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Advantages of Knowing a Foreign Language

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Language is the most needed tool of communication for humans. We all speak different languages to connect with each other. Its primary purpose is to express our feelings and emotions and thus create a mutual understanding between two people. That is why language is only effective when the people conversing know the same language. A person speaking in French would not be understood by the one who only knows Japanese and vice versa. A majority of us know at least two languages, but that is not enough. We should know at least some of the widely used languages in the world. This will not only help us to build foreign relationships but also increases our knowledge. There are a lot of languages that people will recommend you to learn for your future, like French, Spanish etc. Once, you start learning a new language, it will take time to ace it, but do not lose hope, always remember it is a slow process, make it your hobby, like you draw and dance. In order to be fluent in the foreign language you need to add that in your daily routine and give it time, like one or two hour per day, if you miss out on routine, you will not be able to learn a new foreign language. Learning a new foreign language has a lot of advantages. There are many more reasons to learn a foreign language, some of the reasons that I have collected, to let you learn the perks of it:

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Some of the possible reasons are-

  • It helps in developing a better retaining capacity. Since a different language has different rules, grammar, and different meanings, it helps us for better retention. We remember those rules and apply them.Not only retention, but it also helps in sharpening our reading and learning skills. It also helps in solving day to day problems.


  • It helps in improving memory. Knowing a foreign language strengthen our memory. A research has showed that persons who know a foreign language have a better memory than others. Since, it is too hard to speak in a language all the time and learning a foreign language which is not known to others simultaneously. They can easily recall the names, places or memories of the people they have seen or met before.


  • It helps to know others culture better. Despite of all the development a lot of people are still not aware and able to speak the all-known language, English. People travelling to a foreign location, expect to communicate in English, but people often fail to understand English. Plus, when you learn a foreign language and eventually get to know their culture, you will get to know your culture a lot more distinctively, since you will try and find the difference between your culture and the culture of the country you are currently studying. Language is not the only thing that you learn in a foreign language. You get to know about the country’s culture also because language and culture are interrelated.If you know a language, you can visualize its culture. This is the power of languages.
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  • It makes a person more flexible. With learning a foreign language, people get more social and they hesitate less while communicating or disclose their own problems to others. If a person knows a foreign language then he/she can be at an advantage of travelling from one country to another. For example, if a person knows German, he/she will not feel awkward at a place that’s related to German culture rather he or she will be more comfortable and proud of their own selves. Added to that, you will be able to know the perspective of the foreign country regarding your own country.


  • It helps to build self-confidence. If one person is learning and can speak a foreign language he or she will automatically feel more confident and dependent since, it is not known to the majority of the population he or she is acquainted with. Since you know a foreign language, you know that it will help you in one or the either way. Moreover, a research showed that mastering a particular skill, will automatically enhance other abilities in a person.Thus, helps in building self-confidence. Added to that, if you know a foreign language, it will help you travel around the world with a cheaper amount of money.
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  • It increases career opportunities. Knowing a foreign language is always count as a perk in getting any job. With the increase in globalization and liberalization, there is a large amount of trade going from one country to other. This trade is not possible without knowing the culture and language of the trading country. With the increase in the number of BPOs and the expansion of telecom industry,it has become even more important to know a foreign language. Nowadays, schools are also opting for foreign language courses. So, it increases a career in teaching If you known certain language and culture of a particular country you would be able to survive their and grow your career option.
  • It enhances the total performance. It helps in academics as it increases the IQ level and develops innovativeness in the students. It acts as a freshener. It freshens your mind as it is not a particularly intimidating subject. It involves enjoyment and curiosity. Learning a new language is almost like learning a new subject, once you start understanding few words of that particular language you will be more curious and hence know more of it. Nowadays, kids do watch anime series or movies which are created by Japan. Some of them has no English subtitles and some of them do have them, it makes those kids want to learn and know more about Japan, the people of Japan and their culture.
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Some of the people spend most of their lives with some false believes about some particular country and their culture, considering them as not friendly and many negative things. But learning new language and talking to the people and getting to know their daily lives and culture and religious belief will change the perspective that we have about them and thus increase the cultural diversity that will make the world a better place. Therefore, it is very important to learn a foreign language. So stop thinking that you are inadequate, you will not be able to complete and just start learning a new language as soon as possible. Get ready for a new joy and happiness you will feel while learning a foreign language. Do a lot of hard work to master in a language. It involves proper application and practice on a daily basis. Get enrolled in a foreign language class as soon as possible.

Best of Luck!!


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