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9 Hacks To Be Someone Charming

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What makes someone charming?

Human beings already possess some qualities which make someone charming. It is not about inculcating something which was not there or never there. It is all about just brushing up your necessary, humane skills, and that makes you approachable.

To be charming, you do not need to change yourself and get into someone else’s cloak. That is not what makes someone charming. Instead, it is more about projecting ourselves, not in a raw way. It just requires some necessary shaping to chisel you in the way you are. Charm is something that makes someone look more acceptable.

The 20 tips I am going to talk about are crafted out for the sole reason of making you feel better around people. The ones with social anxiety tend to be nervous around people if you are reading this, then it might help you!

9 Hacks To Be Someone Charming

1. Reduce words

Using a limited number of words is extremely important. The number of words you say is the thing which makes someone charming. You should make sure that you do not speak when you are not asked to. Giving uncalled for opinions is also not what makes someone charming.

You must use gentler words and be kind to them. Being rude and rough is one of the major turn-offs while trying to catch attention. Your words should be careful and measured and not just constant bragging about petty stuff.

You should never speak without thinking. Words have a high power, which we all seem to ignore, but your careless words can hurt someone mentally. Human beings are sensitive creatures, so we must be more careful with our words.

We should not disrespect anybody’s opinions while speaking. It makes someone charming.

You should try to be more profound and insightful with your words. Intelligent words make someone charming. Indulging in small talks reduces your communication skills and also does not make someone charming.

Also, do not use alien words, which only you understand. Speak in simple, catchy words, and keep your conversation taut.

What makes someone charming, most importantly, is the way they speak. You need to understand, to some extent, read the other person’s mind in many cases. It will help you speak what they want to hear. You need to construct your words and go smoothly about it. Fumbling or expressing doubts in their own words, does not make someone charming.

2. Smile Often

When someone charming walks by, the first thing we notice is their smile. A smile tells a lot about the person, and so it attracts human attention.

To be someone charming running down the streets, you now need to practice having your perfect smile! No, it isn’t any rocket science or any art you need to master.

You just need to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Boom, if you like yourself smiling much more than your regular poker face, you already know why I asked you to smile.

The person sitting next to you does not want to have a bad day seeing your cold, expressionless face, so to be someone charming who makes others happy, you need to smile often.

Smiling now and then at people and things not only makes someone charming but also helps them communicate positively. It has an ambient impact on the other people interacting and generally uplifts the mood.

3. Do not be an anxious freak

Suppose your friend is telling you how he got into trouble with his neighbor, and he does not seem to find a solution, and you start panicking that is precisely something someone charming would least prefer to do.

To look like someone charming, you need to restore the calm in you. Being calm and composed is essential.

You cannot act like you are all over the places, not knowing how to act, where to go. You need to support the other person and think of a solution together or at least help him/her to work it out.

It has a great impact on the other person when they see you being pessimistic about the trouble they are in.

So to hold the charm, you need to loosen up and relax, then try helping out the person from the soup they got themselves in.

4. Learn to look at situations from the other side of the table

When you spot someone charming, you should notice how they look at situations, they do not judge the situation from their point of view but give considerable importance to other’s thoughts too.

Looking at situations from just your point of view will tend to give narrow roads. While considering the opinions of both sides will have far-reaching conclusions.

Most people tend to hurt people by considering only their views about the situation. That makes them misunderstand and often overlook the little things in the issues of the other person.

This attitude does not make someone charming and makes them look rude and ignorant.

5. Give importance to space and silence

Do not over-react in situations. Whenever you come across someone charming, you will are left amazed by their calmness.

That comes from their inherent personality to respect silence. Silence has a significant role in every conversation. It is never adequately acknowledged by us, but if used correctly, it can be one of the ground rules that makes someone charming.

When someone charming initiates a conversation, they make sure that they maintain enough distance and also fall silent at times.

You need to make sure where to draw the line. You cannot go on blabbering even when you are not required to. It will make the other person uncomfortable and awkward.

In serious conversations, try to utilize silence diligently. It makes the person feel closer to you emotionally.

6. Be passionate

A charming person is always passionate about his work and everything else he does. Showing intense passion and integrity in even the little things executed by the person makes someone charming.

Acting like you are being forced to do something takes away the charm from your work. It affects your personality. Complaining about what you do makes you portray a wrong image about yourself. You choose what you do. So choose to be around passionate people and speak about your passion.

Instead of indulging in small talks, exchange words about your hobbies or what you indulge in during leisure.

Do not let the person feel that you are too tired to hear from them, or they do not matter. Show them their importance and make them think that you are equally passionate about carrying on the conversation as they are.

Another fact you need to concentrate upon is the details. To show that you are passionate about something, you need to speak about the topic with further insight and not just dish out some bland facts. Sarcasm and a necessary sense of humor are essential in conversations.

7. Do not make hypocritic statements

To be someone charming, you should make sure not to make any hypocritic statements.

Suppose you talk about avoiding drama, but participating in them does not make you charming but makes you a hypocrite.

You cannot give diplomatic opinions on topics. It will just make the other person resent you. Mainly you need to be aware while talking about sensitive issues. You cannot change your opinions every now or then or take both sides. You need to stand firm with one. Being able to make the right decisions makes someone charming.

If you are always hypocritic, it might make the other person wonder what opinions you exercise about them, thus pushing them farther away.

Having double standards and trying to safeguard dual opinions does not make someone charming.

8. Confusion should be the last option

You cannot act like you are in a mess and troubled always. That will make the other person less interested and curious about you.No one likes too much drama.

Not being able to decide something at the crux of the moment does not make someone charming.

It just makes the other person anxious as well. You need to restore your composure and be able to think clearly. It is never expected that you confuse the other person by giving them a variety of opinions. To be charming, you are supposed to make things easier.

Know how to reach conclusions do not keep swinging between two. Do not give yourself choices every time.

9. Avoid criticism

Someone charming stays away from criticism. Criticism often makes you come off as a pessimistic person. Being critical of someone’s joys and happiness is never called for.

For example, your friend talks to you about a guy who she has recently met and is quite happy talking to him. But you start overanalyzing their character and find out the minor flaws.

It is good to be critical of situations just to protect your friend from danger but do not be over-critical unnecessarily. It makes you annoying and also sometimes negative. Try to bend your criticism positively.

So, this was an article about some ways to be someone charming. If you have some more tips to add, you can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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