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Acid Attack : Girl Throws Acid on Estranged Boyfriend


This Time A Boy Falls Victim 😮

I bet, when you read the first two words “ACID ATTACK” you did not expect the news to unfold like this.

Well, not your fault actually. Time and again the news of a girl being attacked with acid that mainly occur as an act of revenge against her by the frustrated, psycho one-sided lovers of our society.

As we are so accustomed of hearing news with the girls being the victim. This role reversal of sorts is a bit hard to digest.

This incident took place in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, which came as a shock even to the police.

The love story that had a dreaded ending started at a degree college in Bijnor.

A 19-year-old girl identified as Afreen, who was a B.A student and the victim, Sooraj Kumar also studied at the same college pursuing B.Com. They fell in love one and a half years back. They were so happy together that they decided to get married.

But their religion got in the way

Afreen is a Muslim girl while Sooraj belongs to a Hindu household. Sooraj couldn’t convince his parents for this ‘inter-religious‘ marriage.

Sooraj’s parent arranged his marriage with another girl of their community when they found out about their son’s affair with a Muslim girl. Sooraj told this to Afreen, and he broke up with her. This really angered Afreen, and she decided to take revenge on him.

Afreen’s Birthday Party at Her House

10th January, her birthday, is the date Afreen has chosen to accomplish her evil plans. She invited Sooraj to her house in Inampura for the party on Sunday night. 

Sooraj went to her birthday party along with a friend Arjun Kumar and had dinner. After Dinner when he sets out to his home, he received a call on his cellphone. It was from Afreen. She asked him to come back to her home.

Sooraj Told the Police What Had Happened

Sooraj was not aware of the thoughts running inside Afreen’s mind, so he returned to her home. As soon as he entered her house, she allegedly poured Acid all over his face. His friend Arjun rushed him to the hospital immediately. Due to Arjun’s presence, Afreen couldn’t harm Sooraj anymore. 

A case has been filed against her under the Section 326A (which lays down punishment for acid throwing, minimum ten years in jail) by Sooraj’s father, Mahendra Singh. Police are further investigating the matter.

This is not the gender equality everyone talks about. And certainly this is not what Alia Bhatt meant in her ad when she said why should boys have all the fun!



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