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An Awesome Guide to Become a Woman of Strength


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Women are God’s most wonderful creation, they say. We all have heard about the story of the conversation between an angel and God on why it takes longer for God to create a woman. He says that the woman has so many responsibilities in the world. She has to endure lots of pain, guide her surroundings to the path of light despite all odds, love everyone like how God does, bury her sorrows, and lit up the whole world with her smile that is made of strength and courage.

What does it Take to Become a Woman of Strength?

We live in a society where women are always being criticized, objectified, and judged for everything they do. It is the responsibility of every one of us on how we change these dynamics of seeing women as women, as equals, and move forward collectively as a progressive society.

A woman needs to continually stand up for herself, fight criticism and judgments, to achieve her dreams and follow her passion. Here’s a guide for all the lovely ladies to become a woman of strength, battling all odds and standing tall. Get ready to be your knight in the shining armor ladies.

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Identifying Weakness and Learning.

Becoming a woman of strength, firstly comes with accepting one’s flaws and weaknesses. Our society has taught us the notion always to be the perfect, ideal woman that everybody wants. But that is one of the wrongest notions to follow.

Accepting our flaws, trying to correct them is the right thing to do. Life is a constant process of learning. It is not restrictive to women only and instead applies to all genders. Learning from your mistakes can make us the most excellent teacher and student from within.

Women become strong when they outrightly agree with what they are and are always ready to learn from their life experiences. Practically, strong women who look upon their life mistakes and learn from them, don’t repeat their mistakes like getting into a toxic relationship or remaining silent when it is necessary to talk.

Observing oneself and learning without hesitation is the step one of becoming a woman of strength. This can be achieved by just being mindful, following the fundamental moral values that we have been taught, and never forgetting to apply to oneself as well. It is important not to hesitate to accept our flaws when pointed out.

Never Let Stereotypes and Judgements Break You

A gentle reminder Ladies: It’s people’s inborn quality to talk, to criticize,to judge. To become a woman of strength, we have to master the art of filtering out the positive and constructive criticism alone from all the non-sensual talks.

Judgements have the power to shatter us and lock us down forever. We, as women, have to learn to suck only what helps us and leave the rest as residue. Giving in to judgments and criticism is not only a setback to oneself but also a way in which we put the rest of the women in our society to follow the same. It becomes a pattern that puts every woman at stake.

Hence, it is essential for a woman to let go of negative encounters with society in terms of criticism and judgments. What will people think should not change what you think and want to do. Gear up ladies to become the woman of strength. Let’s take a vow to not fall for criticism anymore.

Always be ready for a Challenge

Life is full of challenges. Women have extra challenges than men. We are built strong with tons of endurance. As women, we have to accept the fact that life is filled with hurdles, and every stage gives us bigger than previous ones.

Women are not any less to warriors. We have to be always ready to face all the hurdles and challenges. Challenges can come from anywhere right from our home, workplace, and anywhere from the world in this era of social media.

To become a woman of strength, fear should be our first enemy. Fighting and conquering our concerns will be our first win that will lead to ease of our battles with the rest of the challenges. Do not let fear conquer our thoughts. It is an ugly demon that will lock us down far away from our dreams in no time.

So ladies, conquer the inner demon called fear and look out for possibilities and challenges to become a woman of strength. Be ready to showcase what you are capable of any time. A woman of strength always holds a sign of readiness because she trusts herself first.

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Create the Right Circle 

As the wise old souls say, “Show me your friend, I’ll tell about you,” the circle you create tells a lot about what you are and how you want to lead your life. Friends with the same mental disorder is a fortunate thing to happen, they say. Friends that share your goals and aspirations and follow the same ideology that you believe are friends with the mental disorder they are talking about.

The right circle will tolerate zero judgments about you, always give constructive feedback, will be the pillar of your growth, and never forget to give their shoulders to lay upon when needed. In short, they will be your home. We can use the right quality materials to build a house that feels like home.

There should be no room for hatred, jealousy, dishonesty, and back bitching, for there is a huge crowd waiting outside ready to do that. Your right circle must give you comfort, peace, and bliss, and it is your responsibility to create that circle.

Becoming a woman of strength needs pillars that aid in its strength. Never hesitate to choose your friends and walk away when it does not feel right. Because the right thing is not to tolerate negativity. So ladies in the process of becoming the woman of strength, create your right circle and cut out the wrong ones.

Take Control of Life

Everybody has dreams and aspirations in life. Everybody has the right to follow their dreams and ambitions. Women are no exceptions. We should remind ourselves that it is not okay to put our dreams and passions in the backseat due to societal pressure and responsibilities we face as women.

Being ambitious is an inbuilt quality of a strong independent woman. As women of strength, we need to adamant and stubborn to take control of our lives and do what we wanted. Our passion should drive our lives. The society cannot dictate our lives because when we give in to the community, we’ll be no longer present in it.

There are many examples of women who put their passion and goals first. They all stand as epitomes of strength and are celebrated by society. Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa are still honored because they took control of their lives and followed their passion.

To become a woman of strength, we need to set our goals and ambitions, and our passion should drive us to them. Let the society just be the audience and the witness of your achievements. Gear up with your horse blinkers and run the race, Ladies.

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Put Yourself First

Women are expected to love unconditionally and sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Women are naturally emotional and kind beings. But the pressure the society puts in on women, to forget herself and sacrifice everything for her loved ones is completely wrong.

Women have to love and nurture themselves first any day. We have to feel good and content with our lives to give the maximum love and care to our loved ones and the world. Self-love can do wonders on anybody’s mental health.

Women, in general, undergo dark phases of fear, anxiety, and depression than men go through. Women have to realize that they should love and give respect to themselves. It should be treated as a priority. Putting oneself first is not being selfish. It is giving respect to oneself.

Women, please learn to respect yourselves. It is the need of the hour that all our mothers, sisters, wives, and friends realize to put themselves first and give life to their wishes. Love is for all. Don’t deny it, ladies.

Ladies, realize your self-worth and treat yourself like a queen. You are your queen, and do not let that invisible crown on your head dropdown. Wear it and walk the ramp like one.

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Refuse to be Silenced

Girls are taught not to have opinions and remain silent in many of our households. It is a disgrace that fellow human beings are silenced from voicing their thoughts and opinions. In order to become a woman of strength, we have to have a loud voice. We have to put out our opinions loud and straight that it hits the patriarchy and misogyny in society.

Women of strength should not let anybody silence them for any matter at any cost. We all have minds that think, hearts that feel, and voices that speak. We have no right to be silenced. When a woman’s voice reaches the nook and corner of the world, there is nobody who can talk against her. A voice has more powers.

There have been several women of strength who shouted at the world so loudly that the world recorded in the pages of its history. Some of them are Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, Aung San Suu Kyi. Never shut yourself and never let anybody close you, ladies.

Always be ready to roar your thoughts to become a woman of strength. You are brave and can pierce anybody’s hearts with your voice.

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Put Your Shit Together

Women are naïve, fragile, vulnerable, and beautiful. We have always been compared to flowers in poetry for the tenderness we bear. We are programmed to endure a lot of pain and suffering because of all the hurdles and challenges we go through throughout our lives. Life is a battlefield, after all.

In this process of constant fighting in the battles with swords and arrows, we should not forget to rest and heal our wounds. It is essential to heal oneself, to come back better and stronger than ever.

It is okay to cry hard sometimes and let the bruises ache. It is the ache that fuels the inner fire and rage to face tomorrow, to face the world. It is not a weakness to let your ends loose when your heart is piled up. It is necessary to clean up and bring new things as well.

Everybody needs a vent. Accept what pains, let it pain for a while, and heal. Ladies who are in the transition of becoming women of strength will have to learn this art of healing. It brings peace and makes us ready for the next hurdle.

Strong women cry their shit out and then make room for only things that matter. So ladies, free your emotions and hold them back when necessary. Learn to rule your mind.

In this era of growing violence against women in the name of rapes, acid attacks, harassments, molestations, and sexual abuses, it has become indispensable for women to be bold and brave.

It is our fault as a society to have created such heinous crimes against women and are normalizing it. Patriarchy has killed a lot of dreams, a lot of women. We have to realize the impact it has on society as a whole.

Feminism is not about demanding superiority. It is about women fighting for their rights to equality. Only when we understand the real sense of this equality, we will learn to appreciate and support women.

Girls have to be taught to become a woman of strength in their lives. It is the most beautiful metamorphosis the world will see because strong women can change society and break the ego of patriarchy.

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Let us undergo this beautiful metamorphosis to become a woman of strength.

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