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5 Aftereffects of Travelling by Indian Railways


Train journeys are my personal favorite. They are so much better when you have a group of friends or family accompanying you.

Following is a list of 5 aftereffects of traveling by Indian Railways. If you have traveled by train in India, I am pretty sure you can relate to the list.

1. If you get a middle berth in the train

Getting a confirmed ticket is itself a big task, but if you get a ticket and it is a middle berth seat, it will be a painful journey for you.

You have to sit on the lower berth until the lower berth occupant agrees to lift the middle berth. This could be a painful journey for you because it is possible that you are tired and want to lie on the berth when you board the train. The person who is allotted the upper berth also sits on the lower berth, and it becomes more difficult to acquire your seat as you have to convince two people.

2. If a family carrying an infant boards the train

Suppose a family carrying an infant boards the train and sits near you; trust me, your journey is going to be a tragic one. I can’t understand why people board the train carrying an infant. This creates chaos in the train as the baby does not easily sleep, and the mother who tries to make the child sleep makes the environment more destructive. If you are supposed to reach your destination in the morning, then you are going to face ‘Double Trouble.’ Children generally wake up early in the morning, and their way of saying ‘good morning’ is by crying out loud.

3. If your ticket is not confirmed

If you are boarding a train and your ticket is not confirmed, this could be a ‘memorable’ journey. If you sit at an unknown person’s seat, he will give you a stare as though you have asked for a share in his ancestral property. They enquire about your ticket as if they are the ticket collector and you are the one traveling without a ticket. If some of your friends ask to share your seat, then you are in trouble.

4. If you get a seat at the entrance, which is near the toilet

This is the worst seat to get on the train. There are two drawbacks to this seat. First is that this seat is situated at the entrance and it is always disturbed by the passer-by. If this seat is in the sleeper coach, you can easily smell a human ‘loo’ aroma.’ To sleep at this berth if you are traveling at night could be the worst nightmare that a person can have.

5. If your train gets late, then it’s always troublesome

This has become a symbol for Indian railways, that a train never reaches the station on time. But getting late for an hour or two is considerable, but if it gets late but 3-4 hours or more, then it could turn into a nightmare for you. Another irritating thing is that if your station is 10-15mins away and the train stops at the outer station, you might feel the urge to curse the railway authority.

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  1. You have not added anything that we did not already know. Also an infant has full right to travel by train. Instead of trying to make people more tolerant and sympethatic to the parents of the infant, you are just instigating them.
    The train journey but lasts for a few hours. Mostly we end up making temporary and sometimes permanent friends. This is the biggest after effect of travely by Indian Railways.

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