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We All Need Art In Our Lives


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My blissful childhood was spent exploring everything that my young self could get her hands on. There isn’t really any form of extracurricular activity and hobby left that I haven’t explored in school. Having tried out dancing, Indian Classical singing, Western Music, playing a musical instrument, painting, clay modeling, craft class, culinary class, Creative Writing, Poetry, and Theater, I finally realized the art forms that I preferred over the others.  However, the whole “Jack of all trades” experience gave me an insight of every extracurricular activity and taught me to appreciate the beauty that each one displays.

In a world of science, technology, logic and reasoning, arts, culture, romanticism, and poetry aren’t given that much importance. In present world, we often hear that science is more valuable than Economics and literature. The reason explained by our teachers is that literature or any type of art form has a tendency of show casing the truth, the reality of the society, the reality of the present situation, which is most of the non-acceptable since it hurts. On the other hand science has nothing to do with the present life or situation, involving human creatures. But is it really true that art is not that important?

One realization that hit me one night during my regular 3 a.m. thoughts is that people always indirectly appreciate art, even if for just a few seconds. Art is often misunderstood to be the canvases hanging in art galleries and art shops, but it is much more than that. Unknowingly we are surrounded by it on a daily basis. It influences our mind, soul, moral values and feelings, shaping us in the process. It later affects how our mind perceives creativity and triggers out of the box thinking, making us a unique self.


Creative Writing

In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult skills to achieve. It can be taught, but it can only be owned when the student learns to create his/her own style of writing.  Creative writing has been spreading love since time immemorial in the form of songs, poems, Dohas and kavitas, letters and books. It truly is an art form when one has to pour out their heart and soul onto the paper to a weave magic that cannot be explained but only be felt. It’s made more interesting when the message needs to be delivered in even fewer words. Only a bookworm knows what emotions are unearthed through books.

They says, “Book is a true best friend.” A friend that will only give but it has nothing to take away from you. It will give you immense amount of knowledge, which you will preserve for the rest of your life. When we open up a  new book, that fresh smell of the new book, that first chapter which make us curious, that is the magic of creative writing. When you read a great book, it makes you curious about the situation, based on which the author had written an entire book or novel. Then slowly, you get a lot more curious about the life that the author had led. A single book, can give you immense amount of knowledge and life lessons that you will need for your life. One book can give you knowledge and thought of a child, an adult and an old person as well.

We all are writers, some of us know how to express ourselves through simple language, some expresses themselves through mysterious words. We all should read more and write more.

When we were kids we used to have a diary where we used to write about our daily routine, what happened in school, who gave us chocolates. When teenage stepped in we started discovering things we started talking less and writing more, but in a lot more complex language, thinking that no body understands us. When adulthood steps in, either we keep on writing about our feelings, or we find a good escape, where we do not have to write, we start pretending.



Any type of art form, they all have one thing in common, the power of expressing themselves, through dance, writings, poems and many more.

My father was never into writing, but he rushes to us and reads the latest satirical poem sent to him by one of his friends on Whats-app with a big smile on his face. That is the magic of creative writing.

Painting and Sketching

One of my favorites, this art form is not only for appreciation purposes but also functions as a coping mechanism. It’s often used by people to cope with stress and depression. The fun thing about it, you can splatter a bunch of colors on a paper and it will still be a painting. It’s how one perceives a painting that makes an artwork relevant. It should appeal to the mood, heart and the mind of the spectator. We often stumble across such works of art in our Instagram and Facebook feeds that do not fail to leave us awestruck. With changing times, people have begun experimenting with the new and old experiences, painting even more spectacular pictures beyond the minds of the usual public. We may not be into art and sketching, but looking at something new and colorful is never really considered a waste of time, we even enjoy it.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, such an authentic statement. Hang a painting on the wall, some people will see the beauty of the tree, some will compliment the mixture of colour in the sky, some will observe the way the houses are drawn. Painting or Sketching or any type of piece that we draw depends on the depth and precisely that present emotion of the viewer. You might have drawn the girl, to show her beauty, but the viewer may see the hidden sadness that you had unknowingly given to her eyes with your brush stroke. That is the magic of drawing.

Music and Dance

Music and dance go hand in hand. One seems a little less relevant without the other. Both these art forms have never failed to entertain us, in deeper meaning, even enlighten us. Dance may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially classical dance forms (understandable). Music, on the other hand, is pretty much everyone’s morning coffee. Not a day goes by without music since it’s omnipresent. It’s in our ringtones, cell phones, TV jingles, car radio, bars and clubs, and even our prayers. Music is a universal language that no one forgets.  When you tap your feet to your favorite soundtrack, it’s a pat on the back for the artist.



How you dance on a particular rhythm or how you take the beat, says a lot about your emotion. A soothing voice always touches the core of our heart. No matter what, a song can never be old, it is possible through the punishment of time but not by the heart of the listener.

Culinary Arts

Who does like boring food? Culinary arts may not be trendy with the youth, but we light up eating anything new on the menu or daily specials. This art doesn’t end with the preparation of food but also how it is served. Humans are so unsatisfied with their materialistic lives, that we need both the presentation and taste as perfect as much they work hard. We surely would deny to eat something that does not look bad, by our instinct we would consider it as a bad food, since it lacks the beauty. With the trend of social media advertisement, restaurants and cafes all around the world are trying to make the experience memorable for their customers, stepping up their game both in menu and service. Making a special dish every weekend and representing that to us through social media, where humans are more active than anything else in this world. Things have been developing pretty fast in the culinary world, ranging from mirror cakes, cookie shots, rainbow drinks and bagels, to serving food in bizarre ways (which include food served by robots, trains, dogs, blind people and dementia patients to name a few).



The reason why humans have to go through so much mental stress, trust issues, inferiority and relationship problems, is just because human beings are materialistic, in this century. We run everyday, just for money which will give us satisfaction in our near future, we study hard just to be something and earn money. In this race we all somehow miss out on the beauty of the race, the human beings participating with us, and the present, which can be better as well.

Art gives us relief from that race for a period of time. So science and technology may be the bread and butter, but art is the wine of life, and admit it, you like it too.

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