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Bollywood’s Best Perfectionist: Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies

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Looking for Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies?

In this article, you’ll find our perfectionist, Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies from his film career until now.

Aamir Khan without any doubt is the true gem of the Bollywood world with his perfectionist nature, brilliant acting talent, and intellectual caliber. Khan has not received the label of being a perfectionist just for the sake of it but for his talent and contribution to the Indian Film Industry.

Aamir Khan is a multi-talented personality who in the course of his film career has acted as an actor, filmmaker, TV show host (such as Satyamave Jayate), and a director himself acquiring great respect and stardom in the film industry. His fame and influence reach outside India, at a global level with a large number of fan-following.

Being the talent, he is, Khan has been awarded many awards such as Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, and many more for his talent and influence on the Indian Film Industry. Out of the three Khan’s of the Indian Industry, Aamir has to be the most devoted one with all his philanthropic work and raising his voice against the prevailing social issues.

Over time, since his debut in Hindi Cinema, he has given back to back super hits and blockbusters. His choice for the kind of movies he does and his outstanding acting along with the amount of hard work he puts never fails to amaze his audiences winning their hearts all over again.

Before I digress any further let’s begin with our today’s article of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies.

Happy Reading Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies to you!

1. Sarfarosh

First, on our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Sarfarosh a movie that deals with terrorism and the struggle of an honest officer with the corrupt ones. The film was released in 1999 with Aamir Khan in the lead role along with Sonali Bendre and Nasiruddin Shah. Jahn Matthew the film producer, director, and writer took around 7 years to complete the script.

The film achieved great critical claim and mostly received positive and appreciating reviews. The meticulous and thoughtful characterization along with amazing performance. The storyline, suspense, and the music of the movie make it even more interesting than it already was. It is made around 16.2 crores which were huge during the end of the 20th Century.

2. Dil Chahta Hai

The second movie in our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is a romantic comedy that was released in 2001 starring Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Akshaye Khanna, Preity Zinta, and Dimple Kapadia. The movie depicts the life of three graduate friends in metro city Mumbai and later Mumbai parallel with Sydney about how their romantic lives evolve.

Without a doubt, it’s a beautiful movie that captures how the love life of three young men and how differently they find love in their lives. The was is fun, entertaining, heart-broken, and hopeful how three best friends since college grow up, understanding love, life, and living together. It is a must-watch movie, I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen it.

3. Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India

The third movie in the list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India which focuses on Lagaan (Tax) enforced on the Indians by the Britishers and their rebellion against that. The story begins with the British leader announces about doubling the amount of tax the villagers will have to pay. Of course, the villagers opposed the demand.

Wherein comes  the role of Aamir Khan as Bhuvan the handsome young man of the village voicing out his opposition the British leaders demand. He challenges them to a game of cricket which was an English game and the villagers had no idea. The deal was that if the villagers along with Bhuvan won the game the tax would not be demanded from them.

The movie very gracefully depicts the scenario of the British period and the high demands of the British leaders from the natives.

4. Fanaa

The number four in our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is a romantic thriller, Fanaa, the word literally translates into destroying or sacrificing oneself in love. Fanaa was released in 2006 directed by Kunal Kohli and produced by Yash Raj Films starring Aamir Khan, Kajol, Tabu, Rishi Kapoor, and Kiran Kher.

This was Khan’s first venture into playing the of an anti-hero which he yet again did brilliantly stunning the audiences with his acting talent.  He initially plays the role of a tourist guide in Delhi, Rehan Khan who falls in love with Zooni (Kajol) a blind Kashmiri woman.

Both of them fall deeply in love with each other only to be separated by a terrorist attack in which Rehan is killed. However, it is later revealed that Rehan was the master planner of those attacks working for an organization, known as IKF.  Fate intervenes and both Zooni and Rehan meet again what is in store for both of them? Watch the movie if you haven’t already. The movie was a big hit receiving positive reviews and became a monetary success.

5. Taare Zameen Par

Next and the fifth in number in our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Taare Zameen Par an extremely beautiful and hopeful movie revolving around an eight-year-old boy, Ishaan Awasthi.

Ishaan is not a normal child but suffers from a unique condition that allows him to imagine math equations. Ignored and misunderstood by his own family who is unaware of his condition he is sent off to a boarding school as a punishment for his indiscipline where he faces the same problems as before.

Things change when a new teacher named, Ram Shankar (Khan) appears on the scene spreading fun, joy, and happiness all around him. He’s the one who discovers Ishaan’s Dyslexic condition and helps to find joy and his passion which lies in art.

6. Rang De Basanti

The sixth on the list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Rang De Basanti following the themes of love, life, and friendships. The story begins when Sue, who visits India in order to film a documentary on Indian Revolutionaries who are helped by Sonia and introduces Sue to her gang. Sue decides to film Sonia and his friends in the film instead after many failed auditions.

All of them had fun and spent time in their lives while shooting the documentary. But tragically Ajay dies in a crash in order to save everyone. However, his sacrifice is not acknowledged instead he is shamed by the minister who blames him for his own carelessness. The gang was upset and angry with all the shaming and denigration pledges to fight the corrupt system and seek justice for their friend. The movie is an all-time blockbuster and made money in millions in the box office.

7. Ghajini

Next on our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Ghajini a heart-breaking narrative that will moisten your eyes. Sanjay Singhania, who falls in love with Kalpana and is suffering from short term memory loss when she is killed in front of him by Ghajini Dharmatama who maintains a very altruistic and benevolent image in the society.

He makes his life mission to kill him but his partial amnesia acts as a hindrance as Ghajini has all his goons tailing him and destroying the shreds of evidence he collects against them. He tattoos his body with information, notes, and uses photographs to make himself remember things. Sunita a medical student read his diaries and thus becomes interested in studying the reason behind his amnesia and obsession with killing Ghajini.

8. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is the next movie on our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies which is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point Someone. Rancho, Farahan, and Raju share their experiences of the Imperial College of Engineering. The movie is a direct critique of the Indian Education system which doesn’t use creativity but rote learning and cramming as teaching tools.

The movie is hilarious but also touches upon sensitive issues as suicide due to the pressure of studies and the fault in the education system. The movie begins at present times, but keeps going back into flashbacks as the two friends head out to find their friend Rancho who was never seen after the day of graduation by anyone only to find his life secret.


PK movie provides its viewers with a full-on comedy blast as to they will have to clutch their stomachs while watching this movie. Khan’s brilliant acting on the top of it makes it an all-time blockbuster breaking records on the box office.

The movie though in a fun way questioning things about religion, gender demarcations, and love which are constructed by society and how deeply rooted they’re in our society. Moreover, hoe these constructed set of ideas affect us all and its possible consequences. The innocence and the questions of PK will make you doubt all the beliefs that you’ve held in your life. A must-watch movie, that touches on various sensitive issues prevailing in our society in a satirical and comic manner allows it to be included in our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies.

10. Dangal

The last movie on our list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies is Dangal a masterpiece in all the possible ways. Without any doubt, the movie is brilliant and leaves deep impressions on its viewer’s heart and mind. The acting, the narrative, songs everything about the movie is absolutely terrific.

The feministic approach of the movie touches upon the issue of how girls can be given space of their own to grow and find their own place in the outside world usually claimed by the males. The touching and inspiring story of a father, who trains her girls to achieve the best qualities of sportsmanship and see them finally win which encourages so many girls to work in their own fields and make their own individual identity make it to the list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies.

Aamir Khan does not make movies every single year but whenever he does, he makes sure to give his very best. And he takes on movies that are inspiring and educates the masses about the current problems and the possible solutions to be practiced to decrease them if not fully eradicate them. He is not known as a perfectionist just for the sake of it. But because he strives to find and reach some level of perfectionism in everything he does.

Are you a music fan? Aamir Khan had many outstanding songs in his movies., if interested check here.

I hope you enjoyed the Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies but this is my list of Aamir Khan Top 10 Hit Movies. If you’ve yours please share it in the comments below. Also, if any movie from this list you’ll like to replace along with the reason is more than welcome.

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