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A Complete Guide to Skydiving Las Vegas

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Skydiving Las Vegas has been one of the thrilling attractions of the city. Skydiving Las Vegas centers are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. If you are going to make your first jump, Tandem Skydiving is the easiest, safest, and one of the popular rides in Las Vegas. Skydiving Las Vegas is an experience that introduces you to the world in a relaxed manner with a whole new aspect.

Skydiving Las Vegas provides you with experienced trainers and you are ready for your first fly just after watching a video and a brief session, without any extensive training. The video will give you a little detail about the equipment and landing with the perfect experience. It will be a 45-second free fall thrilling experience at speed up to 120 mph (193 kph) and then floating peacefully back to earth. 

If you are going to sky diving Las Vegas for the first time, no skydiving center will let you jump alone. Forgoing for solo freefall, you will have to get a degree from the United States Parachute Association (USPA) in which you will have to jump a minimum of 25 times with a written exam.  

About Skydiving Las Vegas (Tandem Skydiving)

The most famous Skydiving in Las Vegas is Tandem Skydiving. It is an experience of two people jumped out of an airplane together, buckled to one another during the whole drop. The straps are connected and when you jump out of the plane, one person is floating above the other during the freefall, with one’s back against the other’s front side.

Even if you wish to skydive with your close one but that’s not how skydiving in Las Vegas works. It will always be a certified instructor connected to you with the strap. The skydiving instructor is a specialized licensed trainer with rigorous training. You have to attend a brief session on skydiving with a short video and rest everything is taken care of by the instructor. 


Tandem Skydiving Las Vegas Equipment

Skydiving Las Vegas centers keep their customers updated about all the equipment and their basic learnings:

1. Tandem Jump Harness-

Getting ready for your big jump, you are given a full-body harness. It has four connection points on the back at your shoulders and hips. The connection points at your back will be the front points for the instructor to attach it to the harness and then the instructor wear the parachute on his back. 

2. Tandem Parachuting System-

The parachute is a  backpack-like bundle on your instructor’s back that holds your shoots and other equipment. It has three parachutes in the bag for your safe jump. The first chute is called the Drogue; it helps in slows down the descent rate and keeps you in the right direction i.e., belly to the ground and limiting your freefall speed to around 120mph. The main parachute is the large rectangular canopy that helps you get land on the ground safely. There is always a reserve parachute. It is a back-up canopy is just like the main parachute kept for any emergency. 

3. Automatic Activation Device-

Let’s take a case that your tandem instructor loses consciousness on the way down (which is rare). The parachute system you are equipped with has a safety device called an Automatic Activation Device (AAD), which keeps a track of your altitude and rate of descent. In an emergency, it makes your reserve parachute spontaneously position on its own. That is when reserve parachutes play an important role. 

Tips for Your First Skydiving Las Vegas 

The day of the jump– If there is any weather issue, you will be called prior to reschedule your jump. otherwise, for making the most of your adventure, try keeping these things in mind:

  1. Do not disturb your appetite by getting scared that you will get nauseous. It is recommended to have your usual schedule of eating and drinking. 
  • Do not drink alcohol before the jump to show off, you will feel a sense of nausea. 
  1. Be punctual. If you are late, that will add more stress and load to you. You have to check-in, do the paperwork, and get prepared for your jump.
  2. Make sure your driver’s license or other government-issued ID is there with you, a hair band, and a comfortable clothing. Remember to leave your personal belongings like your phone or wallet on the ground. 
  3. The trip ride will be with around 15-20 people, so relax and don’t freak out while going above and try keeping positive energy. Do not worry because all of your controls will be in the hand of the instructor and you just have to be less anxious. 
  4. While landing, remember to keep your legs raised which will help your instructor land the two of you smoothly. The instructor has to first touch the ground so keep your legs out of the way ensuring both of you are not harmed and can have a safe landing. 
  5. Make sure you don’t carry a selfie stick with you for the first time. Instead, professional videographers and photographers will capture the moment, so don’t worry about that. 
  6. Don’t make it a ‘scary’ fall and try keeping your eyes open and enjoy the moment. 
  7. Don’t be dicey regarding your instructor, the person is fully experiencing and you will have to show all the trust in him/her. 
  8. Don’t stop the first time, do go around to experience the thrilling moment at Las Vegas. The more you do it, the more you will be confident and free during the jump.

Difference Between a Newly Certified Skydiver and an Instructor

Though Skydiving Las Vegas makes sure to keep experienced instructors on the safe side, check the data and rides made by your instructor. 

The main difference between the newly certified skydivers and experienced jumpers is the number of jumps. One can become a skydiver by doing a minimum of 25 jumps, but to become an expert jumper, you will have to have an experience of 500 rides, including three hours of freefall time. They also have to pass nighttime jumps and the hardest of the parachute school’s written exams.

It’s always best to confirm and do your research to see if the person is a true instructor.

Weight Limit Restrictions

There are weight restrictions in tandem skydiving Las Vegas because it can be unsafe for excessively heavy individuals and their instructors to perform freefalls.

The average weight limit is approximately 200-220 pounds for women and 230-250 pounds for men during tandem jumps. However, it can vary depending on different skydiving Las Vegas centers. 

Skydiving Las Vegas: What You Need!

  1. You should be at least 18years or above and should weigh under 230lbs. If you weigh more than that, additional charges may be applicable. You should carry your government id proof for verification at Skydiving Las Vegas. 
  2. Always arrive at the drop zone 30 minutes prior, for completing all the paperwork and payment. Late arrival can risk your deposit and opportunity to skydive.
  3. Overall time can be more than requested, so be patient and wait until your flight number comes. There can be many factors if there is any delay, so set your mindset of spending approximately 4 hours at the drop zone. 
  4. Make sure you don’t consume any kind of alcohol before your skydiving appointment. 
  5. Be in comfortable clothes, according to the weather that day. Remember to wear athletic/sport shoes. Also, try carrying an extra sweatshirt so that when you reach the high altitudes, you are protected from the cold. Rest, goggles, gloves, headwear, and jumpsuits are provided by the skydiving center.
  6. Sports shoes are a must requirement. Other footwear like sandals, boots, etc. is restricted. 
  7. Take care of the cancellation and refund policy of different centers. The policy can usually be rescheduled/ canceled before 48hpurs. 
  8. If you plan to reserve a time-slot, make sure to do that before 48 hours from D-day. If you are late than that, your deposit might get forfeit. 
  9. If you fail to appear at the skydiving Las Vegas time, your booking will be canceled and there will be no refund.
  10. All cancellations, refunds or, rescheduling are accepted via email with the proper date and time. Any other exception is rare. 
  11. Skydiving Las Vegas prices are subject to change without any notice because of the volatility in fuel prices, be prepared.
  12. Your ride can be rescheduled for skydiving because of the weather at the drop zone. These decisions are at the hand of the center only. 

To apply for exciting offers, visit the official website.

Add skydiving Las Vegas to your bucket list and enjoy the thrill of doing it alone or with friends and family. Don’t worry about anything, you will be double-checked with all the harnesses, suits, goggles, and taking all the safety measures before you board the plane.

The countdown will begin and you will feel like a bird in the sky, forgetting all your troubles. Make sure to take care of all the safety measures, precautions, and brownie points for a successful dive. Do share the thrill experiences later with your friends and come with them for round two. 

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