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Albert Einstein’s Old Private Letter Auctioned Off For $53,503


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A private letter which the acclaimed physicist Albert Einstein wrote in reply to a letter written to him by a teacher in 1953 was auctioned off for 53,503 US dollars to an anonymous buyer. The letter offered a compact peek into Einstein’s perspectives; the letter was prolonged, extended and included hand drawn illustrations from Albert Einstein himself.

A ten questions questionnaire

The letter was written by Einstein in response to a double paged letter written by a science teacher from Lowa, Arthur Converse, in the 1950s. The letter written by converse contained questions related to electrostatic theory and special relativity. However, the letter doesn’t make it fully comprehensible what experiments converse was alluding to. The teacher queried 10 doubts which were kindly explained by the one and the only Albert Einstein. The well known and famed physicist penned down an opening page as well. In one of the queries, Einstein has marked a question mark and a little mathematical concept which signifies that to Einstein the question might have appeared to be badly expressed and explained.

The letter

The converse family has had the ownership of the letter written by Einstein from 1050s. Confirmed a spokesperson of the Nate D Sanders Auctions, the company that sold the letter, Sam Heller.

The enveloping cover of the letter reads ‘Room 115 of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey’ and the letter is dated back to September 1953.

The letter indicates that Albert Einstein was deeply interested in the questions put up and the experiments being tried by Arthur Converse and therefore took out time to write down a lengthy and elongated reply. The letter also offers an unusual peek into Albert Einstein’s considerate character and readiness to guide the teachers to interpret and convey his theories better.

Einstein’s Relativity theory

Albert Einstein’ special relativity theory is associated with electrostatics in which it brings together electricity and magnetism, looking at them like they are the same objects but seen from distinctive attributing frameworks.



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