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Animated Video Creation is Now Automated

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As technology plays a huge role in the life of many and in society, almost everyone relies on the web to look for possible solutions to their problems. Blogs, websites, different platforms of social media, and video streaming sites, there are many things that you can do to not feel bored. Those people who are using internet for their own needs are not the only one who uses internet services to be updated for news, current events, and of course, latest trends; but every business uses certain tools to promote their brand or services to audiences.

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Video marketing is now a powerful way to reach out to audiences – existing clients or possible customers in a business. It allows you to explain effectively about your business and let people know how to use it and you are able to show everyone the before and after effect of the product or service, you are marketing. With the advancement of technology, video creation is now automated. Meaning, you don’t need to follow a lengthy process to make a video. No hassle. Stress-free.

Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

Given the fact that using video is the most powerful way to catch the attention of many, there are a lot of reasons why you need to use it for the growth of your business. Here are the reasons why.

  •        Using video to let others know about your brand or promoting it is an effective way to start conversations – it makes noise about a certain product.
  •        With the help of artificial intelligence, creating videos are now easy and stress-free. No need to follow long procedures to be able to make one.
  •        As the users of mobile devices are increasing over time, many people are also fond of watching different kinds of videos – whether it is about business, a review about the product, a promotional video, and many more.
  •        Using video to promote a product is an effective way to build trust with your audiences – especially if you let them see how to use your product and how it will work.
  •        Video marketing is an efficient way to catch the attention of lazy buyers. These lazy buyers are not patient enough to read long texts, instead, their attention will easily catch by videos.
  •        Using video marketing will help you to grow your business through social sharing. Imagine, you have thousands of friends and followers in social media platforms and your friend will share it. Chances are, your brand will be recognized by many people – even if you do not know them or at least friends with them.

Steps on How to Make Automated Video Creation

Creating automated animation videos are now easy with AI. There would be no lengthy procedures to create a video. If you’re curious how to do it, keep reading below.

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Choose First A Specific Platform To Use In Making Automated Animation Video.

Searching over the internet for the best platform might be tricky. Everyone claims that they are the best but none of them are tested and trusted by many. There’s this certain platform that is easy to use, has trusted reviews, and used by many – it’s no other than Renderforest. This platform allows you to create automated animation video based on artificial intelligence easily. Choosing a user-friendly platform or tool is very important in creating an animated video. It will not suppose to give you a hard time just like traditional video making.

Decide On What Customization Level You Prefer.

It’s all up to you on how the video will be customized. You all have the freedom to decide on it. You can use a single template, a double template, or use as much as many templates you want. There are many platforms that offer automated video creation and each has its own templates to offer for different purposes in making videos. With Renderforest, there are many templates you can find and will help you in making automated video creation, depending on the purpose of your video – explainer, promotional, social post, or whiteboard animation. If you wish to use your own picture or graphics, it is also possible with Renderforest.

Start To Upload Now Your Images And Text.

Finally, if you are done with the design of your video, it is now the time to create it. First, you need to upload the text as well as the graphics or images (if you decide not to use the stock they offer) and watch how the template will turn into a reality. If you choose automated video creation, surely, no more difficult times on making videos – and this is what makes them great in this work.

After Uploading Images And Text, Select Your Preferred Animation Effects

Some might not satisfy with a simple video and want to customize it so that it will shine brighter and catch the attention of everyone. To achieve this, you need to be very careful in choosing the animation effects of the text. You can always choose overlays, moving images, and moving graphics, you can do so. Again, make sure to use Renderforest as it is an easy-to-use tool so that you will be able to make everything easily and quickly.

You’re Finally One Step Closer So Publish Now Your Video

After uploading images, text, and customizing your video through inserting animation effects, now’s the time to for you to publish it. Just like any other platforms in making animated video creation, Renderforest also allows you to publish it to your desired social media platforms if you want it that way. If not, you can always download it directly to your computer and upload it on your different social media accounts anytime – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Final Few Words

In making an animated video creation, you need to choose a platform that allows you to edit anytime just like Renderforest. It is an important feature because somehow, at some point, you don’t easily notice if there are any typographical errors in your video especially when you are running out of time. So that feature is very helpful. Additionally, Renderforest is a fast, reliable, user-friendly, and affordable platform you can choose among many other platforms.  

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Roman Daneghyan is Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, specializing in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

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