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90s Things India Had Which Makes Us Nostalgic!

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In the fast pacing of today’s world, a bit of nostalgia is like a calming downpour in the scorching heat. We all have some precious memories if we look down our memory lanes. Be it some TV show that was part and parcel of our childhood, or our favorite candy that we still hope to find in some shop and relive our childhood.

No matter in which country we are, one thing that connects us all is the undeniable attraction of looking back to our golden days of childhood. Through this article, let’s have a look at the 90s things India had, which makes us nostalgic.

1. 90s Cartoons – Bob, the Builder, come and fix it!

The 90s were probably the era of evergreen cartoons. Remember keeping your parents or siblings in charge of the TV when you were busy with something else, but your favorite cartoon would start anytime. You might be doing something else, but all your senses would wait for that one call, “It’s starting.”

Among all the 90s things India had, the cartoon shows were so amazing, that still most of us would love to watch them back again and again. Who doesn’t remember the lovable blue octopus Oswald or the angry penguin Pingu? Thomas and friends taught us so many life lessons, along with making us laugh.

I still have a sympathetic corner in my heart for Tom, who always got on his knees before Jerry. Remember wishing to have a magic lamp like Aladdin and get a genie to make all our wishes come true. And when we say Bob, the Builder, I know most of you still remember the iconic song. Bob, the Builder, come and fix it! What was your favorite cartoon? Let us know in the comments.

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry was one of the most loved cartoons of the 90s. Image Source: Bing

And to get a full flashback of the cartoons among 90s things India had just head here.

Bob the Builder
Bob, the Builder, come and fix it! Image Source: Bing

2. 90s candies; Mango bites, Poppins, and what not!

There are many champions among the 90s thing India had. The 90s candies can be placed at the top, comparing to other candies world had at that time. The 90s candies India had were like a complete package of trick and treats. Maybe that is the reason the announcement of Parle Rola Cola’s comeback created a hype at once throughout India.

90s India had treasures in the name of candies. The all-season mango came in just Rs. 0.50 in the yellow and green wrapper. We used to call it Mango bites. Remember eating a whole pack of Poppins at once to find your favorite colored candy? And who can forget the most important part of a 90s cool kid starter pack? The Phantom Sweet Cigarettes.

I am sure many of you have seen the world-famous animated movie, the Incredibles. I am also aware of the fact that many of you love Brad Bird’s Elastigirl. But seeing her super elasticity power we, the 90s Indian kids, try to figure out only one thing. Is she somehow related to Boomer man? We had her ancestor in the 90s things India had?

Yes, the “boom, boom, boomerrrrr” man has shown us his super elasticity throughout the 90s, flashing on our TV screens. Way before Elastigirl came in the scene. Bubble gums like Big Babol and Boomer were dreams of every 90s kid. Not to mention the heated competition among friends for collecting the most number of stickers they gave away with gums.

You can check out our list of 90s candies India had from here.

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3. 90s Advertisements; The golden era of advertisements:

Who could go without saying awww to the kid of the 90s advertisement of Dhaara? You have to remember the “Jalebi” kid from the ad. Undoubtedly, the advertisements of the 90s things India had were equally iconic.

Remember the iconic celebration of Sophiya Haque shown in the 90s Cadbury ad when the male lead hit the ton. Blowing kisses to your partner? Nah. Entering the cricket ground itself and dancing upon winning? Some tough couple goals here.

And of course the other unforgettable advertisements of 90s things India had, which can refresh our 90s memories. From the ultimate suiting destination for men Raymond’s to Humara Bajaj, these advertisements were part and parcel of our childhoods. The Frooti advertisement of the 90s or bottle eating juice ads now? Drop your thoughts in the comment box!

4. 90s TV shows; Throwback to Hum Paanch, Shrimaan Shrimati, Shaktiman and others!

Every 90s Indian’s daily routine had space for shows like Shaktiman, Shriman Shrimati, Hum Paanch, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, and Hip Hip Hurray. Forget series like Avengers and Justice League. For the 90s Indian kid for every situation was the one superhero. Shakti Shaktiman. I know you hummed the words in the correct rhythm.

Okay, getting into the computer to fight a villain seems quite funny now. But you can’t deny that at that time we all used to enjoy it by heart. Re-watching the shows became a reason to stay at home and laugh out loud.

Hum paanch
Hum paanch. Image Source: Bing

While watching them, not only did we cherish our childhoods, but we also realized that in front of these evergreen laughter machines, today’s comedy clubs couldn’t stand.

Shriman Shrimati
Shriman Shrimati. Image Source: Bing

Not to mention the famous American series “The Wonder Years” was equal to “Just Mohabbat for 90s Indians. And shows like Hip Hip Hurray and Malgudi Days were the ways to make new friends. Oh, you watch it too? Do you also like it? Welcome to the gang!

The list of TV shows among the 90s things India had doesn’t end here. Check out more here.

Malgudi Days
Malgudi Days. Image Source: Bing

And if you were among the lucky 90s kids, who had the most dreamt magic pencil of Shaka Laka Boom Boom, let us know the in the comments.

Shaka laka boom boom
Were you among the lucky kids with the magic pencil? Image Source: Bing

5. Video games of the 90s; Mario or WWE card?

Saving princess from the castle was not only Mario’s but also every 90s kid’s dream. Having a gaming console was considered to be elite in those days. More gaming cassettes you had, more was your popularity. Those were the days of Nintendo and Sonic Hedgehog. And Street Rush can be called 90s Asphalt Nitro.

90s things India had
Nintendo Gaming Console was one of the most desired things among the 90s things India had. Image Source: Bing

Video games among the 90s things India had are still equally desired. Duck hunt was our first try in shooting games, and cheating to win in Road Rash was a common thing. Even though Circus was made for pre-teens, I remember it enjoying till I was in my mid-teens. And I am sure it was the same as most of you.

And remember trading WWE cards and the retro Cheetos toys was our first experience in the trading world. The 90s things India had, surely gave some real business experiences to all of us. Want to see more of them? Just click here.

6. The story of Cassette tapes, Tape recorder, and pencil:

Most of the 90s kids had tape recorders at their homes. Having a range of cassettes consisting of classical songs and stories was common in every 90s household. And having the cassette tape tangled was more as more frequent. 90s cassette tapes among the 90s things India had, were like the ancestors of today’s tangled earphones.

Cassette tape and pencil
Pencils were the ultimate solution for tangled cassette tapes. Image Source: Bing

But we were equally accustomed to solving the tangled situation. No hours of nail-biting or cursing the tape, just a pencil would do the work.

7. The era of Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, and Archies:

If you are a true 90s kid, you were a die-hard fan of the comics among other 90s things India had. Most probably, you still are. There has been a lot of on-screen adaptations of these comics, but you have to agree there was some undeniable attraction towards the hard copies. The list of the most desired comics can go longer with the inclusion of Champak, Billu, Nagraj, Tinkle, and many more!

Champak. Image Source: Bing

Chacha Chaudhary, Chanda Mama, Archies, and other comics were probably the most dreamt of by every 90s kid among all the 90s things India had. In the corner of my house still lies all the editions of comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Archies, and Billu. These comics were like bread and butter of every 90s kids.

Chacha Chaudhary and Saboo comics
Chacha Chaudhary and Saboo comics. Image Source: Bing

We read and re-read all the editions—each time with equal enthusiasm.

Archies comics
Archies comics. Image Source: Bing

8. The 90s music; The era of Pop Music:

Who remembers falling in love with Milind Soman seeing the Made in India music video by Alisha Chinai? This post-colonial pop music video not only sparked our patriotism but also gave us a new male model to crush over. The one and the only Milind Soman.

There are a lot of gems in the 90s things India had, and pop music of the 90s was one among them. Those days our music list was made of artists like Alisha, Baba Sehgal, Ila Arun, Shaan, Sukhbir, Lucky Ali, and their funky co-artists of that era.

The pop music of the 90s was graced more with the work of artists like Daler Mehndi, Falguni Pathak, and Palash Sen. And who can forget the fast piano song by Adnan Sami. Till now, our feet start tapping their own when we hear the Lift Kara Dey song. Listen to all of them here!

9. The usual Sundays of the 90s; Chandrakanta, Mahabharata, and Ramayana:

The common question we all 90s kids had that, “From where does Mowgli get his red underwear?” Each Sunday, he and his pack were guests at our homes through the television screen. And amid enjoying the show, the question of availability of underwear in such dense forest always popped up in our minds.

Sundays are always craved, no matter which age we are living in. But the way of spending it changes from time to time. Today we wait for Sunday to get relief from the whole week’s work and get a day off from the daily boring routine. But 90s Sundays were much awaited for shows like Chandrakanta, Mowgli followed by epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Like other 90s things India had, Sundays were unique as well!

From where did Mowgli get his red underwear? Image Source: Bing

10. The Films of the 90s; Baggy clothes, and epic dance moves:

It might seem impossible for kids those days to imagine a dance sequence in a movie without perfect dancing skills and aptly combined clothes. But 90s kids are lucky to see both Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan dance.

Baggy clothes were a style statement those days, and not to mention the Bermuda shorts were in fashion. The weird clothing combinations along with funny dance moves were common in the 90s movies until we got Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan slaying the dance stage. I remember re-watching songs just to see them dance. And I know you did it too.

Among other 90s things India had, VHS rentals were a must. Watching a recently released film was like a dream come true, and VHS rentals were the way to make the dream true. Here is the list to shake up your nostalgic DDLJ and Hum Aapke Hain Koun moments.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun? Image Source: Bing

Got some memories to share? Just head towards the comments section.

Watching DDLJ on rented VHS, remembered something? Image Source: Bing

11. 90s notes and coins:

Can today’s kids imagine we used to get things in just Rs. 0.25 at a time? Nope, they can never imagine such a time. By time like most other 90s things India had, the coins and notes of that time have either changed or just stopped circulating in the market.

20 paise coin
20 paise coin. Can be found on eBay these days. Image Source: Bing

Such coins and notes are considered to be rare these days and have a great value in the antique’s market. Even today, I have some of the old Rs. 0.25 coins or Rs. 1 notes. And I know many of our readers have also turned into numismatics collecting their memories in the form of 90s currencies. Today’s kids can find them too. But only on eBay.

1 rs note
A 1 rupee note is like a treasure to numismatics these days. Image Source: Bing

12. The electronics of the 90s:

When I say the electronics of the 90s things India had, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the box computers and internet explorer. You have done more stuff on those computers than half of today’s world can ever imagine. And Internet Explorer surely helped us a lot to build immense patience levels.

old computer
The computers of the 90s. Came with the basic package of Internet Explorer. Image Source: Bing

Light-up sneakers were a must-have in all kids’ shoe rack those days. And only a few had the cordless landlines.

light up sneakers
Light-up sneakers were a must-have for every 90s kid. Image Source: Bing

And you were a total pro in using and fixing the film rolls of cameras and box computers.

old camera
Old film camera. Image Source: Bing

13. The stationeries of the 90s; Starter pack of every 90s school goer:

Every 90s kid’s school going starter pack would include scented erasers, Milton bottles, Nataraj pencils and sharpeners, Camel geometry boxes, typical chart papers, eraser pencils, and so on. You can’t deny we all tried to press all of the colors together in the multi-colored refill pens.

nataraj pencils
Nataraj Pencils, a must in every 90s kid school -going kit. Image Source: Bing

14. DD channels:

90s nostalgic list can’t be completed without the inclusion of channels like DD National, DD Bharati, and other Door Darshan channels. Most of our fav shows used to be aired there, and even if a TV had nothing else, it used to have the DD Channels. You still remember the news anchors, don’t you? To date, I have not found any other news channel so neutral as DD News channels.

DD National. Image Source: Bing

And who can forget humming along with “Mile sur mera tumhara…”

15. Other 90s things India had:

The 90s were the days of following the “early to bed and early to rise” rule strictly. A party was never complete with full glasses of Rasna or Frooti. Those were the days of Pitthu and Gilli Danda. Admit it you had some of the weirdest fancy dress costumes which can only hurt your tummy today out of laughter.

Frooti was a must in every 90s party. Image Source: Bing

And who can forget the nightmares Onida Devil gave us!

The 90s things India had is like all in Pandora’s Box. We got everything, and we were genuinely happy. Even recalling the sweet memories brings a pleasant smile on our faces. The power of nostalgia is undeniable, and so is the attraction of this list, which takes you to your childhood. Let us know in the comments your “been there seen that done that” moments. And keep going down the memory lane and sigh, those were the days!

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