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Alice Through The Looking Glass Book: The Lewis Carroll Classic

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Alice Through The Looking Glass Book and How It Became A Classic

alice through the looking glass book

The full title of the book is, Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Published on 27th December 1871, Alice through the looking glass book was a sequel to Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel with the same protagonist i.e, Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Immediately after Alice through the looking glass book was published it garnered rave reviews among the then literary papers and columns praised the simple yet vivid imagery used in the words by the author. It is believed that the original was written by the author for a very dear student of his named Alice Raikes, teaching whom he got the idea of the book.

About The Story Of Alice Through The Looking Glass Book:

To give a rough outline about book one must always remember that it was meant for the reading of all and according to the author himself, the book should not be restricted as a children’s book only. The lessons taught through the story, its whole message is meant for all those who read the book no matter their age. Anyone who has had any relation with books is bound to know the basic outline of the what the Alice through the looking glass book is about since it is the immediate and the only sequel to Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


The plot revolves around the character of Alice a girl whose age is never made certain in any of books except the few mentions of years having passed between the Alice of Looking Glass and the Alice of Wonderland. The adventures Alice goes through when she comes across a hidden imaginary world of creatures and two Queens representing a checkerboard and several monsters and the now famous Mad Hatter are all part of the vividly described world of Carroll in his book.

Adaptation Of Alice Through The Looking Glass Book in cinema:

This book along with Adventures in Wonderland has, over the years since its publication, taken a deep root into the literary psyche of any enthusiast of art and classic literature. Alice through the looking glass book along with its prequel is considered a delight for an illustrator and artist since the vivid imagery used in the books along with the sketched illustrations of John Tenniel whose work if turned into motion can have the most delightful psychedelic effect.

After several years of letting the story be, Hollywood finally on 25the February 2010, made a film about the misadventures of a girl growing up in London and coming across wonderland. The producers followed it up with the sequel on 10th May 2016. Both the films were directed by famous directors like Tim Burton and James Bobin. The film brought the old classic into a digital world of modern times and made the issues more relevant to attract and youth into the fold of the 19th-century classic.

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