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Aftermath Of Finding Love On Tinder

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We have all seen hilarious pickup lines and Funny Screenshots of rejection on tinder. But have you ever thought about meeting the love of your life on Tinder? Afterall, Tinder is a dating app, and what dating apps do is make two single people meet, one of many possible outcomes of which can be love. It is not very common, but it happens. Every once in a while you will find stories on Facebook telling us how a certain person found the love of their life on Tinder.

But the question here is, what happens after finding the love of your life on Tinder? Is it just like every other love story? The answer is no. Dealing with the aftermath of Tinder love story can be a little different and a tiny bit more painful than the one which starts at a bookstore or cinema theater.

Here are some of the situations you might expect if you found the love of your life on Tinder:

Telling The Seniors In Family Will Be Painful

Aftermath Of Finding Love On Tinder 1

All the best explaining to them how you met. For all you know, you might have to give a 58 slide Powerpoint Presentation and a thesis about online dating (Or you can just tell them you met him/her at an ice cream parlour on a Friday night, where he/she helped you chose from a variety of flavors, and you fell in love.).

You Will Get Judged

Aftermath Of Finding Love On Tinder 2

For most people, the idea of online dating is not easily digestive. They might be okay with you casually dating someone you met online, but the moment you pronounce the ‘L’ word, get ready to face raised eyebrows and odd smirks. (But honestly, do you really care? Some people have an opinion that unless you meet your potential life partner in a super romantic Jane Austen kind of way, you don’t really have a love story. But the good news is, that is not your problem.)

You Will Become A Living Advertisement Of Tinder

Aftermath Of Finding Love On Tinder 3

Every time someone who knows you and your pretty little fairytale will have a conversation about dating, online dating or Tinder, rest assured, you are going to be a part of it. Many of your single friends will start using Tinder in hope of finding what you have already found.


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