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7 Things to do When Confused

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What are the things to do when confused? How do you ensure that you get the clarity you need? There are several stumbling blocks you can have in your life.

“I’m not sure about my career. I don’t know what I’m passionate about.”

“Should I do my masters after two years of work ex or right away?” 

“Should I pursue an MSc or M.Arch? Which University should I get in to?”

“Does he like me, or is it just in my head? Should I go to the party or not?”  

These are some of the typical thoughts that ping pong in our minds most of the time. Let’s break each one of them and understand why confusion occurs and find an answer to what to do when I’m confused.

You see, a greater part of your teenage years goes into experiencing novel things while the other part goes into deciding your career. But, once you’ve got it all figured out and landed in a job, you deal with another set of confusing thoughts.

Imagine you did take up that career path or did continue doing that job without giving many thoughts. On the go, you realize that you hate that very subject, you hate that job, and you regret every decision you took and go into a self-destructive mode.

Does that mean it is okay to be confused in the beginning rather than making stupid decisions in life? Well, it may or may not be. You might be confused because you’re terrified of what will happen or because you don’t know much about it.

The same happens when you’re in a relationship too. You’re scared whether the person you love the most will leave you someday, which leaves you to be confused if you’re making the right choice. You could lose the love of your life because of your crazy thoughts. You get all the negative thoughts and push him away. But what if you dive right in, and it turns out to be the best decision of your life?

You see it’s either black or white. No grey in between. It’s a battle between “I don’t know” and “What if.” So, here are some tips telling you things to do when confused.

The Top 7 Things to do when Confused

When you’re confused about the little things like whether you want a chocolate pastry or a pineapple one, it’s alright to an extent, but if that becomes a habit, then there lies the real problem. It’s okay to be confused sometime, but it’s not okay all the time. If you think at a deeper level, you would know what to choose. Just that, you’re afraid about the uncertainties. Here’s what you have to do whenever you’re confused about any life-changing decisions.

1. Let go of the negativity

It’s one of the first things to do if you are confused. Your mind would be in a complete mess with millions of thoughts when you’re confused. It is essential to organize them and prioritize them. Go for a long walk or a drive, spend time with yourself for some time. Do something that you love. Be it baking, painting, or listening to music, or just sleep for a while. Yes, it does work out. Sometimes it’s all the negative thoughts that lead to confusion, so let go of it.

2. Should you listen to your heart or your mind?

There are times when you have a lot going on in your account, but deep down in your heart, you know what you want. Now, this question is the most difficult of all. It entirely depends on the situation. When you love someone deeply, and they don’t express the same to you, that’s when you have to wake up and listen to your mind. Yes, it will be a tough decision, but the right one. One-sided love is not a good thing at all.

But, you might come across a situation where even when your mind tells you something, your gut-feeling emphatically tells you a different thing. Go with your gut-feeling. It might be right or wrong, but that’s okay. It’s always better to take the risk than not.

3. Talk to your loved ones

It’s one of the best things to do. Sometimes, your friends or family would know you better than you. Talk your heart out to them no matter what you’re confused about. They will have a solution. You need not follow what they tell, but the level of your problems reduces to a great extent. It gets filtered out.

4. Explore and Experiment 

Sometimes, especially when it’s about your career, dig deeper into every field, you would come up with a solution. Work on your hobby and find out if you like to take it as your profession. If you think you don’t know what your passion is, explore and experiment and filter out what you don’t like.

That doesn’t mean you go on trying everything to only end up with nothing. Prepare a list of things that you think you can do it. When you know the in’s and out’s of a problem, you will be able to make a firm decision about it. Surface-level understanding cannot help you in making life-changing decisions, and exploring is one of the things to do if you are confused.

5. Brainstorm your thoughts

Grab a white sheet and pen down all that is going on in your head. Leave it at that. Come back and have a look at it after a while. Now rule out the ones that you feel are unnecessary. Do this until you get a solution to your problem. It does help a lot.

6. Focus and stop overthinking

Overthinking puts you in a state of mind, where it destroys you rather than making your life better. Stay focused on the real issue. Once you’re focused, you can easily filter out your thoughts in a better way. Overthinking about it can only lead to more problems and more confusion. Be focused, one of the important things to do when confused.

7. Go with the flow

There might be times when you just cannot come up with any decision. It’s not bad but not good, either. However, even after thinking for days, if you are unable to make a decision, just let go of it and breathe deeply. Sometimes, it is what it is. The more you worry about it, the worst it gets. Let it flow organically, one of the things to do when confused.

Should you go with the flow? No, honestly, you shouldn’t. It’s not always an ideal thing as it shows you’re not serious about the problem. The “never mind” attitude might put you in a regretful situation. However, be ready to deal with the conditions on the go.

These are some possible things to do when confused. We all are confused about plenty of things every day, and dealing with it becomes challenging. However, think of all the possible consequences and decide on the most suitable solution. It all comes down to how you deal with it. You might have taken the right decision or might have drifted to the wrong side, but either way, it’s a lesson, learn from it and move on. Now, you know what are the things to do when confused.

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