Ishita Katyal – Age Is Just A Number

  • by Sarnali
Ishita Katyal - Age Is Just A Number 1

You don’t need to grow up to follow your dream and passion!– Ishita KatyalIshita Katyal - Age Is Just A Number 2

She is just 10 years old and is the youngest ever Indian to speak at TED talks.. Her words and thoughts are totally different from the other children of her age.

Not a tinge of nervousness,  only confidence and a mind to change the world and do something unique. Ishita Katyal, the youngest TEDYOUTH speaker, is from Pune and studies in 5th standard at The Vibgyor High School at Balewadi. 

Much before standing in front of so many well experienced and qualified audience, Ishita debuted as a writer at the age of 8. Her first book was Simran’s  Diary (2014), which deals about the funny things an 8 years old girl goes through. Here is the picture of the book along with its link . Just click and gift to your 8 years old daughter. 

She used to accompany her mother to these TED events and started enjoying them. Even, she decided to organize one at her school. Ishita, very confidently cleared her two Skype interviews with Global Volunteers and finally became the youngest youth organizer at the Asia Pacific Region. All the students of her school took active participation in the event and also came out with some really good topics. At this very young age, where girls dream about barbies and buying dresses, Ishita looked forward to doing something unique and inspiring.
Ishita, the little wonder girl, got her dream moment, an invitation to speak at the New York TEDYouth. Her topic was “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE NOW”, which focused on children and how they can make a difference in-spite of their age. Her reaction after getting selected was  “The TED team wrote to me and asked whether I’d like to participate at TEDYouth, New York. I went through two rounds of Skype sessions and eventually got selected. It was really exciting to get my first YouTube video shot at the event,”

Like many of the small 10 years old girl, it was really difficult for Ishita to cope up with her mixed bag schedule, which included,  school works, blogging, preparation for talks and writing. But, she never gave up nor did she find any excuse, but decided to change her own routine. Ishita used to wake up early in the morning, initially it was really difficult, but slowly steadily she managed to do all her works including blogging and talks

You will be happy to know that wonder girl Ishita is on the verge of finishing her next book, which will include lots of animal characters. But that’s not all for this 10 years old, the TEDx Youth@Balewadi, is all set to organise their second event by April 2016. 

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