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7 Ways to Apologize : The apologizing list

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We all get a little angry sometimes, we say or do things that we don’t mean, which might hurt others. How do you go about, apologizing to the other person to make things right again? We bring you a list of 7 ways to apologize when things go wrong.



Let us get on with the apologizing list.

1. Talk It Out, When You’ve Cooled Down


Sometimes the best way to resolve an argument is to take a break and calm down and then bring up the issue when you both are calm again. If it is a small issue that can be ignored, go ahead and have some ice cream and laugh it out.

2. Leave A Little Note

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In an age of digital media and networking, handwritten stuff is precious. So leave a little note with a cute apology like ‘I don’t like it when you’re sad. Please smile for me? :)’ It will surely change things for the better.

3. Get A Friend’s Help

Two girls whispering secrets to each other, and their friend, upset and rejected

Mutual friends are a blessing when it comes to sorting out arguments. When they are too mad to talk to you, talk to their friend, convince them you want to make amends. Beware though, if you are a guy who wants to apologize to your girlfriend through her best friend, her best friend might choke you to death for hurting her. Girlfriends stick together.


4. Get a Gift

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When things go completely out of control and you really want to make amends, the best way to go about it is to get a small gift as a token of apology. Preferably, get something that means something to him/her, which will show them you really want to get back to normal again and end the fight.


5. One Word- Chocolate!


Chocolate is the cure to everything. Hands down. It will make the other person rethink why they were ever mad at you in the first place.

6. Don’t Bring Up The “Why You Are Wrong And I Am Right” Opinion


The best way to ensure a never-ending argument is to stick to your opinion that you are right. Ever wonder why ‘The Dress’ broke the internet? Everyone wanted to believe that they are right. So sometimes, let it go. Maybe it is your fault and maybe it isn’t. After all, what matters more? Being right or losing someone?


7. Promise It Won’t Happen Again


I cannot stress this enough. You fought for a reason. Promise it won’t happen again, and mean it, because if it does happen again and again then apologies begin to mean nothing after a while. Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice.

Refer to this list of 7 ways of apologizing whenever needed (although I hope you don’t need to use it at all)


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