8 Things Artists Look At Differently

8 Things Artists Look At Differently 1

We live in a world shared by artists and logicians. While both are important to maintain the balance and keep the social scale from tripping; they differ in many ways. There is always a clash between the right brain and the left brain dominant, artists being the former and logicians being the latter. While one tries to define pattern in everyday phenomenons, other enjoys the chaos. It all comes down to perception, the way we see things from the very beginning that defines us as either.

Here are 8 Things artists look at differently!

1. Sloth
There is no such thing as being lazy, in other words not doing anything just means transitioning to thinking, and that is one heavy thing to do! Yes to think is the life force of an artist as he creates a whole new world inside his head. Which later reflects on his work, but till then on the outside he looks like sitting idle most of the time.

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2. Incoherence
Anything that is not complete or not fully understandable is beautiful. Confused right? much like Night Shyalamn movies, artists find the incomplete things most attractive as it leaves space for their curiosity and sometimes we remember things longer with curiosity than with satisfaction.

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3. Winning
For them winning a competition does not mean everything! stands true, as creating a fine piece of art is a prior accomplishment. Loosing with their best work is better than winning with their worst one!

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4. Cleanliness
For the thinkers of the abstract world, cleaning is just a state of mind. While living most of the life inside your head why bother cleaning the outside?

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5. No Planning
Most accomplished artists never have their life planned their passion only allows them to live from one art work to the next, that is why most artists like Vincent van Gogh died leaving their work unfinished.

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6. Empty Space
While to most people a white wall or an empty room might be boring, a person with a creative mind fills it with multiple imaginations the moment he lays eyes on it.

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7. Nudity
An artist just looks at a nude form objectively, exploring the shapes, lines very carefully judging the form without a hint of shame.For them its just beautiful mixture of blood and bones put together.

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Last but the most important, artists are suckers for tragedy because the pain adds the value to art. The famous movie Rock star shows that quiet well about how pain of loss can turn the shallowest of beings to deepest of souls.

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Sounds familiar? then may be you are one of the 24 percentage of right brain dominant artistic personalities world has, hope the best for your future and good luck!


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