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Doodle Art by Anagha Dandekar – “Art is Fun”



Anagha Dandekar, a 31-year-old from Vadodara (Gujarat). She is a marketing head, a content writer by profession, but an artist by Passion. Anagha Dandekar had a flair for drawing and doodling since childhood. With her office, she is working on her doodles and digital art. Anagha has become one of the most popular doodle artists on social media.

She loves doodling and modern doodle sketch. Her doodles depict her traveling and day-to-day life stories.

In conversation with Icy Tales, Anagha Dandekar-An Indelible doodle artist.

Q) What was your childhood like? What did you think you would become when you grow up back then?

Anagha Dandekar: Since childhood, I was a very creative person and I used to read a lot of books. When you read books it encourages you to imagine and enhances your creativity. My parents always encourage me to think in a diagrammatic manner and art form.

As I grew up, I found myself on the creative side more. When I got into marketing, I head the content department at a reputed organization. I always felt that words do not always describe what I was thinking, so I started doodling. When I started doodling, I have put all my marketing knowledge into that. Doodling is itself a creative outlet and I wanted to make the most out of it.

Since childhood, my doodling is the creative outlet and with that, I have put my marketing cap no with the idea to amplify. I am a storyteller by heart. But doodles are just an expression of the stores I want to tell in a very simple snapshot format. My love for storytelling which has stemmed out from my childhood has translated into the doodles which you see today.

Q) Your doodles are very creative, also when you sync them with the surrounding you are, How do you curate new ideas every time?


Anagha Dandekar: In my perspective, you should always keep on looking for new ideas. I think to get new ideas is to explore new places. Delve for new stories that happen. What happens is that if your stories and environment remain stagnant, your exposure remains limited.

With the era of the internet, we get an opportunity to explore the world. Secondly when you are exploring the world, new forts, monuments there are certain stories, places have some stories behind and you want them to delve into that. Stories behind the monuments and places have become my inspiration. In everyday life, I find something that motivates me.

When it comes to finding simple inspiration, I like those places which have forts, new places because they have a story to tell. Other than that museums are very beautiful places to find inspiration. They are various life forms that surprise you on an everyday basis. I think humans are also very inspiring.

Q) Which art trends inspire your current work?


Anagha Dandekar: I have always been a fan of minimalism. I enjoy telling stories in a very simplistic manner. Simplistic storytelling seems simple but it requires a lot of hard work. Simplistic storytelling seems a simple art but it requires a lot of hard work, explaining a story in a minimalistic manner requires a lot of focus too.

I always try to practice minimalistic storytelling, also I try to use less typography and basic words to depict what I am trying to explain. Neutral colors, simple and basic backgrounds are something that always excites me. Too much color used and too much information used in the image to explain, I am not a very much fan off.

Q) How do manage and overcome creative blocks?

Anagha Dandekar: Managing and overcoming my creative blocks is difficult. For me, the only thing is to give time. During the 1st wave of the pandemic, I was going to the creative bock and it was exhausting. If you are in a creative block situation, don’t try to hide. It’s okay.

What I mean when I say it’s okay is don’t try hard to come out that, the reason is the more you try to come out. You will end making an upstander work. Try making something new, breaking the monotony. It doesn’t need to be related to your art.

My process is that do not to try too hard but keep trying to end the creative block. You need to keep on trying something new because they might not be successful in the first place,  they are always the best creatives. I am a self-taught artist. If I didn’t keep trying I would have not been able to reach the place where I am today.

Q) How and when did you start making doodles?

Anagha Dandekar: I started doodling very early in life and started it seriously when I started traveling. I was never the kind of person who loves clicking pictures of myself. I was always that kind of person who likes to scribble something while traveling extensively. There I thought I should start documenting my doodles. I felt they were more of an escape route. when I was 25 I started taking doodle seriously.

Q) Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Anagha Dandekar: Absolutely! Art helps in every area and aspect of life. I am a writer, there are moments when words fall short in expressing my emotions. Art always helps you to speak and express your experience and emotions. more than that art always helps you to speak an idea.

It is always easier to put something on paper when you have art by your side. As an artist stagnancy comes very easy, boredom comes very easy. It is very important to keep yourself motivated with your art. Practicing art, doodling, being creative always helps you to keep the enthusiasm.

Q) What motivates you to create? Where do you find your inspiration? 

Anagha Dandekar: Inspiration is most of the time to release my stress. That’s where my motivation comes from. For me, doodling is equal to relieving stress. Inspiration is anything random which I want to say. I may doodle something and then I make up with something. It is always exciting to do when it allows me to think.

Q) How do you define success as an artist?

Anagha Dandekar: As an artist, you just have to be very patient and consistent. You have to be very smart and to be at the top of the trend in your doodle work. You should have a plan and place and have some numbers in mind that you want to achieve.

Some investment, because art requires not just some emotional and mental investment but also some financial investment if you want to succeed.

Q) Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you start doodle art?

Anagha Dandekar: I started to doodle at the age of 25, the thing that I wish to start differently is to start doodling at a very early age.

Q) What do you enjoy the most about your work? Any plans ahead, anything new that you would like to pursue?

Anagha Dandekar: I want to keep doodling and want to attain a certain number of followers on my page which I have in mind (anagha_doodles). I make sure my art reaches most people.

Anagha Dandekar believes in learning, improving and is very passionate about her work. We wish her all the best on her creative journey!


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