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Ajay K Pandey: An Author With Great Thoughts


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A wordsmith and the writer of a masterpiece, Ajay K Pandey is a well-known novelist with impeccable work. The author behind the success of “An unexpected gift”. The thoughts of Ajay K Pandey have been always tremendous yet different, that’s how it comes out as the best.

This article will help you know a little more about a well-known author. The author contributed to the writing industry at his best.

Photo by Ajay K Pandey
Q. How did your journey as a writer began?

Ajay K Pandey: The rise to stardom happened after my first book “You are the best wife”. The story is all about my personal life. The story is about my married life. The contradictory perspectives and ideologies brought both of us together, as a beautiful couple standing for each other at every moment.

I believe that everyone has a personal experience in their life. The life of every person could give them few stories to tell.

I have chosen my personal life experiences as the theme for my first book. My career as a writer or author reached this level because people started loving my work. For me, the best moment is when i receive lauding from readers.

As my first book was a big hit there, I decided to make writing as my profession. I give all the credits for where I is standing today to the folks who gave me satisfaction for being a good writer. I think positive vibes and appreciation are the way to bring on success.

Q. What do you think makes a good story?

Ajay K Pandey: According to me, a good story is characterized and transformed. The character you are choosing should change at the end of the story.  The interest of people lies in stories with fewer fancy stuff and more of a thoughtful plot. Adding surprises to the story brings some excitement for the reader.

People should think that the character is related to everyone. As you can match with someone with the same vibe and perspectives. If people find the story as their own story and quite close to them, then it will become a good story.

You need to choose some characters that one can find herself in. Also, the story should be relatable to everyone’s lives they have lived in.

Q. Which book you will pick today to motivate yourself?

Ajay K Pandey: I have written many books, but my favorite book is “An unexpected gift”. I would love to read that book anytime, as it gives him motivation. It’s the story or theme of the book that makes it my favorite.

The story is based on a transgender woman with a desire to become a mother. The story will not fail to motivate anyone facing obstacles and catastrophes in life’s journey. I will pick up “An unexpected gift” any moment to give him motivation anytime i am feeling low.

Q. What are all the difficulties you faced while publishing your first book?

Ajay K Pandey: I faced some difficulties in publishing his first book due to the limited publisher available at that time. Also, when you are a newcomer just entering into new field things never work according to your whims and fancies. Publishers kept on rejecting my work keeping their views and proposals in mind.

I faced many rejections as an established author is always preferred over others. Finally, after a long struggle, i found a publisher for my book. As my first book got enormous positive responses and reviews.

Now, my writings have engraved a very ideal position in the field of writing. Initially, i also faced problems in promoting my books. As it is a big nightmare and a herculean task to do.

Q. Is there someone you look up to as an inspiration?

Ajay K Pandey: I think, my publisher has been his constant support and pillar throughout my writing journey. Arup Bose (publisher) is the one through whom my work reaches everyone. I think a publisher is your motivator on a daily basis, who keeps on encouraging you.

My wife is the best match for me who is always there for me no matter how many ups and downs come in life. My family has always been the most supportive family that encourages me all the time.

Q. What are some of the most surprising things, you learned while writing your book?

Ajay K Pandey: You need to make your content engrossing make it catchy for its readers. You need to write something with faith and not for fun. Your writing should be an appropriate and remarkable standard. You can’t just think of yourself to be the best one, but keep on trying something new.

The most important part of any writing work is a good eye-catching title. According to me, a spell-binding title would call for more views. Many folks gifted my books to their partner. It makes me feel satisfied that my work is worth it.

Keeping your books short and precise would definitely help. As many people are not a big fan of big bulky books. These are few astonishing things that i learn while writing my books.

Photo by Ajay K Pandey
Q. Did you ever felt any turning point in your life?

Ajay K Pandey: The appreciation of my first book was the turning point of my life. I earned much renown after my first book got pubslihed. I got a level of satisfaction as the readers place the book as one of the best.

For me, my first book has had always been very special, as i got to be recognized because of that. The feedback of my readers makes me motivated. As, after that, i get a sense of responsibility that i am paving towards the right and doing something good in life.

We feel very glad to share about the recently launched book of the author with his readers and everyone. The name of the book is “The girl in the red lipstick”. The book covers a Kolkata-based story.

Photo by Ajay K Pandey

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The story is all about how a girl working in red light fell in love with an author. How the main protagonist helped the girl to get out of it all and start a respectable life. For reading this story on your own, you can definitely check his book with an impressive concept.



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