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The 8 Best Alice in Wonderland Musical and Other Adaptations

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"Alice in Wonderland" by Tucia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fell down the rabbit hole and fell in love? Here is Alice in Wonderland musical and other adaptations for you to explore!

Lewis Carroll is the all-time favorite author of the evergreen novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its equally loved sequel Through The Looking-Glass. He also wrote several nonsense poems that kids find amusing.

When these hit off among the young and old, it was time for some more Alice’s to keep the ball rolling. Thus began the adaptations. Did you know that there is a musical Alice in Wonderland too? Let’s jump to it now!

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8 Alice in Wonderland Musical and Other Adaptations that Will Keep you Hooked

1. Alice In Wonderland Musical

“Alice wonderland FB21.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

After the success of his two novels, Carroll ardently wished to see them performed on stage. Following a previous failure, he happily accepted H. Saville Clarke’s proposal to take up the adaptation.

Aubrey Hopwood remodeled Henry Saville Clarke’s adapted Alice in Wonderland musical into 2 acts for the two novels. They have two and four scenes.

Walter Slaughter set it to tune with around 30 songs. Recreating it as a musical is a cherry on the cake. Yes, it tweaks and makes the Wonderlands a melodious delight.

Lewis Carroll kept tabs on the production and direction and selected the cast himself. He was directly involved with behind-the-scenes preparations. He also wished to have the same music for some of the parodies.

Thus Alice in Wonderland musical came into the spotlight two days before Christmas in 1886. The first theater to launch it was the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. The later plays, too, took place during the vibrant Christmas season.


“Alice wonderland FB22.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

It begins with Alice in a chair sleeping surrounded by fairies singing, “Sleep, Alice, sleep as we circle thee.” In her dream, she meets the queen of hearts, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, mad hatter, Cheshire cat and meets with various adventures in Wonderland.

The Alice enthusiasts who went to London were not let down by the play. Miss Phoebe Carlo was brilliant in her role as Alice. The captivating music or the cute dormouse played by a 6 yr old, the entire play was huge.

This Alice in Wonderland musical comes closest to the novel without much changes in the plotline. Various Alice’s performed it on different stages down the ages.


2. Wonderland: A New Alice

Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd wrote this modern version of the Alice in Wonderland musical. Murphy wrote the lyrics too, and Frank Wildhorn composed them.

Watch the video: Clips of Broadway Alice in Wonderland musical


The performing arts center at Tampa Bay introduced this show in 2009 under the title ‘Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventures.’ This center is known for launching famous shows like ‘My Fair lady’ and ‘Les Miserables.’ A couple more rehearsals, and then it reached the Broadway stage officially in 2011.

Unlike the earlier play, this one is set in New York. It revolves around the busy life of  Alice Cornwrinkle, whose family tree traces back to the original Alice. She’s a writer and a newly divorced mother of 10-year-old Chloe. After she separates from her husband, she goes to New York with Chloe.

“Cheshire Cat & Queen of Hearts cosplayers” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

To make things worse, her work life too gets bumpy as publishers reject her children’s book. On one such day, she falls into a rabbit hole and enters Wonderland. In the course of events, Maddie and the hare abduct Chloe to Wonderland and imprison her. Amidst these confusions, Alice yearns for her home and learns to be grateful for her family.

Finally, the White Knight, the Wonderland version of her husband, saves them but dies. Heartbroken, Alice returns home with her child. At this point, she wakes up and realizes how much she missed home.

Jack comes back and makes up with her. All ends well with Alice embracing the magic of her own life, rightly concluded by the music ‘Finding Wonderland’. She realizes the true meaning of her life and discovers her real self.

Watch the video: Song Home from Broadways’ Wonderland


This vibrant Alice in Wonderland musical gets you up and going. With rich music and an incredible plotline, you have a lot to take away. It opens your eyes to the Wonderland of your own life. It is more relatable as a play reflecting the busy world’s failure to notice the tiny blessings in life.

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3. Alice@Wonderland

How would you like to end up in Wonderland while listening to songs on your bed? Yes, this wonderful musical talks about a situation where you and I can relate to Alice, who takes selfies and texts in the internet era.

“Alice wonderland FB14.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Alice loses herself in the woods without her phone and GPS. There she follows the white rabbit down the hole, and the rest is Wonderland and its magic. Then comes Mad hatter and queen of hearts, Cheshire cat and the tea party, and other wonders.

Watch the video: Alice in Wonderland musical Jabberwocky 

In this Jonathan Yukich musical, the modern Alice interprets the age-old Wonderland with her modern mindset. One finds characters smoking and Alive even referring to the internet. It has been beautifully adapted to 21st-century vocabulary to help kids grasp it quickly.

“Alice wonderland FB15.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

This makes it lively too. Imagine you telling Mad Hatter to plug into Spotify. The music beautifully composed by Bill Francoeur makes this Alice in Wonderland musical a treat for all ages. It is also noted for its splendid costumes and catchy music.

Sophia Bhabha hall in India was one of the venues of this musical. This version warns you about the flaws of social media. Alice also has a new friend named Vinnie who stands by her in Wonderland.


4. Alice in Wonderland Musical by Mark Friedman

“Alice wonderland FB30.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

This heart-warming Alice in Wonderland musical by Mark Friedman is next in the line of recent adaptations. Alice here is a girl who wishes to grow up quickly. Now, if your heart weighs a ton because you were left out from adult parties, this one’s for you.

The curtains open on our hero sulking because her mother was attending an adult-only party leaving her behind. Her sister tries to console her by reading out Alice in Wonderland. Alice grumbles that the book has no pictures. Soon her sister leaves her.

At that point, the stages come alive with all Wonderland’s favorites, who were missing from the book. They lure Alice to the magical Wonderland, where she searches for the cruel queen of hearts to give her fan back.

“Alice wonderland FB18.jpg” by Owen Lucas Photography2010 is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Her dream to be an adult comes true when she faces many dangers on her own and learns eye-opening lessons from them. Finally, the core message is left to her by the mock turtle, who is grateful for his slow pace, which allows him to relish the little things in life.

In the end, she’s safely sent back home, where she wakes up to find her mother asking her to join the party. She politely refuses as she realizes that she can never get her childhood back once she grows up. This mysterious and beautifully rendered musical is a reminder to all kids to make the best of their carefree life.


5. Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Jr

“Maschere di Carnevale” by Goldmund100 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The popular Disney’s Alice in Wonderland musical is based on the film Alice in Wonderland, released in 1951. Music Theatre International, the producer of this play, and Bob Hillard and Sammy Fain, the lyric writers, put their best together.

This rollercoaster ride uses three Alices for different contexts. To start with yet another ordinary setting to highlight the contrasting Wonderland, a park is where Alice’s sister reads out a book. Soon Alice spots the rabbit, and the rest is history.

Watch the video: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr full show.

However, Alice enters wonderland in a tsunami of tears shed by her on her vain attempts of gaining entrance. This flood traps the Dodo and other characters who row past swimming Alice.

They finally reach Wonderland amidst this chaos. This truly is a hilarious beginning. Then the dodo declares a race to run themselves dry.

“Alice in Wonderland” by The Dress Up Place is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Tweedle dum and Tweedle-dee, Alice dressed in a rabbit’s house, unbirthday celebrated at the tea party, and the fixing of the rabbit’s dead watch adds to the glee. The Caterpillar gifts nuggets of wisdom and helps Alice to journey into herself. This is an adventure in search of the Wonderland within oneself.


6. Film: Alice In Wonderland (2010)


“Alice in Wonderland. 2010 film by Tim Burton” by Cea. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Among 18 film adaptations, the one released in 2010 as a 3D fantasy adventure film takes the lead. This engaging version, directed by Tim Burton, features Mia Wasikowska as Alice, much loved Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Helena Carter as the red queen.

Amidst her father’s death and an unwelcome marriage proposal at a party, Alice sets out to save Wonderland from the cruel red queen and the terrible monster Jabberwocky.

“Alice in Wonderland iPhone wallpaper” by xploitme is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She also helps the white queen reclaim the throne. Mad Hatter plays a positive role as the supporter of Alice. Colorful, creative, and musical, this film has won the hearts of many kids.

It topped the list of highest-earning films of 2010 after Toy story and came fifth richest of all times. It also received awards for its costume and visuals.

Watch the Video: Trailer of Alice Through the Looking Glass

The less famous sequel was released in 2016, where Alice embarks on a Mad hatter rescue operation. Come Away is the latest film which brings your favorites Alice and Peter pan together!

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7. TV Series: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Image source: Bing

Set in Victorian England, this series came alive through ABC in 2013-2014. Featuring just one season with 13 episodes, it is quick-paced and eventful. More of adult fantasy tells the story of young Alice who escapes from her tragic past to the well-designed Wonderland.

Watch the video: Trailer of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

A magnificent cast and splendid graphics make up for the limited seasons. It also adds a romantic tint to this children’s book adaptation. However, with new elements and characters like Alice’s lover Cyprus, it bends the story to a new angle.


8. Video Games: American Mcgee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns

“Portada Alice Madness Returns” by Jonathan E.S.A. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

American Mcgee’s Alice heads the Alice in Wonderland video games. These are mind-blowing adventure cum action games in the third person.

With an eerie setting, mysterious plotline, appeasing graphics, haunting music, unique weapons, and a novel purpose at hand, it captivates its players.

The ‘American McGee’s Alice’ was developed in 2000. It revolves around Alice Liddell, who tries to survive her traumatic past where she loses her entire family in a fire accident. She now stays in an orphanage after much suffering and counseling.


“Alice, Madness Returns” by Jamiecat * is licensed under CC BY 2.0

However, she is mentally disturbed over the incident and wants to figure out what really happened. This requires her to go back to Wonderland, ruled by a wicked force, and fight her way through the obstacles that form the game’s core.

Its sequel Alice: Madness Returns came out 11 years later. With much advancement in technology,  this version is visually appealing, haunting, and intricate in its settings. What’s more, American McGee has proposed to launch the third part, ‘Alice: Asylum’, in October 2021.

Image source: Bing

You manage Alice, the warrior. Can you unravel her secrets and life mystery by guiding her through the dangers in Wonderland? Can you save her and give her a new life?

With these video games, watch the creepy Wonderland come alive under your control. You can click here to buy the game “Alice: Madness Returns.”

There are many more Alice in Wonderland musicals and other adaptations to keep the legend of Wonderland and Alice in your heart forever. Along with all the fun, you get some wisdom.

Please share your favorite Alice with us in the comment box below.

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