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8 Reasons Why You Must Read Books

By MaskaRad/ Shutterstock

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                                                      ”Readers are Leaders”

                                                ” Books are our Best Friends”

By MaskaRad/ Shutterstock

You must have heard these phrases time and again by your parents, teachers or elsewhere. We listen to these phrases and then either we blindly follow them or just ignore them as being a part of a boring lecture. Have you ever reflected upon the fact that why our ancestors or these experienced people framed these phrases about ‘books’? I don’t think most of us do that.

So, here I am a book- addict myself, bringing out for you some of the best reasons why it’s a must for you to read books. (Please note: I am not talking about the textbooks which you read in school or elsewhere.)

These reasons might also give you an answer to why our ancestors focused so much on reading, and why the readers become the real leaders.

                                                1. It enhances your intellect.


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You must be thinking that how will reading a mere fiction make you an intellectual. Well, then let me explain this to you. When you read fiction, you engross yourself completely in the lives of the characters. You can only enjoy a book if you can imagine the characters of the novel. And when you do that, you deeply study the psyche of the characters which helps you in enhancing your intellect and in analyzing capabilities. Who wouldn’t want to analyze people in one instance!

                                                     2. You live many lives.

Yes, you are not confined now to live your own, ever so monotonous life anymore if you have entered into the world of reading. You live many lives altogether, whether it be the life of the protagonist which is apparently the most interesting one or it be the life of a villain. If you are a profound reader, you can live each of their lives as your own. Doesn’t that excites you? Trust me the moment I am writing this, I am craving for a book!

                                                        3. A vocabulary booster 

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No doubt, when you read more, you know more! Your vocabulary gets enhanced automatically without your conscious awareness of it. You suddenly shift from ”understand” to ”comprehend” or ”maze” to ”labyrinth”. You become a better conversationalist. And won’t you just love it if this happens. If people would just look at you in awe when you are speaking in such a beautiful language with vocabulary worth a thought.

                                                         4. Forget your own life.

”Utopia” – yes, that’s what it is called. You forget this world so full of crimes, hatred and corruption and enter into a world of your own choice. You read and enter into the world which attracts you. And that is how you forget your problems for some time and delve into someone else’s life to live it, love it and cherish it. I am not asking you to become a crow who would close his eyes when he sees a cat coming, but I just want you to take a break, a much-required break from the problems you have. And then who knows, maybe you get a solution of your problems while reading!

                                                         5. A good time pass.

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Definitely, if you are bored and you have nothing to do, books are the best way to pass your time as well as get something substantial from it. Rather than spending time stalking people on facebook or just scrolling through the updates, go to your bookshelf and for a change, read. I assure it won’t be a time pass but a time utilization.

                                                       6. Your own bookshelf.

By Twin Design/ Shutterstock

When you start reading, you start collecting books for which you would require a big bookshelf. This will be the best asset you ever own. You can also design your bookshelf innovatively. And arrange and rearrange books in it according to your wish. It’s like a fantasy to own a library!

                                                            7. Creativity.

When you read books, your creative intellect also gets a boost up. Your imagination power increases to a great extent. You have the capability to think out of the box and see things with a different perspective from your own. This helps you in becoming a great adviser and an abstract thinker.

                                                           8. Better writing skills.

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As I have pointed out earlier in this article that those who read have a better vocabulary, there is another benefit which you get prior to your knowledge of it. Your writing skills improve a lot. You make less grammatical errors, your sentence formation becomes good and since your imagination power is enhanced, you can pen down your views and expressions easily.


With all these benefits coming handy to you just by reading, i think you will be now more inclined towards books as it will get you to explore something new about yourself each day and your personality will become a combination of so many characters altogether.

When you start reading and keep yourself punctual to it, I am sure you will fall in love with it and not just love but you will inhabit a passion for it. Your intellectual level will gain heights and this will surely be noticed and much appreciated. 

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Hey, this is priyanka, a student of English literature, keen on exploring the depths of it. I am an introvert, shy and more inclined to my books. Love old Hindi music. Good at sketching and poetry.



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