I Ask Why?

I Ask Why? 1

I ask Why?, A poem about love and separation. why?

I was unwanted by you, who were supposed to love me.
You left me. I ask why?
All alone among the eagles,
Just a little bird, unable to fly.

Land bound, I yearned,
For a freedom that was my birthright.
The same freedom you snatched away from me,
When you left me. I ask why?

Day in, day out, I sat watching.
Just looked at the eagles, soaring,
Effortlessly, beautifully, their flight mocking.
But you never came. I ask why?

Seeing the Eagles scale limitless skies,
I refused to be weak; I refused to die.
So I became an eagle,
And taught me how to fly.

On broken wings I soared,
Finally near my beloved sky.
Yet with yearning, my heart still roared,
My thoughts came back to your leaving, I still ask, why?

When one day I met someone else, about to die.
The same soul we both possessed.
So I said, “I’ll take these, your broken wings, and teach you to fly.”
But you’re still gone, and I still wonder, why?

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