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Can You Take A Bullet Trip In Kerala? Where Do You Go?


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If you are a bike fanatic, then a road trip is the just thing for you. No dependency, no boundaries, no limitations. You and your bike are on a beautiful road trip. Kerala, as it says, “God’s Own Country,” has many things to offer. It is a beautiful state with so many interesting things to explore.

Leave behind your daily monotonous life and explore the beauty of Kerala on a road trip. It is adventurous and soul-satisfying. The roads are not even all the time. So, you can witness all things like rocky, bumpy, barren, village, and city life.

Each segment has a different perspective that gives you utter pleasure. You will fall in love with the place once you enjoy the beauty all around. When you ride a bike, you can experience the heat, rain, cool breeze that gives you an adrenaline rush.

On top of that, bullet trip in Kerala is mind blogging. You are the master of your trip. There is no one to stop you. You can take the ride alone, or you can form a biker’s group to take down the road trip in Kerala.

Protective Measures Before The Ride

  • Check the condition of the bike
  • Repair the bike in excellent condition
  • Check the engine of the bike so that it performs the best
  • Arrange all the protective bike gears for protection
  • Buy good quality biker outfits, shoes, gloves, and helmets
  • Always keep an extra pair
    Arrange dry foods and medicines in case emergency
  • Take a Kerala road map with you
    Learn a little bit of local language for easy communication
  • Arrange a vlogging camera or GoPro to shoot the fantastic trip

List Of Bullet Trip In Kerala

1.Chalakudy to Valparai

Chalakudy is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Kerala. The fantastic beauty of hills is mesmerizing. The entire ride takes about four hours by bike. You will witness the only greenery—forests on one side, waterfalls. There are many viewpoints with tea gardens that give you a close view of Mother Nature.

It is one of the daring rides because if you are lucky, then you can see elephant bunch crossing the road. It is one bullet trip in Kerala that you should not miss. The only thing that you have to remember that you have to crossroad when still there is daylight.

2.Devikulam to Munnar

The Western Ghats must be the second one in your list. You can even take a short road trip to Munnar along the Western Ghats. It is both thrilling and adventurous. In this nine-kilometer ride, you will witness the beauty of ghats, tea plantation; you will also see fog if you are a lucky rider. You must avoid the rainy season to take a bullet trip in Kerala. Otherwise, you can travel all year round.

3.Alleppy to Munnar 

This road journey is about 140 km, and it takes almost 6 hours. This is a road trip that marks the South Indian bike expedition. The ride starts from the Kochi’s busy streets and then take pace to the Munnar Hills. It is popular because of its tea plantation.


4.Kottayam to Vagamon

From the capital, it is the best trip that you can take. If you want to escape from the hustle of city life, then this road trip remains the memorable one. You just need one and a half hours to complete this road trip. You will find lush greenery and the sloping road, which is a dream of every biker.

Take a trip in between September and February. Once you take a bike ride, you can even enjoy the cool breeze. The earlier you start the journey, the sooner you can feel the cool and fresh air. Witnessing the first glimpse of sunray peeping through the hill station while you ride a bike is breath-taking.

5.Munnar To Indira Gandhi National Park 

The beauty of the Nilgiri Mountains is again splendid. There are altogether 35 steep bends that make the ride adventurous. The other side of the road has beautiful green vegetation with wildlife. There are also many rivers and streams. You will find many rolling foothills grasslands. There are even deep jungles to explore. So, all in all, this road trip is a hidden gem.

6.Munnar to Marayoor

If you are someone who loves beautiful scenery, then this bullet trip in Kerala is just the right cup for you. Marayoor, a border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is a tranquil place. It is free from all chatters and tourists heaven who want some peaceful relaxation.

The greenery, Sandalwood trees along the road makes the trip unforgettable. The total distance is about forty kilometers, and you will take almost two hours to complete the journey. ON your way, you will get to see Eco-Tourism Spots that are in Kerala. You need special permission from the Forest Department to visit Eravikulam National Park. Munnar Valley is another viewpoint on this road. At night, the ride can be dangerous because of wild animals and fog. Hence, complete a bullet trip in Kerala during the daylight.

7.Indira Gandhi National Park To Silent Valley

It takes around 6 hours to complete the 170 km road journey. One part of the park has untouched forests of tropical virgin where you will find tigers, elephants, monkeys, panthers, and wild boars. You will also get many people from hill tribes. Witnessing this beauty on your road trip will give you a memorable experience. You will enjoy the trip without any second thought.

8.Alappuzha to Changanassery 

Explore the beauty of the village paddy field and mother nature; then, this road trip is a must in your list. The total is twenty-five kilometers road trip, which is an AC Highway road with smooth and well-maintained road features. The impression of the road trip comes straight from the oil painting. You can enjoy the beautiful bike ride and take Instagram worthy pictures.

Popular Tourist Destinations

Kerala is a hidden gem for locals and tourists. From backwaters to the Western Ghats, one has many things to explore. The people, the culture, the food, and the lifestyle are unique in their style. Every year tourists come to this State to explore the beauty of the places.

From peace lovers to bikers to city lover, every tourist has something to witness. Kerala gives you many things in terms of Mother Nature beauty. The bullet trip in Kerala is just a part of the trip that you can enjoy alone or with fellow riders.

Before you plan the trip, decide how many days you want to spend in Kerala. A bike ride can be tiring. Hence, you need the maximum amount of rest, food, and sleep to continue your next journey. You must plan well in advance about the entire trip. It gives you mental relaxation, and you can feel happy. Planning is always a savior for you.

It can give time to your mistakes, and you can take immediate action or change in the plan. This idea will make your trip successful, and you can use your backup if anything falls short on the road trip.

Motorcycle Rental Services

Do you not have a bike? Still, you want to go for an adventurous motorcycle ride? Then, you can look for motorcycle rental services. They even plan the bullet trip in Kerala for you. It makes your life easy if you have only the last-minute option. You can rent the bike, meet your fellow riders, and then start for the awesome journey.

Taking a rental service is also a good option. If you are a first-time biker and do not know anything about Kerala, then this is the best option. You will feel safe, secure and the problem of having a bullet is no more a problem. You just need to pay the price package of the trip as per your choice of days trip, and you are sorted.

If you are looking for this path, then research helps you a lot. It allows you to compare the price package of bullet trip in Kerala of different package providers. The one that suits you the best is what you can finally confirm.

Well, the motorcycle trip is a fantastic thing to do, and it must be in your bucket list. Once in a lifetime, you get an opportunity of a bullet trip in Kerala, you should not miss it in any case. There is no age limit to take the best road trip of your life. You just need to maintain certain precautions, and then you can enjoy the best road trip in your life.

Explore the natural beauty of Kerala on a bike where you can see animals, nature, fresh air, mountains, Western Ghats, waterfalls, plantations, villages, cities in just one road trip. Isn’t it amazing? Why wait? Put on your biking clothes, gear, and helmet and start your bullet and head towards your romantic adventure. Trust me, and it will be the best road trip of your life that you can cherish throughout your life.



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