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8 Technologies To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

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With the concept of sustainability gaining more and more traction, technology is playing a vital role in helping us make the shift to green and clean energy.

As responsible citizens, we need to make efficient choices, even at an individual level, starting from our home. Here are eight technologies that we can use to make our homes more energy-efficient.

1. Solar panels

These help to convert renewable, sustainable, and inexhaustible sunlight to energy. This will help you to avoid the traditional and non-renewable sources of energy. It will help you run your home appliances with equal efficiency compared to energy from non-renewable sources.

2. Motorized blinds

You can buy the best curtains for the bathroom at home which are motorized and designed for energy-efficient uses. Pick ones that match with the interiors and see how the indoor temperature remains cozy without any additional spending.

3. Double pane windows

They help to prevent air leakage, which leads to more usage of electricity. The two layers of glasses separated by vacuum help to prevent the use of HVAC systems. It also provides the required insulation and saves your interiors from sound pollution.

4. Cool roofs

They prevent the roofs of your house from heating up, and cools down the temperature inside. It is particularly beneficial if you live in a tropical country. It will reduce the need to use air conditioners that use a lot of energy and are not environment friendly.

5. Wind turbines

As you might already know, wind turbines help to convert wind energy to electric energy. You can operate all your home’s electric appliances using energy from the turbines. It will be a good one-time investment that is energy efficient and also lowers your electricity bills.

7. LED lights

They are stylish, match up to modern interiors, and are an energy-efficient choice. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights create little to no heat. It means that no additional energy will be lost in the form of heat, and hence the maximum energy will be utilized. The LED lights have a longer lifespan, lesser effect on the environment, and they will save a lot of your money in the long run.

8. Smart power strip

It saves energy by shutting down power when the plugged-in devices go to standby mode. These days, power boards are available all over inside a house, making homeowners reluctant to plug out their electronics.

For example, you might plug your laptop in and forget it. Even after getting fully charged, the device will consume electricity. The power strip helps to prevent this. It will automatically disconnect the electricity once your device is fully charged or not in use.

9. Energy-star appliances

They are efficiently designed to use the least amount of electricity. They function well and perform similar tasks to your regular electronic devices but with lesser energy consumption.

These are a few technologies that you can invest in and start using at home. It might take some initial investment but will save you a lot of money in the long run, while also helping the environment.

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