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All You Need to Know About Munich Germany Beer Festival

munich germany beer festival

The annual Munich Germany beer festival is also known as Oktoberfest and it is the most awaited festival for the people over there. The Munich Germany beer festival started on 12 October 1810 as a marriage ceremony celebration of Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa Wiese. As the celebration of their union, all the people of the town were invited to the grounds just outside the city gates.

The celebration was a huge hit, so much that the people of the town asked King Ludwig to host a celebration like this the next year. Rest is history and this year the Munich Germany beer festival will host its 214th anniversary of the festivities held in the matrimonial celebration of the King and the Queen.

This beer festival holds a lot of rich culture for the people there. The amount of people that visit the Oktoberfest is insane. Around six million visit the Munich Germany beer festival and it is a huge celebration of the Bavarian culture, you try out their cuisine, their beer, and it is an experience one should definitely have if they love a good beer.


Munich Germany Beer Festival Information   


The booking for the Munich Germany beer festival starts different every year, so you have to keep an eye out. Getting the reservations for the tents is a long process, each tent at the Oktoberfest has its own system of bookings. There are around 14 large tents and each tent can hold up to 7- 10 thousand people and a dozen of smaller tents are also available.

Many tables are reserved for walk-ins and most of the tables are reserved for the locals who have held these tables for several generations at the Munich Germany beer festival.  The reservations for packages at the tables hold beverages and also, some food. Weekdays are less crowded as compared to weekends.

Even though it is the world-famous beer festival, there is definitely other alcohol served. There are special tents only for serving Wine and Champagne. There are around 15 types of wine to try there if you are a wine enthusiast. 

The question often asked or the confusion many has is about when to visit the festival. The beginning, middle, or the end? The festival is 16 days long and the beginning and the end of the festival are equally awesome and both are equally tough to get into.

Oktoberfest takes place on the largest ground in Munich every year, the Theresienwiese. The whole festival is super family-friendly and also kids safe. It is kind of like an amusement park with more than 80 rides like ferries wheel, roller coasters, carousel, and over 140 restaurants and food stand to choose from.


For a cool souvenir to take home, to remember the energy-packed festival, beer mugs are a very popular choice.

Dos and Don’ts Of The Beer Festival

Some Dos of the beer festival are:

  1. Wear cultural apparel to not feel out of the place
  2. When dancing, always on the benches.
  3. Bring cash or coupons

Some Don’ts of the beer festival are:

  1. The beer festival isn’t like Coachella or Halloween, in case you don’t want me mocked by the Germans, don’t wear anything like foam hats or bunny ears.
  2. Don’t bring cards for payment. They are not accepted.
  3. Don’t steal beer mugs as souvenirs


Fun Facts About Munich Germany Beer Festival


  1. Oktoberfest starts in September

The beer festival might be called Oktoberfest as in October fest but the world-famous festival starts in mid-September. It was moved for more comfortable weather conditions.

  1. Munich made beer only

The Munich Germany beer festival is strictly limited to the beer brewed in Munich. It is forbidden for a person at the festival to drink any other beer other than the beer brewed in Munich. The special beer for the festival is brewed in one of the six important historic breweries.

  1. Local and Foreigner’s Ratio


 Though the festival Oktoberfest is world-famous and people from all over the world try to attend it. The beer festival is still attended by over 70 to 80% locals and the rest are people outside the country.

  1. Einstein Worked Here

The great scientist Albert Einstein once worked at the Munich Germany beer festival. He helped put up tents for the festival when he was young.

  1. Amount of bBer

The amount of beer consumed at the Munich Germany beer festival is insane. In the year 2018, about 7.5 million liters of beer were consumed. That is almost equal to 1500 bathtubs or it could fill up more than 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  1. Strong Beer

The Munich brewed beer is stronger than the normal beer served anywhere. This is done especially for the festival, the beer is brewed in March ahead of the time, and then it is allowed to age so that it is ready by Oktoberfest for a better buzz.

  1. Another Name of Oktoberfest

The citizens of Germany or the locals there call the Munich Germany beer festival as d’Wiesn. It is named after Princess Theresa Wiese after her matrimonial ceremony with the prince.

  1. Paris Hilton is banned

The famous American socialite and media personality went to the festival to promote a brand of canned wine. Unfortunately, the socialite got banned from the festival because the locals and the organizers got offended by the way she was dressed for the festival.

  1. Mayor’s permission

The first keg is always popped by the Lord Mayor at the festival. Once the mayor untaps the keg after the official gun salute and shouts “O’zapft is!” which roughly means “get your drinks on” and then, offers the first drink to the Minister-President of the state of Bavaria. Only after all these Bavarian traditions that have been followed for years, the beer festival starts and the people can start drinking.

  1. Festival Canceled

There has been only a handful of times when the Munich Germany beer festival has been canceled. Since 1810, the beer festival has been canceled only 24 times. That too was a very long time ago. Mainly the reasons to cancel it were the war or the cholera outbreak or any other diseases.


There are many after-parties to attend at the end of the day. Munich is a very lively place to be during the festival. There are multiple touristy spots you can hit if you have the time. There is a lot of rich history and culture packed in the city. You can go bike strolling, or visit the English gardens or the museums. The Neuschwanstein castle is also a definite place to go when out exploring Munich.  

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