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Is Call of Duty Finally Getting Control of Their Hacker Problem?

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Call of Duty is one of the biggest game franchises in history. People cannot get enough of the first-person shooter game and how competitive it can be. You can play against other people from all around the world. 

But, one thing that a lot of games are getting annoyed about is the number of hackers that are emerging in Call of Duty Warzone. It is ruining the game for them and it is highly frustrating. Let’s dive into this topic and find out what this is all about.  

Why are People Becoming Hackers?

The big question that everybody wants to know is why are people becoming hackers? Well, they want to play better at Warzone. A lot of people are good at the game and the low-skilled players are easily killed. So, the theory is, a lot more are becoming hackers so that they can compete with the best players.

However, cheating in the game makes it no fun for anyone. This includes using standard aimbot, as well as wallhacks. The aim is so that players can perform better at the game and compete with others that may be better than them. Raven Software were aware that the number of hackers was growing and they decided that they were going to hand out bans to players that were doing this.

As a result of previous changes, it is believed that around 650,000 players have been suspended from playing. While this might sound like a lot, there are still a lot of players that believe the problem exists and is getting worse. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hacks out there on the internet that you can find and use. This includes ways to win individual matches and cheat.

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Will Ricochet Work?

Everybody knows that something serious has to be done about cheaters in Call of Duty. This does not just apply to Warzone; there are also other games that are suffering. It is making players leave and not want to play anymore. They feel like they can never win and the cheaters just take away all of the fun. Well, the good news is that updates are coming and this is hoped to be the solution to the problem.

Activision is releasing an anti-cheat, which is called Ricochet. It is in controlled live testing and it is hoping to stop everyone cheating in Call of Duty.  But some people already seem to know about it. It is thought that the files have been leaked on the internet and means that people have the chance to see if they are able to hack it. In fact, there are some that say it can be reversed easily. 

It will be officially released in December with the Warzone Pacific update and this has the hope of ending hacking and improving the game for everyone. We will have to wait and see if it has the capacity to stop everyone from ruining the game. Certainly, it will make it more difficult for some and it is likely to make a difference. People long for the days where they can spend time building the skills of their character and really competing in Call of Duty. Activision are hoping this is what Ricochet can do.

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