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A Beginners Guide to Slingo – the Brother of Bingo 

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Now, you may not have heard of Slingo yet as it is still accruing popularity at the moment, however we are sure you simply will not be able to get away from it after the next few years. The online casino industry is constantly trying to better itself in order to attract more players and therefore more money, and Slingo is a prime example of where innovation can go a long way. 

Whilst the individual industries of online slots, online Roulette and online Poker are very good at keeping themselves fresh, one thing they do not often try is a fusion between the three. Things are still rather regimented in regard to this, however with the emergence of Slingo the industry proved that fusions can come off. This is because Slingo is essentially a combination of Bingo and online slots. Sounds pretty good, right? Read ahead for a beginners guide to Slingo at Um Bingo.

A Beginners Guide to Slingo – the Brother of Bingo  1

History of Slingo 

Funnily enough, the concept of Slingo was actually devised way before online slots would become a genuinely viable market, all the way back in 1994. It was two developers, Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia, which first had the brainwave, over time managing to create a blueprint for a game that would fuse the worlds of slots and Bingo. 

However, as we have already mentioned, this epiphany came well before the rise of online slots, and due to their physical limitations it would have been hard to launch Slingo as a physical state slot machine. It therefore had a slow existence during the 90s, before coming into its own as the 21st Century went on. In 2013 Slingo was bought for a pretty hefty $15.6 million, proof that there are many people who see a lot of potential in it. 

Slingo: What exactly is it? 

All we’ve said so far is that Slingo is a successful synthesis between slots and Bingo, but we haven’t really elaborated on this, and we wouldn’t blame you if you still had no clue what Slingo was actually meant to be. Well, basically it is a direct mash-up between 75-ball Bingo and online slots, using a 5×5 Bingo ticket, and a row of reels at the bottom of the screen. 

In essence you get all the best bits from Bingo and slots, all packaged up in a form that will definitely appeal to online slot gamblers just as much as committed Bingo players. Some popular online slots series have also got in on the action, with things like a Rainbow Riches style game being available. 

Rules of Slingo 

The rules of Slingo are also pretty much a direct combination of online slots and Bingo, with no unexpected features left in there either. First the player must spin the reels found on the bottom of the screen, and then see whether or not any numbers on your Bingo card come up. 

It really is that simple! Although some more modern Slingo games have a few special symbols too. 

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