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An Introduction To Casino Game Types: What Can You Play?

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Online gaming is all the rage right now. That’s not just for multiplayer games like the famous e-sports. Online gambling is a huge industry today, and any casino aficionado can enjoy their favorite games as long as they have a good internet connection.

Online casino games are readily available in many ways, titles, and variations. Many players argue that playing on the internet is better than the traditional approach.

How to play casino games online?

Finding and playing your favorite titles (and discovering new ones) is simple. First, find a reliable site to play in. Some reliable choices are Betway, casino NetBet, and 888Sport.

 You only need a decent internet and a web browser. A simple Google search for casino games yields hundreds of results. You can also find specialized review sites to find the best casino for you.

Once inside the casino, you can try out the games with their demo versions. It’s not available in all sites, but most of them have this feature. You can play without betting on any slot that caught your attention. However, not all game categories have free trials.

One more thing to keep in mind is that some countries don’t allow for online gambling. In these cases, you’ll need a VPN to access the casinos. However, inbuilt solutions like Opera’s VPN help you bypass these regulations.

Game categories you can play

In online casinos, you can find virtually the same games you’d find in a traditional one. Interestingly, many casinos focus on slots, as they’re the most popular game in the market. They also have licensed titles and multiple variations to spice things up.

Another unique experience in online casinos is their live casino experience. You can log into live tables with other users and a live croupier, often with live video feeds for you to see them. They’re excellent hosts as well and do their best to keep players engaged.


Slots are the main reason why many online gamblers visit casino sites. You can find licensed and thematic games, with different designs, animations, and features. There’s a reason why they’re so popular, as the experience is a lot more professional than their physical counterparts.


You can play video poker and live poker on the live tables. Video poker offers an individual experience with RNG and the same hands as in traditional poker. Live tables let you play against other players with a live dealer.


The online blackjack experience is virtually the same as the traditional experience. Just like with video poker, you can play both by yourself and with other players. The rules are the same, but you can find multiple tables if one is full.


Online roulette is best experienced with live tables. You can also find multiple roulette tables in live casinos, and the same live croupier feed is available with online roulettes.

Special categories

Special gaming categories aren’t as popular as traditional casino games, but you can find interesting titles in there. You can play TV show games online, Monopoly, and more. It’s a great stop if you want to find a different experience.

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