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Laguna Beach: 20 Incredible Sights Not to be Missed!

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Famous for its beautiful blue-green waters, shimmering sandy beaches, and the variety of activities it offers, Laguna Beach is a must-visit spot when you go to California. Located in Orange County, Laguna Beach has enough attractions and adventures to keep you engaged for even as long as a week!

The magic of Laguna Beach lies in its refreshing air, numerous coves, and a variety of water sports for you to enjoy, making you lose track of time.

Hiking, cultural events, biking, and skimboarding are some of the activities at Laguna Beach. For your best experience at Laguna Beach, we have rounded up the attractions and activities that are not to be missed!

1. Main Beach

The Main Beach is the heart of Laguna Beach and the hub of all action.  All the basic amenities are available within walking distance, and it is also connected to Heisler Park, which we will explore next. The well-maintained, free-to-enter Main Beach tends to get slightly crowded during the summer and is open 24/7. One of the popular landmarks at Main Beach is the lifeguard tower, built-in 1929.

2. Heisler Park

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Image Source: Wikimedia

Heisler Park is known for its spectacular sunsets and the stunning sight of the Pacific from here. From Heisler Park, you can access four beaches, Picnic Beach, Rockpile Beach, Main Beach, and Diver’s Cove. Open 24/7 daily, Heisler Park is free to enter, and you can enjoy the beautiful sculptures as you stroll through the grassy knolls of Heisler Park. You can also rest at benches laid down in the park and grab a bite at one of the barbecues or restaurants.

3. 1000 Steps Beach

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Image Source: Flickr

Unlike the overcrowded beaches we usually visit, the 1000 steps beach is a secluded beach located in a residential area in southern California. The beach lies between two cliffs and is popular for sunbathing and surfing. 1000 steps beach offers a picture-perfect view of jagged cliffs and California palm trees, one of the dreamiest views of Southern California.

During a low tide, you can access sea caves from here. One of these leads you to Totuava Beach, one of the secluded beaches in the area. Remember to be extra cautious while trying to venture here, as you do not want to get stuck or injured in the event of a tide.

4. Table Rock Beach

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The entrance to Table Rock Beach is quite the dreamy walk, down a wooden staircase into a trail laid down with bamboo grass, you arrive at Table Rock Beach. Framed with sandstone walls, the southern side of Table Rock Beach offers a spectacular view of 1000 Steps Beach. Table Rock Beach offers picture-perfect photographic views and activities such as snorkeling and skimboarding.

5. Aliso Beach

For a traditional beach experience with easy access to the shore, visit Aliso Beach. Boasting one of the largest shorelines at Laguna Beach, Aliso beach offers the ideal settings for skim-boarding. There are fire pits available for an occasional barbecue party, along with concession stands and a playground for kids.

6. Victoria Beach

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Image Source: Amazing Places On Earth

Victoria Beach is unique for its Pirate Tower, an unconventional landmark standing at the height of 60 feet, best seen during a low tide. Built-in the 1920s, the tower structure resembles 16th-century constructions. Towards the southwest of the beach, you can see numerous deluxe mansions and homes. It is ideal for visiting Victoria Beach during a high tide to enjoy the large cove beach and tide pools.

7. Laguna Beach Tide Pools: Glenn E. Vedder Ecological Reserve

Laguna Beach is known for its tide pools, where you can get a glimpse of the diverse life beneath the water surface. From sea anemones to hermit crabs, there is a wide range of marine life to be explored here at the Glenn E. Vedder Ecological Reserve.

A few places to view tide pools are Main Beach, 1000 Steps Beach, Crescent Bay Beach, Rockpile Beach, Treasure Island, Diver’s Cove, and Woods Cove. You can explore the tide pools at Main Beach and Treasure Island with expert guidance.

Each of these beach tide pools offers glimpses of a variety of marine life. During a low tide, you can see sea anemones at Picnic Beach and octopuses at Rockpile Beach. To get a sight of sea cucumbers, sea hares, and red urchins, visit Bird Rock.

8. Laguna Art Museum

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Image Source: Wikipedia

Located close to Heisler Park, the Laguna Art Museum is sure to be a haven for art and history buffs. From modern and abstract art to photographs and sculptures, all the works displayed here at the art gallery belonging to Californian artists. In contrast, others portray the rich history of the state.

9. Crystal Cove State Park

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Image Source: Wikipedia

At one of the largest beaches in the area, Crystal Cove State Park has a sandy shoreline with a backdrop of canyons and woodlands. There are over 15 miles of hiking trails available here, where you can encounter various animals such as bobcats and snakes.

There are numerous activities to do here, such as scuba diving, fishing, biking, and surfing. There are fewer strenuous activities like tidal pool walks.

10. Crescent Bay Point Park

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Image Source: Wikimedia

Crescent Bay Point Park is located close to Crescent Bay Beach and Crystal Cove State Park and offers a stunning view of the ocean. There are lookout points for whale watching, where you can also enjoy a striking view of the Pacific Coast and the jagged cliffs and hills that line the beach. Although swimming here isn’t recommended, you can view an awe-inspiring sunset here.

For activities like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, the Big Hollow is the place to be at the Park.

11. Treasure Island

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Image Source: Flickr

This oceanfront park offers grassy knolls and a view that will make you get your brushes out! Housed on the grounds of Montague Laguna Beach, this is the perfect place for sunbathing and skimboarding.


12. Hiking And Birdwatching: The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

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Image Source: Flickr

One of the best ways to get up and close with nature and unwind is by taking a hike. At Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, you have over 40 miles of hiking trails laid out, which offer some of the most magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and the California Coast. Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is also one of the last coastal canyons in Southern California.

For an incredible view of the Pacific coast and ocean, choose the Water Tank Road Loop or Laguna Bowl. For drinking in the splendor of the canyon, hike along the Laurel Canyon Trail. Ensure you have appropriate sun protection during the hike and stick to the prescribed trail to avoid the poison ivy and not disturb the animals.

Laguna Beach is also home to several endangered species of birds, such as the Orange-Throated Whiptail. Keep your binoculars in hand and spot these beauties in the woodlands!

13. Scuba Dive And Snorkel At Diver’s Cove

To explore the sea bed and marine life up close, Diver’s Cove is a perfect choice. You can rent equipment to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

14. Pageant of the Masters

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Image Source: Wikipedia

Held every summer during the Festival of Arts, Pageant of the Masters recreates original artworks with real people to give 90 minutes of living pictures. This theatrical illusion is held in an outdoor amphitheater complete with stunning lighting, orchestra, and live narration.

15. Laguna Beach State Marine Preserve – Kayak

Sea kayaking is one of the main highlights at Laguna Beach State Marine Preserve. Other activities you could do here are surfing, snorkeling, diving, and paddleboarding.

16. Hike the Valido Trail – Mount Zion

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Image Source: Baking Priority

From Aliso Peak at Mount Zion, you get one of the most spectacular views of the city, and you can get here taking the Valido Trail.

17. Top of the World

Alta Laguna Park hosts the Top of the World, which offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Coast and the Canyons. Pack up your picnic basket and enjoy the view from the Top of the World, and hike down to the shore using one of the several hiking trails available.

18. Mountain Biking

Laguna offers mountain biking for all levels of bikers, with designated paths depending on your expertise. For beginners or those interested in learning, you can take introductory classes at the Nix Nature Center.

19. Laguna Beach Whale Watching

Laguna Beach is located in Orange County, one of the best spots for whale watching in California. There are numerous lookout points spread across the coast, but to go on a whale-watching tour, you will have to visit Newport Beach or Dana Point.

The Festival of Whales occurs annually at Dana Point. Hosting over 60 events during the festival, it lasts for two weeks. Some of the events include Rubber Ducky Derby, tall ship races, music concerts, and fishing clinics for kids.

Throughout the year, you will be able to spot humpback whales, orcas, and dolphins here. You can spot blue whales between May and October, while gray whales migrate through the area from December to April.

20. Sports and Water Sports

The Main Beach offers provisions for sports such as basketball and volleyball. Popular water sports to try here are bodyboarding and body surfing; the beach also allows swimming.

Aliso Beach is suited for popular water sports such as skimboarding and paddleboarding. Table Rock Beach is also popular for skimboarding due to the uniquely shaped waves.

Skimboarding is a sport that can be considered a part of Laguna Beach. Back in the 1920s, skimboarding was a way for lifeguards to travel from one tower to the next. Today, it is a part of the history of Laguna Beach and has become a competitive event. Aliso Beach hosts the Skim Boarding World Championship.


At Laguna Beach, you get to see the exquisite marine life at the numerous tide pools, ride the waves, and hike through the numerous trails laid out.

Laguna Beach also hosts art festivals and events that highlight the history of California. The city of Laguna Niguel is also home to California’s oldest art museum.

Located just an hour’s drive away from Los Angeles, a visit to Laguna Beach is bound to encompass every traveler’s dreams and bucket list goals!

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