Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Amit Raizada Foundation Committed to Improving Americans’ Lives  

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic becomes increasingly uncertain across much of the nation, Amit Raizada announced on Friday that his foundation will continue to seek out philanthropic opportunities that catalyze lasting social change during this moment.  

Raizada’s announcement comes at a time when more than 10 percent of the labor force remains out of work and more than 150,000 Americans have died from the novel coronavirus.  

“The Amit Raizada Foundation aims to engender social change and improve people’s lives during this difficult and uncertain moment,” Raizada said. “The foundation seeks out opportunities that substantially and materially improve the lives of people in need and that work to build a sustainable, inclusive post-COVID world. 

Two of the Amit Raizada Foundation’s three focus areas—health and tolerance—have been at the forefront of American discourse over the last six months. As the country continues to experience upheaval in both areas, the Foundation remains committed to leveraging its assets to promote healthy living and spur medical innovation and to building a more tolerant America that better lives up to its founding values. 

“With all the tumult our country has faced in the last half-year, the foundation’s mission is more critical than ever,” Raizada said. “It is our responsibility to use the resources at our disposal to meet the challenges of this moment.” 

About the Amit Raizada Foundation: The Amit Raizada Foundation seeks to catalyze lasting social change by supporting philanthropic ventures that bring long-term value to diverse communities.

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