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Parents: Are They Always Right?

By Rido/ Shutterstock

Every child is taught to listen to their parents. Our culture teaches us to worship our parents. There is no reason why we should not. They are the reason why we are even born. They take care of us, do everything they can to bring a smile on our faces.

They give up their dreams to help us fulfill ours. They do so much and in return, they just want us to listen to them and not get in trouble. That doesn’t seem like much, does it?


Why should we listen to our parents?

We often feel like they do not understand us or the situations we are in. Their advice sounds illogical and stupid. But then, they were like us too. It’s hard for us to believe but they might have been in similar situations. When they see us suffering, they try to give us solutions to evade the pain.

By George Rudy/ Shutterstock

Most of the times, they know that we won’t listen. But they do not give up as they cannot see us suffer. While some of us realize that they are experienced and are probably right, others realize it only when it’s too late. Our parents will never ask us to do anything that will harm us in any way. They love us and only want the best for us.


But then, our parents are only humans. Sometimes, they can be wrong without knowing it. It is our duty as their children to show them where they have gone wrong. We are taught to not talk back to our elders. That is a flawed concept. The world is gradually changing with time. People are now open to new ideas and are rectifying the mistakes of the past. Some of our parents cannot accept the change and stick to their old ways of thinking.

It’s easy for us to point out our friends’ ignorance but when it comes to our parents, we let them be. They won’t understand anyway and it will just lead to an argument which we cannot win, right? But maybe, if we can explain things to them and show us our point of view, maybe they will think upon it and understand. Our parents have taught us so much, we should help them learn too. 

By Rido/ Shutterstock


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