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A Tribute to Paul Walker from Icy Tales


It’s been a few years now that Paul Walker is no more. Fans that are still loving and living the legacy of Fast and Furious are very well aware of the tragic incident that occurred and shook the world not only of the fans but also Hollywood. He was a very talented and handsome American star and unfortunately was killed in a car accident which left all of us in grief. Let’s live a moment to cherish his life and know more about him in this article.

The Life of Paul Walker

Paul Walker was born in a very humble family in California. His mother Cheryl was a fashion model. His father Paul William Walker III, on the other hand, was both a sewer contractor and a fighter. Paul had an ancestry of English, German, swish, and Irish. He was the oldest and as a result an inspiration for all his four siblings. He was brought up in Los Angeles and did his graduation from Sun Valley’s Village Christian School and he majored in Marine Biology.

He and his one-time girlfriend had a daughter namely Meadow Walker who earlier used to live with his mother in Hawaii and in 2011 she moved to California to live with him. There are no details about Paul Walker’s wife. Paul was extremely fascinated by Marine biology. He even fulfilled his lifelong dream by starring in one of the series of National Geographic Channel, namely Expedition Great White which premiered in June 2010. He was very kind-hearted and was always there to help others and never even lose a chance to do so.

A Tribute to Paul Walker: His Top Endeavours

In March 2010, he went to Chile with his humanitarian aid team to help and support the injured due to an earthquake. He even lent a helping hand to Haiti Earthquake victims too. He was a car enthusiast. He even competed in the Redline time attack and was in AE performance team. His car was sponsored by Etnies, Brembo Brakes, Volk and lots more. He and Vin Diesel were more like brothers, both on-screen and off-screen. He later became non-denominational Christian.

Paul Walker’s Death

At the time of death, he was dating Jasmine Gosnell. On the unfortunate day of 30 November, 2013 Walker and Roger were going for a charitable event for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The car was driven by Roger and suddenly in Hercule Street near Kelly Parkway and Paul Walker’s car crash into a concrete lamp post and two trees and as a result caught. Both of them were burnt to death and died.

After his death, Paul Walker’s daughter filed a case against Porsche stating that the car had some defects, which resulted in Paul Walker’s Death. All his fans, friends and followers posted tributes to him on various social media handles and till date remember Paul Walker’s quotes.

Paul Walker’s Top Movies

Paul Walker’s Movies like Fast and Furious series, Hours, Brick Mansions, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Takers, Noel, Into the Blue, Timeline and lots more. He was a very great personality and an inspiration for all of us.

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