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7 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Existed!

7 Weird Things You Didn
Ben & Jerr's Euphori-Lock [Copyright: Todd Brocks/SeriousEats.com]

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They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Well, that may be true sometimes, but in these 7 instances, it certainly wasn’t the case! In fact, these 7 inventions are so unnecessary (and sometimes downright weird) that you might not even have heard of them before. Today, we present to you 7 weird things you didn’t know existed!

Now, human beings are creative people. And with lots of creativity comes lots of weird ideas too. I mean, what more do we humans love than creating fantastic things? Yes, you guessed it right — creating fantastic weird things! The internet is a treasure-trove of all kinds of weird stuff. So, if we are to make a list of all the weird things you didn’t know existed, then we certainly would never finish this article. Therefore, we will take some liberty in choosing which ones qualify for this list. The list below is in no specific order. Keep reading to know which weird things you didn’t know existed find their names here…

PS: If you liked any of these weird things that you didn’t know existed and want to buy them, we have included purchase links after every item. Feel free to take a look. With the things that will pop-up on this list, we certainly wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to own a couple of them!

Seven Weird Things You Didn’t Know Existed

Let’s take a rundown at the seven weird things you didn’t know existed.


This (apparently) Japanese invention is a life saviour for all those with anger issues and like to scream their problems away. It is not always possible to scream at the top of our lungs because of a myriad of reasons (like other people being disturbed, mainly). Therefore, this simple tool is a godsend for everyone who wants a companion to scream into from time to time.

Yeah, it is that easy — just hold the scream silencer like a pot in front of your mouth and scream. I really mean it, SCREAM! Angry at your boss? Just take out the jar and scream. Angry at your partner? Just take out the jar and scream. Be safe in the knowledge that not one decibel of sound will reach the ears of other people. This tool is also known by other names, like the voice silencer, scream jar, shouting vase, and who knows what else. It is certainly one of those weird things you didn’t know existed, but might grow to love!

Buy it from Amazon.com here.


While I’m not entirely sure how this weird invention came to be, but I think it might have roots in the famous movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, where the character Willy Wonka had the knowledge about them.

Willy Wonka in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory [Copyright: Warner Bros.]
Here’s how it works: it is a simple wallpaper (like any other wallpaper) that has the images of few fruits on it. When those fruits are licked, it gives the exact taste of that particular fruit. Now, you may think that this is a children’s science fiction, but this stuff actually exists! And what more, you can make it in your own kitchen! This is certainly one of those weird things you didn’t know existed at all outside of movies.

There are a few recipes on how to make Willy Wonka’s lickable wallpapers and the best one is by The Guardian, which you can take a look at by clicking here.

Or if you are not a fan of cooking, you can buy them from Etsy.com here.


While it is certainly one of those weird things that you didn’t know existed, but it might also come in handy during emergency situations.

Developed by Ryan McManus, a victim of a home invasion himself, The Defender (as this pepper spray is known as) claims to be the “first smart personal protection system”. More than just being an average pepper spray, it connects with your smartphone wirelessly and takes the photograph of the attacker and sends it to the authorities. There’s an in-built GPS and (quite loud) siren that alerts the police about your location. Furthermore, according to the advertising, the actual pepper spray is the strongest in the market, with a concentration high enough to floor the assailant with a certain ease.

In today’s world of increasing cases of violence against women, this smart pepper spray might ultimately be one of those weird things that you didn’t know existed but should be carrying with you!

Buy it from their official website here.


Makeup lovers, this beauty spatula is one of those weird things that you didn’t know existed but now will absolutely use!

Don’t you hate it when you have to throw away the bottle of an expensive makeup item that you bought, despite it not being totally finished? You can see huge chunks of the item still left in the bottle, but your fingers simply can’t reach it. So, with heavy heart, you are forced to throw the bottle away and get a brand new one. In fact, Byrdie Editor-In-Chief Leah Wyar has a proper estimation for this: we waste and discard around 25% of all our makeup items.

But with the Every Drop Beauty Spatula, those days are over. Now, using this small funny-looking tool, you can reach those hard-to-reach corners and take out all the makeup before throwing the bottle away. This way, you can save hundreds (and potentially thousands) of dollars on expensive makeup!

Buy it from Amazon.com here.


Who doesn’t love ice cream? And who doesn’t hate it when they open their fridge to find out that someone has had a scoop of their ice cream pint? To everyone who answered yes to the last question: this is one of those weird things you didn’t know existed but will buy at the first instance now!

Leave it to the much-loved ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s to find a solution to this unique problem. They made a combination lock, aptly known as “Euphori-Lock”, which is used to lock the lid of an ice cream pint container. Apparently, the idea was suggested by a Ben & Jerry’s customer, who asked the sellers to sell ice cream pints in stainless steel containers with locks on it. Well, they haven’t disappointed the customer at all!

Buy it from Amazon.com here or from the official store here.


This is certainly one of those weird things you didn’t know existed and still have trouble believing in! Developed by the Chinese company Fruit Mould, these fruit shapers (or molds) are something that looks straight out of someone’s fantasy.

Simply speaking, these are nothing but simple shapes (like stars, circles, squares) that you can grow your fruits (or vegetables) inside, which will give the resulting fruit or vegetable the distinct shape of the fruit shaper. Don’t be fooled by its simplistic nature though, the results certainly look quite fascinating. And not only does Fruit Mould provide simple shapes, they even have elaborate ones (like a pumpkin the shape of Donald Trump’s face).

Other than providing with these fruit shapers, Fruit Mould also lets you buy pre-grown fruits and vegetables of various weird and funny shapes. We certainly recommend taking a look at them!

Buy it from the official website here.


This is indeed my personal favorite in the list of weird that you didn’t know existed! What more can one want out of life than drawing the beloved actor Nic Cage a new hairdo? Nic Cage is an acclaimed actor who can sink into any character, and the only thing more famous is his ever-changing hairstyle. Ever wonder what would Cage look like with George Washington’s pulled-back curly hair? Or with Tupac Shakur’s stepped haircut?

Fortunately, you don’t need to wonder any more or furiously try to Photoshop images to find out. Using the (quite revolutionary) Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard, you can draw ANY (yes, any) hairstyle over the head of Nic Cage! So, let your imaginations fly and draw to your heart’s content. Rest assured, with this product made by someone named Brandon Bird, Nic Cage’s head will always be smiling back at you no matter what his hairstyle is.

Buy from Topatoco.com here.

Preparing this list of weird things you didn’t know was certainly not easy. Mankind, and especially the internet, is a constant source of weird and head-scratching ideas. There are dozens of quality (and by quality, I mean super weird) things that missed out on this list. Maybe if you liked this list of seven weird things you didn’t know existed, we will create an even bigger list! For now, let us know what you think of these seven in the comment box below.

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