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Aamir Khan and the Politics of Intolerance: Why Aamir May Be Right?


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One thing was said, another thing was understood.

Thanks to the media, Aamir Khan has been sucked into a terrifying debate which I believe will have its effects later to a great extent of time.

First things first.

Here are Aamir Khan’s exact statements with regard to intolerance:

“When I chat with Kiran at home, she says ‘Should we move out of India?’ That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make. She fears for her child. She fears about what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day.”

It is important to have a sense of security and sense of justice.

Statements by Aamir and what It Means

Aamir has said it was a disastrous statement by Kiran and it worried him too, since he is aware of the incidents that have been occurring in the country in the past 6 to 8 months.

It certainly affects you when your partner worries about the future of their son and as a responsible husband he is bound to console her as he knows the state of India now testifies her statement.

Not reacting properly to your wife’s worries does not make you a good husband and such comments which are made with a lot of deliberation are not just “filmy dialogues” but a matter of serious concern to ponder.

So, why did he tell it?

Horrifying incidents will certainly alarm any person and a sense of insecurity will be felt absolutely. Only due to the growing intolerance have prominent writers, scientists returned their awards as a mark of dissent as it is their way of expressing disappointment towards the system!

It is easy to blast someone on the virtual space without actually questioning the “Best Government in Decades” even though there has been no proper response by any top official towards the curbing of such incidents. If you think “Oh, I’ve voted a miracle man and my job is done”, then that would be the most immature thought that would ever cross your mind.

Who is the Good Citizen – You or Aamir?

If you were actually a good citizen, you would not just vote for showing off and post pictures in twitter, you should have questioned the government when the terrible incidents started to increase.

This certainly shows a person with an irresponsible mindset, who has the right to talk at any point he likes, but refuses to question as to what steps have been taken to prevent such future incidents at the most important of times.

Surprisingly, when you get a chance to go viral on the net by questioning Aamir Khan, you are expressing your intolerance without any proper basis and its just non-sense that comes out of you.

Don’t be a religious bigot!

Religious bigots of the country have their own way of interpreting statements and blabber non-sense, neither having good manners nor the ability to think with an open mind.

For someone who can do grave mistakes and not own for it even after decades, it is a sense of shame that his party claims to do best for the country only with hi-fi words and no constructive work. If Aamir has made a mistake in expressing his wife’s worries then it certainly is a grave mistake by Anupam Kher to act as mouth piece for his wife, who is a staunch follower of Modi.

Expressing dissent over the ever-increasing disgusting incidents is certainly not wrong given that India is a free country and slamming Aamir just because you have got a chance to defame him will be a case of dirty politics and showcases your filthy character.

In situations like this, prominent personalities have had their way by returning awards which is their way to drive the point. Aamir himself has told that he would endorse the protests as it is a right of the people, but it has to be of non-violent form and people should not take law into their hands.

What point are you missing out on for Aamir Khan intolerance debate?

An important fact that everybody is missing is that, it’s not about “Kiran Rao” expressing her concern about the safety in India, but also a topic which is running through the minds of every responsible women who have to take the brunt every time some mishap occurs.

Women feeling insecure indicates the situation prevalent in the country at present and it is worthy of a sensible debate as in most of the cases the women fall prey to atrocities.
If there are good citizens in the country, then one must console the other and must question the government which is responsible for the present state and not just start accusing mindlessly just to gain publicity.

BJP, Shiv Sena leaders are expressing their wrath on Aamir and are demanding an apology which shows their intolerance towards him without actually doing any work and just fooling the people with hi-fi words which have no meaning whatsoever.

Here are Anupam Kher’s tweets and posts.

Dear Aamir Khan, did you ask Kiran which country would she like to move out to? Did you tell her that this country has made you ‪#‎AAMIRKHAN‬ and you have lived through more worse times in this country & but you never thought of moving out.”

“Dear Aamir Khan, when did ‘Incredible India’ become ‘Intolerant India’ for you? Only in the last 7-8 months? ‪#‎AtithiDevoBhavah .”

“Dear Aamir Khan, presumed country has become ‪#‎Intolerant‬. What do you suggest to millions of Indians? Leave India or wait till regime changes?”
“Dear Aamir Khan, ‪#‎SatyamevaJayate‬ You talked about evil practices but gave Hope. So even in ‘Intolerant’ times you need to spread Hope not Fear.”

Not only Aamir, every citizen of India has lived through more worst times and whatever we are today is only because we are from a country called India and everyone is grateful to it.
But as the circumstances change, your priorities will definitely change with time and all the incidents occurring in the country will have a serious impact on your mind, which makes you reconsider the option.

The situation is definitely scary and instead of making it as the subject, Anupam Kher and others are highlighting the person and projecting Aamir as a traitor just because he felt insecure which is precisely the disgusting situation prevailing in the country.

Have you done what Aamir has?

At least he has done some good work for the betterment of the people, which cannot be denied, which people are notwithstanding and are using this debate to slam him senselessly without even giving a thought!

Aamir Khan isn’t suggesting anything to the people but expressing his concern that if these incidents continue to increase in the country, then everybody will feel insecure and tension develops in their minds. His statements are beneficial in the sense that government is not responding properly to the control the situation and also keeps giving promises just to assure the people temporarily while no constructive work is being done either.

Situations make you intolerant and the tension prevailing cannot be ignored and as good citizens it is certainly necessary to voice your opinion to get things done. Yes, he may be saying this at this point of time, but at least he is using his right to freedom NOW and not just sitting without doing any productive work like others who are there to just to pounce on opportunities to gain popularity and slam someone only to defame and not solve any problem.

Neither the problem is solved by them nor they are prompting the government to do it which is a pitiable condition. Voicing your views based on the EXISTING SCREWED-UP conditions is the act of a responsible citizen.

No, Aamir is not instilling fear in the minds of the people but he is alerting everyone with his reality check and also expressing his personal concern which definitely applies to every citizen.

Everybody knows the amount he took for Satyamev Jayate but nobody observes the good work done by him and how he used that money for other social work. And it’s no child’s play to drive the point and enlighten the people which he did with efforts to the program from his side.

The Other Insane Analogies With Aamir

Another meaningless post doing the rounds in social media is that comparing Syria’s situation to India’s and then decide which country is intolerant.

This senseless comparison is nothing but the immature thoughts of some person, as there is no need of any comparison to ascertain the worst situation in India where top leaders are mute spectators to heinous crimes.

Well he might not have felt the need to express his worries at other points of time and it truly depends on the situation one is in. Anyway, none of the other stars have expressed anything either in different situations and he has opened up now which is good!

If you have the real guts, you must question the ones who are silent even to this day without caring for the country and not doing anything , neither giving hope nor alerting the people of growing intolerance. Aamir is far better when compared to this since he has at least tried to do something good which people are not appreciative and ignorant of.

Expressing your concerns is one thing and defaming an actor just because you’ve got an opportunity is another thing.

Insulting someone for being frank and observant is different than just blabbering shit with no wisdom. The point is “The present situation is certainly bad which people are not realizing”.

Has any other star done something DURING the other mentioned violent incidents? No right, so their silence is something which has to be questioned more deeply and not just blasting Aamir mindlessly.

Where was Anupam Kher while other atrocities happened in India? Why didn’t he speak then?

What right does he have to speak now while being silent throughout? What are the other stars doing even though they are responsible citizens? Everyone will answer their silence with some lame excuse and blame it on the situation.

What Aamir has done is certainly right and not an issue to blow-up with insults if one can debate with sense.

It is certainly not expected of the leaders to threaten or make rude remarks instead of debating on the issue.

Your views change only under difficult situations.
Understanding the situation is vital and I know most of them don’t because they are immature.

The Statements Made to Attack Aamir Khan

Only when you experience trouble personally, will you know how situation controls you.
The most immature post I ever saw till now:

Kiran Rao wife of Aamir Khan says she wants to leave India for safety of their children…….. Martyr Colonel Santosh Mahadik’s wife said that both her children will join Indian Army to safeguard our country. Time to re-think about definition of our Heroes.

The situation and environment you grow up matters a lot and that decided want you want to be in life.

There is no conspiracy in definition of a hero. Our true heroes are our soldiers which every sane citizen of India will accept happily including Aamir.

What makes people think that Aamir doesn’t consider them as heroes?

It is in the minds of the people who have misconceptions and it is left to them to rectify it which is not connected to Aamir at all!

Every mother will think of their children’s safety and the environment you grow with influences the mindset. It is an honour that Colonel Santosh’s wife is ready to send her children to the army which is a consequence of the situation and conditions they live in, which makes them patriotic all the more.

All of us here cannot join the army even though we are filled with patriotism and we do our bit in helping the country. Joining the army is the noblest cause but that has nothing to do with Kiran worrying about the safety of her child.

Remember, many of us are alive at this moment due to the care of mother who thinks in all aspects for our safety. I am not in the army but I have patriotism in my blood and so does every true Indian, even Aamir Khan and we do our bit which helps to improve the system in whatever SMALL way possible.

The statements he made do not mean that India is completely intolerant but act as a stimulus to remind the people that it is growing exponentially with time and it would cause more destruction.

I believe this is the true meaning that Aamir delivered which the media twisted.
Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman on Tuesday said “he agreed with Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s statement on growing intolerance and explained that he too faced a similar situation a few months ago, when a Muslim group issued a fatwa against him.”

Rahman was insulted and threatened, after he composed music for an Iranian film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’ by Raza Academy ,based in Mumbai, which issued a fatwa.

The Raza Academy alleged that the title of the film humiliated the Prophet.

At that time, chief ministers of Delhi and UP had cancelled Rahman’s concerts at the last minute. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad was quick to invite the Oscar winner to “re-convert to Hinduism”, saying it was time for his “ghar wapsi.” according to news sources.

This shows the respect meted out to Oscar-winning trend-setter who held the flag of India high.

What else do you call this? Of course, Intolerance.

This is how elite persons are treated by our own country-men in the name of religion, while calling India as a “secular” nation.

I second Arvind Kejriwal who had tweeted : “Every word that @aamir_khan said is so true.
I admire him for speaking up.”

For once Rahul Gandhi also made a sensible tweet:
Instead of branding all those who question the govt as unpatriotic,anti national,govt would do better to reach out to people to understand what’s disturbing them.

One should not be threatened for speaking the truth but the problems must be addressed.

Another actress entering the debate was Raveena Tandon.
Here are her tweets:

“Guess all those who did not want Modi to become PM, want 2 bring this govt down..sadly becoz of politics,they are shaming country …”

“Fringe elements were always there,1can always say that’s condemnable,action needs to be taken against them,but to spread paranoia?not done”

“Wonder why they didn’t feel fear when bombs ripped the heart of Mumbai.. Or our security was breached #26/11-gosh!no point same argument”

“Let’s cut the BS-why can’t these people openly say that they weren’t happy since d day Modi became PM..instead of shaming the whole country”

“Really-have the guts to say it openly,instead of dragging the whole country’s image down,I don’t have a problem with any form of protest..”

“But when it comes to respecting your nation and what it has done for you ?? Before that ask yourself.. What have you done for the nation?”

“debate hs bcm fully politicised,Njoy d madness ppl,while I go to wish a babyborn of Muslim father Hindu mother,lives in no fear #trueindia”

She says that Aamir is doing all this to shame the Modi government.

Well, the fact is that the atrocities are increasing everyday under Modi actually!

So expressing your concern makes you wrong then? She started the debate and goes off somewhere ending it senselessly, asking people to enjoy the madness.

So, basically the intention was to defame Aamir, do the damage since people are attracted to your words, then run off after setting up false thoughts in the minds of the people?

Seriously, it is hilarious to see her saying now that people should not abuse or insult and not get carried away with hatred which she initiated with audacity with her question “What have you done to the nation?” , later clarifying that it was a general statement.

I believe these are gimmicks to attract people and gain publicity and simultaneously defame the person senselessly while praising the government.

Why didn’t she speak up when needed and why is she talking now?

Raveena accuses others that they haven’t stood up, while she hasn’t either!
Praise for the government keeps coming up time and again but there are no responses to solving the problems.

Modi still hasn’t answered to questions regarding the 2002 riots during which he was the Chief Minister of Gujrat and his decisions are believed to have caused the anti-muslim attacks.

Why doesn’t Raveena question Modi about this? Silence in this case would be wrong.
The answer is still in the waiting and some scholars have termed it “State Terrorism”.
India is a free country and everybody has the right to question the government for the incidents occurring and there’s nothing wrong in voicing your opinion which as a matter of fact is the situation prevalent in India.

Raveena’s initial comment were meant for triggering the mass of people and it has to be seen as a politically motivated one.

Talking rubbish without any basis is unacceptable.

Erupting suddenly to use that chance to defame someone shows their true character and it would be better if the same attention is given to resolve the serious problems prevailing in the country.

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