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9 Graceful Vermont Waterfalls to Relish


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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

What is missing is the trickle of a stream. You walk along it, the gush getting louder, and in a flash stand face to face with a gorgeous waterfall. How cool will that be!

On a road trip through the scenic Vermont countryside? The summer heat making you prickly? Worries in the bin! Get ready to melt in the tranquil waters of Vermont Waterfalls.

Plenty of virgin forests furnished by hiking trails and slopes enriches Vermont. To top it off, Vermont waterfalls are natural, versatile and stunning. Housed within Nature’s womb, these give you an adventurous thrill.

Vermont is a great producer of maple syrup. Hence, you notice a lot of maple trees along the path.

Let’s Look at 9 Graceful Vermont Waterfall Destinations You Will Never Regret Visiting

1.Texas Falls

Texas Falls-Vermont Waterfalls


How tall is it? 10.5 meters

Where is it located? Texas falls recreation area, Hancock in Addison county. Hancock sits on the Green mountains, visited by the White River.

These give you a picture of the raw and pure wildness of this place.

It’s origin can be traced back to the ice age nearly 100 centuries ago. With the doom of ice age, the melted ice gradually outweighed the bedrock and debris and spurted out of glacial holes as the waterfalls.

The trail of 1.6 kilometers is pet friendly (provided they are put on leash), safe and easy to pursue. It takes over half an hour to reach the falls which can be viewed otherwise, too.

What’s unique about it?
The Texas fall can be considered the most picturesque among the Vermont Waterfalls.

It is small, modest and elegant. The pure glacial water flows passionately from several holes and converges in a tranquil greenish-blue pool below. It spreads its arms among warm and dense vegetation. Visitors are protected by barriers surrounding the waterfall.

You get the see the best view of the falls from the pathway across the stream which passes through a leftover glacial cavity. This untouched beauty has made its way into the front cover of several magazines and posters.

What can you do there?
You can flaunt your photographic skills here.
It is a psychological therapy on its own.

You can find your Utopian picnic spots nearby.
The 1600 meters long recreation area gives you ample space to hike and walk.

The views of the woods along the way are amazing for sight-seeing.

Swimming has been prohibited.

2. Buttermilk falls

Buttermilk Falls- Ludlow, Vermont Waterfalls

How tall Is it? 7 meters

Buttermilk Falls is located in Okemo State Forest, Ludlow, South of Vermont. It has trails of 800 meters, which consists of short and effortless walk through pretty woods. It is not appropriate for hiking, but the falls is worth the visit.

The perfect time to visit: April to November

What’s unique about it? Buttermilk Falls are three-layered magnificent plummets, named so for their frothy texture.

It has splendid pools succeeding the topmost, and the middle falls with enough of rocky benches. They are safe avocado-green crystal clear pebble-bottomed ones.

The upper falls, aka Bridal Veil is like two horsetails. The main falls is the right one, that is is stronger than the left, despite comparatively smaller and shallower. The middle one is rough and uneven. It highlights it from the rest. It is followed by a multilayered drop (lower falls), which is calmer.

What can you do there?
This plunge is one among the favorite swimming spots.

In addition to swimming below these incredible cascades, you can also picnic along the trails. It is pet-friendly and is usually crowded on the first two levels.

3) Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls, Vermont by Doug Kerr

The Bingham falls could be seen as the most popular of all the Vermont waterfalls.

How tall is it? 56 meters

It is located in St. Mansfield state forest, North Stowe. With a trail of 800 meters, it takes just about 20 minutes of walk on the clean, broad and mildly steep maple and birch trees-lined trail to reach the fall.

The effortless hike is spiced up by unique spectacular views on either side of the track. You can observe old rustic cabins, rivers, mysterious woods and wild plants if you take the mill trail.

What’s unique about it? You can find this sleeping beauty half hidden by the green and black wilderness.

Bingham falls, the tail of the beautifully cascaded Waterbury river, comprises two falls one below the other sliding through a deep narrow gorge. The main falls (lower one) is housed in a huge caved-in gorge. You can view it from both ends.

In addition to it, the adjoining forests, its magnificent deep pools, and trails are also rewarding for its visitors. To get the final zoomed-in view, you need to take some effort to conquer the slippery and steep steps. This part would be hard for kids and elderly but the end result is worth it.

What can you do there?
There are specific spots for photography. You can get the perfect shot from opposite the drop. Slow shutter speed is ideal for waterfalls! Click away memorable pictures.

Being the epi-center of several pleasurable activities offered by the State forest, you can picnic, camp, hike through nature and hunt. Take a trip to this place to hike, hunt, snowshoe during the winter, picnic, scale glaciers, ski and frolic around in the fields like Heidi did and what not.

Swimming, too has the green signal. A quick dip in the clear, freezing, deep-green swimming holes is all you need on a sunny day. The rocks serve as a diving ledge.

But things may not always be safe. Take the needed precautions and make sure you don’t step into the pools if the current is strong. Summer is the perfect time for swimming.

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4). Lye Brook Falls

Lye Brook Falls- Manchester, Vermont

Lake Brook Falls is 38 meters tall, with 8 kilometers of a well-marked slightly slanted rocky-in-places trail. It is located in Green mountain National forest, Manchester, South-West Vermont.

The perfect time to visit: Spring (April to October). (Melting of the snow creates greater flow)

What’s unique about it? What makes Lye Brook Falls unique among Vermont Waterfalls is that, it is intricate and makes its way through small rugged rocks thus forming an aesthetic spectacle. This makes the pattern and structure of the fall unique.

Viewed from the bottom, it looks like a white frock lady, stepping down the rocky black carpet in a green ballroom. It is best to be viewed from both its ends.

Caution: Do not climb the rocks near the fall. They could be slippery.

5) Bartlett falls

Bristol Falls by Bryan Pocius

Located in Bristol, Addison county, Bristol Falls is 4.6 meters tall.

The perfect time to visit: May to October

What’s unique about it? The Bartlett falls stands out from the other Vermont Waterfalls by way of its serene setting with thick lush trees and a relaxing, sparkling pool below this pleasant dwarf falls.

It was also known as the New Haven River Gorge or the Bristol falls. It is a very attractive tourist spot netting hundreds of people each day.

Reading adventure stories like Enid Blyton’s, have you ever thirsted to know what it would be like behind a fall? Well, the Bartlett falls reveals the secret. As it is a smooth drop over a wide rectangular ledge which is hollow behind the water, you can easily swim past the falls into the cavity when the current is gentle.

Inside it is a world of its own. You can view the falls from a new perspective, a unique angle. The noises from outside fade out as the Bartlett gushes ceaselessly before you, making you feel safe and relaxed within the rocks, cut off from the external world.

Circle current is another pool on top of the Bristol falls. The water current is faster here.

What can you do here?
The wide yellow-green pool will tempt you to explore it and there is no objection to swimming unless the flow is fierce. There are shallower pools down the river ideal for kids.

In early spring, known to be the best white water rivers, you can get a chance to spot kayaks down the New haven river as well!

There are pretty picnic spots too! So don’t forget to being in your sandwich basket!

Take your fishing rods too since springtime is great for fishing here!

You can cliff jump or slide too, provided the force of flow is mild.

6) Thundering Brook Falls

Thunder Brook Falls, Killinton, VT

How tall is it? Upper falls: 24 meters
Lower falls (the chief) : 7 meters

Thunder Brook Falls is located in Appalachian National Trail, Rutland, Killington.

The best time to visit: all seasons but May to June in particular.

The trail, with a boardwalk of 274 meters long, is neat and elegant. It is a slightly elevated wooden planked path and consequently kids and pet- friendly (on leash).

Leading from Georgia to Maine, it is back dropped by trail-signs carved trees enveloped by meadows and scenic woods with wildflowers in sight.

It is marked by numerous spur trails deviating to mysterious natural settings like the Thundering Brook Falls. It ends with the observation deck next to the falls.

What’s unique about it?
This is considered to be the sixth tallest Vermont waterfall.

The lower one, the main falls, thunders down the rough rugged rocks when the current is in its full leaving you awe-struck. A horsetail fall, it weaves its way through the observation platform seated above the stream. You get the perfect view of the main falls and the hydroelectric plant along the brook from here

The upper falls is utilized by a dam upstream. However, its beauty remains unique and you can see two plunges of the Kent pond water. To reach this part, you need to mount the moderately inclined and dense part of the hill near the boardwalk using a social trial.

During the winter, you get a different picture of the falls when the rock’s rugged angles jutting out from the falls, are covered with snow.

You can bring any of your kin who uses a wheelchair here since this is one of the few falls which gives them access. Make sure you head for the River road in such cases.

What can you do here?
The hike along the path is enjoyable and refreshing. If you find it short, you can go hiking to the Kent pond which is in proximity.

Binoculars would be great to carry along as the vast marsh on either side gives you a great opportunity to discover exotic flowers and birds.

Swimming is banned due to the absence of a decent pool.

7) Warren Falls

Warren Falls

Warren Falls is located in Mad River, Green mountain National forest, Warren, Washington.

The best time to visit: May to October

Trail: not required.

What’s unique about it:
A trip to this place is all you need to make your day memorable! It is definitely one of the most beautiful in the list of Vermont Waterfalls.

Easily accessible from the road side and a favorite among the locals, this place is thronged by people, particularly on the weekends.

The main attraction is the swimming holes. Filled with cool, emerald greenish Mad River’s waters, they are crazily fantastic and has enough elbow-room to splash around. The lowest pool stands out with its deep bluish-green tint.

Already dazzled by these pools and the captivating rocky walls, one wouldn’t cease to be mesmerized by the small elegant milky plunges of the Warren falls from the well-shaped gorges.

However, visually savoring them may seem less appealing than having fun in them. The entire setting is cozy and pretty. The entry point of the trail is near the parking area off the route 100.

What can you do here?
As is apparent, swimming is passionately pursued in these amazing holes. Cliff jumping from different heights is another popular recreation. It is ideal for kids too! But be cautious and wear the appropriate footwear to prevent slipping off the rocks.

This spot offers various viewpoints for photography, especially when the tide is high.

These falls are more of a recreation area than a sightseeing spot.

8) Moss Glen falls (Granville)

Moss Glen Falls- Granville, Vermont

Moss Glen Falls which stands at a height of 15.2 meters, is located in White Mountain National forest, Addison county, Granville.

The trail: On a tiring road trip? Stop by and admire this waterfall right from the road. There is a boardwalk in case you wish for a closer look.

The best time to visit: April to November

What’s unique about it?
This Moss Glen falls is different from the one at Stowe, Vermont, though they are named the same.

The water that flows from it comes from the Deer Hollow brook. This is a horsetail waterfall which makes its way down a tilted rugged rock. It is alluring when the flow is at its fullest. Now the good news is this too is located on route 100. This route is rich.

Moss Glenn falls is nestled between thriving green trees and several rocks stationed in a 35 feet wide but shallow, pleasant pool. You can find another tiny falls almost completely hidden by trees nearby.

What can you do?
Shoot the falls and go for a nature walk.

Refresh yourself by the stream, especially in the summer months. The fresh air, cool breeze and the charming scenes is sure to quirk you up.

Since it can be glimpsed from the roadside and also because of the boardwalk leading to it, wheelchair bound people can easily access it. It is pet-friendly too.

9) Falls of Lana

Falls of Lana-Vermont

Standing 42 meters tall, Falls of Lana is located in Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, Salisbury town, Addison county.

There is a 6.4 Kilometer, moderately difficult trail winding by the scenic lake Dunmore.
The best time to visit: April to November

What’s unique about it?
The falls of Lana, a mixture of cascades and horse tails, will leave you breathless.

It is five-layered wafting from Sucker brook to lake Dunmore. The first two are horse tails with tiny pools at their feet.

A huge perpendicular rock gives a protective look when you swim beneath it in the cool waters. This rock diverts the water which leads to the next level of the drop. Which then makes a bend and moves on to the lake Dunmore after another fall.

Considered to be one of the tallest among Vermont waterfalls, the whole falls couldn’t be viewed from one particular spot because of the turns and obstacles.

The sucker brook is utilized by a hydro plant. You can find the hydroelectric powerhouse at the base.

What can you do? With wild trees, brooks, small swimming holes, crevices etc., there is plenty to explore! You will have a wonderful time with your family including kids, provided you make your way carefully.

Swimming is possible especially in Autumn when the current is slow and the water level is low.

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You would like the atmosphere of the Vermont waterfalls to be clean, wouldn’t you. Likewise, make sure that you leave the place just as appreciable to the future visitors. Especially if the area is devoid of trash cans, ensure that you take a cover with you to dispose off the waste.

In today’s fast moving and busy world, people often find no time to appreciate the little things in life. To enjoy and take your mind off your work is not a waste of time.

The best way you could do this is by setting out with your family and friends for a calm trip; the ultimate healer is nature and its astonishing resources like the Vermont Waterfalls.



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