If you are going to use the local transport permanently, it will be better if you get a monthly pass not only here but in most of the cheapest country to live in.

5.Safe Safari Ride in South Africa

We will be ready to visit the countries where English would be the spoken language.  In such a case, this country will be an idle choice for you even for short term visit.
The attitude of the people who live there and the standard of living may be similar to your homeland.

It is a  culturally diverse country when compared to the other neighboring countries in the world.
If you want to live here, in one of the cheapest countries to live in, you can happily go on a safari ride, and you can relax on the sandy beaches.
If you know any language other than English, then you will get a language teaching job here.
But teaching English is an easy option. You can also find more jobs in the photography domain and in the international companies too.
If you want to stay in a single BHK, then you need to pay around 300 dollars as a minimum amount to 500 dollars as a maximum amount per month.

6.Friendly People of South Korea

South Korea is one among the cheapest countries to live in where you can find the desirable job for work, but the best thing is that the salaries are very high.

The rest of the benefits include getting free accommodation in some rural areas, which would reduce the cost of living significantly.

If your vocabulary is good, you can get a job as a travel guide in the tourism sector.

The country has already gained a name for itself as one of the world’s best teaching languages.

If you speak about South Korea’s food, it is incredible, and you can easily mingle with the people here as they are warm and friendly to move on.

The cost of living is cheaper when compared to the other southeast Asian countries. A single-bedroom Korean apartment will cost around 370 dollars, and if you go to a restaurant, you need 6 dollars to order a meal.



7.Low Cost of Living in Rural  Areas of India

Yes, in a recent survey, it has been concluded that India holds the record of the second English-speaking cheapest country to live in

Even lower middle-class people can move to any place within India, and that’s why India is a good choice to travel. If you want to lead a happy retirement life, then India will be a good choice.

In India, the people will get the fruits, vegetables, and rest of the groceries at low cost. You may get a job in some major industries to include textiles, chemicals, and food processing.

If you do not need a cook’s help and can manage by yourself, you can save much in India’s major cities.

If you choose farming or want to manage a business in rural areas, you can do that at a low cost. If you prefer to settle in the rural areas of India, you can save a huge amount.

You may need approximately 100 dollars for a month to live in your own house in rural areas. But this money will be sufficient only if your family includes four members.

This amount would be sufficient only if you can live without an electric oven, refrigerator, and washing machine to increase the electric bill and other electronic appliances or electronic gadgets.

If you prefer to live in India’s bigger cities, you can manage very well by staying in the hostel and paying guests in a relative’s home.

You need not worry about the rest of the details but need to pay the money only.

Depend on your income, preference, and business; you will be living either in rural or urban areas as far as now. But, If you have sufficient money and time, try to visit any one of the above-mentioned cheapest country to live in for years.


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