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9 Best Skateboard Brands You Can Rely Upon

Best Skateboard Brands

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There are numerous skateboard brands available in the market, and selecting the best skateboard brands is challenging. We set criteria for selection based on necessary features, like style, material, and value. The 9 brands featured here are best in overall performance, design, and dependability.

The Criteria For Best Skateboard Brands:

1. Material

The durability of a skateboard depends on the quality of the material used. Generally, the skateboard decks are made of Canadian maple as they are durable and stable. Skateboard companies test the skateboards on different standards to bring the finest products.

The trucks are usually made of aluminium. Few manufacturers use steel, brass, and other alloys for the trucks. Aluminium trucks are widely used in skateboards for their durability. The Best Skateboard Brands prefer PU Wheels, which is a type of synthetic rubber polymer.


In the present scenario, Fiber Skateboards are widely used for durability concerns. Unlike the traditional wooden boards, they last long. However, the quality of a skateboard deck depends on flexibility and rigidity. Top skateboard brands consider this aspect while designing their products.

The Best Skateboard Brands use the finest maple and quality components. They manufacture the complete skateboard within their manufacturing area, unlike the low-end manufacturers who assemble the parts from different suppliers.

2. Style

The skateboard is divided into three parts: the nose, the wheelbase, and the tail. Deck, Truck, and Wheels are the three main components of any skateboard. The design depends on these components.

Every skateboard brand has its signature style. The design is responsible for any skateboard’s performance. Top brands work extensively to maintain their legacy. Art designs also play a prominent role in the product’s quality.

Standard manufacturers use computer graphics for skateboard design. They have a distinct design for a skateboard based on its use. The Best Skateboard Brands never compromise on the strength and weight of a skateboard.

3. Value

A complete skateboard costs between $70 to $150. It consists of a deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. The quality of a deck is the most important aspect as it costs too much in replacement. Decent-quality ball bearings improve skateboard life and momentum.

PU wheels’ cost differs based on fibre quality. Top skateboard brands use good quality wheels that last longer than cheap quality wheels. Best-quality trucks are the trademark of top manufacturing brands. They are costly and known as the soul of a skateboard.

If you invest around $150 on a Vert or $300 on a Classic skateboard, it is essential to have the best product. The Best Skateboard Brands never disappoint you for their remarkable quality. They assemble the best skateboards for an exciting skateboarding experience.

The 9 Best Skateboard Brands

A random list of the 9 Best Skateboard Brands that supply quality skateboards for a long time. They are professional and experimental in technology use and gaming needs.

1. Element Skateboards

Established in 1992 at 5600 Argosy Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92649, Element Skateboards is one of the Best Skateboard Brands known for its high-quality products. Their skateboards are best suited for hard riding. The Element’s brand logo: Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth, has become a cult in the skating industry.

The Element Skateboards company manufactures skate decks, street skateboards, skateboard wheels, and skate accessories. It uses Twig technology for deck construction that helps create lighter decks. Skateboards are available in red, black, white, and different graphics colours with their brand logo.

The Element Skateboards are good quality products best suited for beginners and pro skaters. The complete skateboards have remarkable setups ideal for performing tricks. You can rely on this brand for value for money and decent features.

2. Strauss Bronx

Strauss is a leading fitness brand that deals in sports and fitness products, including skateboards. Strauss Bronx skateboards are renowned for eye-catching graphics and quality components. Skaters enjoy light riding and cruising with them.

Some mentionable features of Strauss Bronx Skateboard are:

  1. High-grade carbon bearings.
  2. PU Wheels.
  3. Aluminium alloy baseplate.
  4. Non-slip grip tape for durability.
  5. Wooden base with solid steel truck.

The best inline carbon ball bearings help in smooth and hassle-free riding. The artistic graphics and stunning design catch your attention at the very first look. For beginner skaters, this is a durable choice.

Strauss Bronx bt skateboard is 31 inches long with 7. 5 Inches wide deck. For a secure footing, it has 5 inches wide trucks. The Strauss’ assurance and excellent finish make it a great skater’s companion.

3. Enjoi Skateboards

Quite popular among skateboarders, the Enjoi Skateboards brand was founded by Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen in 2000. Since then, it has consistently maintained its high quality and design. The illustration of a Panda is its remarkable and signature logo.

The popularity of the best skateboard brands depends on the inclusion of popular pro-skateboards in their teams. Enjoi has included some prominent skateboarders, like Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, and Ben Raemers. They have added more value to their brand and assurance for buyers.

So, what makes Enjoi Skateboards appear in the 9 Best Skateboard Brands list? The answer: their quality, design, and trust. Enjoi presses only one deck at a time that makes the perfect shape and quality of each deck. Sub-standard skateboard brands generally press multiple decks to save time and money, affecting the shape and durability.

They bind ply and glue carefully for each deck. It enhances the durability and production of sturdy decks. Feel comfortable buying Enjoi Skateboards and accessories.

4. Real Skateboards

Founded by street skateboarding figureheads, Real Skateboards is one of the Best Skateboard Brands known for cutting-edge products. It has included Ishod Wair, James Hardy, Ernie Torres, JT Aultz, Peter Ramondetta, and some other best skaters in the group. The brand is also known for humanitarian efforts like supporting skating and cancer-related donations for improvement.

Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero established Real Skateboards in San Francisco, California, in the 1990s. They are pioneering skateboarders and know the value of quality in skateboard production. They create the same decks for their team riders as they sell for buyers.

Real Skateboards have a wide selection of decks as they believe in specific skating needs. Their Heavyweights Decks have a remarkable craze among pro-skateboarders for special layer construction and strength. They also have an assured guarantee feature for any manufacturing defect. Skateboards’ design, graphics, variety, and durability make them a trusted skateboard brand.

5. Santa Cruz Skateboards

One of the Best Skateboard Brands with a manufacturing experience of 40 years, Santa Cruz Skateboards specialize in skating. They also make some finest cruiser boards and longboards. Their skateboards are ideal for beginners as you can learn the basics of riding for their design and maple quality.

They are based in Santa Cruz, California, and rank among top skateboard brands. Their 95A wheels provide you with adequate balance and support, especially for beginners. You can enjoy smooth rides with the standard concave deck design.

Santa Cruz Skateboards offer the best value for your money. Their graphics are classy, and they still maintain their old legacy in quality. The decks are bigger and well-designed, with a flawless riding experience.

6. Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboards is an international and one of the largest skateboard companies founded by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon. It manufactures skateboard hard goods like wheels, decks, high-speed bearings, and hardware. Flip Skateboards are in high demand for their flexibility, durability, and exceptional quality.

It is one of the Best Skateboard Brands with pro skaters like Lucas Rabelo, Alec Majerus, Rune Glifberg, Matt Berger, and Arto Saari. The skateboards are suitable for everyone, whether a beginner or a pro skater. They are ideal for freestyle riding in parks and streets.

Value for money is the main reason for its immense popularity. You get beautiful graphics, durability, and remarkable design at an affordable price. You can check Flip Skateboards hard goods according to your needs.

7. Blind Skateboards

If you look for the best quality wheels in a skateboard, Blind Skateboards have that reason for your preference. Among the Best Skateboard Brands, it was established by Mark Gonzales in 1988. Cody McEntire, TJ Rogers, Kevin Romar, Jordan Maxham, and Cody McEntire ride Blind Skateboards.

These skateboards have 8-ply, unlike the traditional 7-ply, which adds more durability to the deck. High-performing Dwindle decks are the signature standard of the Blind company. It is also remarkable in individually pressing decks.

After the demise of Mark Gonzales: the founder, Dwindle Distribution has taken the distribution responsibility. Blind Skateboards have a better shock-absorbing capability than other competitive brands. You can also buy skating accessories like wheels, pins, grip tapes, and more.

8. Creature Skateboards

Creatures are loved for their shape. Among the Best Skateboard Brands, these skateboards are known for their durability and flawless pop. Founded by Russ Pope in 1994, Creature Skateboards present wider decks and horror-themed graphics.

Alex Olson, Sam Hitz, Stu Graham, John Gardner, and Milton Martinez are some of the Creature fiends. Creature Skateboards have powerful and heavy decks. Pro-skaters love the design and heavy structure.

They are one of the largest boards available in the market, best suited for verts. The brand ranks among the Top 10 Skateboard names. Their graphics and concave shape distinguish them from other contemporary brands.

9. Girl Skateboards

The final name in the Best Skateboard Brands list is Torrance, California-based Girl Skateboards. It has been manufacturing skateboards and accessories for twenty years. It is known for implementing new technologies in the skateboard designing and development process.

Sean Malto, Jeron Wilson, Rick Howard, Cory Kennedy, and Andrew Brophy are Girl Skateboards pro-skateboarders. Their presence identifies the quality of this brand. These skateboards are ideal for beginners. Their larger wheels make a stable and smooth skating experience.

Girl Skateboards have beautiful graphics with a high-quality Canadian maple deck. Equipped with Abec bearings and an anti-slip surface, skaters love to ride them. Soft PU bushing, aluminium trucks, and attractive design add valid reason to rate it one of the Best Skateboard Brands.

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