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Atlanta Georgia: 3 Amazing Highlights to Know!

Atlanta Georgia

Are you wondering about visiting Atlanta Georgia? If yes, then we have mentioned some points about Atlanta Georgia, that you must be aware of before heading out! Read on to know some fascinating facts and must-visit places.

Atlanta Georgia, is one of the most amazing cities to visit when you are in the United States. Atlanta is the capital city of the State of Georgia and one of the most populous cities in the United States.

This metropolitan wonder has some fabulous human creations, historical curiosities, and culture. You may have been to many places in your life, but Atlanta Georgia is something you should not miss if you get a chance.

And if you are planning on visiting or live nearby Atlanta Georgia, you should know some things about this city that make it a unique place on the earth that has witnessed some historical moments in the past.

And for your ease, we have mentioned some essential things you should know about the city’s rich history, some fun facts, and of course, few marvelous places to visit I Atlanta Georgia, so let’s begin our journey!

Atlanta Georgia: 3 Amazing Highlights to Know!

A. Highlights from the Past!

Atlanta Georgia is a city that has witnessed some tremendous historical movements and events and that historical events have shaped the city in today’s world. Let’s turn back time and travel through the historical times of this gorgeous city.

From many centuries Atlanta Georgia was a place where Creek people resided peacefully, but in the early 1800s, Europeans arrived, removing the indigenous people from their homeland. Atlanta now started serving as a railroad, which provided a link between the coast of Savannah and the Mid-west.

This city had seen pain and tears of people when they were forcefully removed under the Indian Removal, but later on, during the 1860s, the city witnessed the Civil War. During the infamous American Civil War, Atlanta became a hub for supplying military equipment.

After the Civil Wars ended, the city of Atlanta was built again as it had already faced some destruction, later the city faced small ups and downs. During the mid-20th century, around 1948, Atlanta witnessed the historical moment of Civil Rights.

The Civil Rights Moment was about the black community and their voting rights. The city of Atlanta Georgia became a major organizing center. With support from Martin Luther King and students from the black colleges and universities played a significant role.

The city has also been a site for the Summer Olympic Games during 1996. This was when the government actively took part in the development of the region by initiating several construction projects. But even after so many efforts, a devastating bombing event occurred at the Centennial Olympic Park, killing one person on the spot and injuring several others.

 B. 5 Facts to Know About Atlanta Georgia!

1. ‘City in a Forest.’

Did you know that the city of Atlanta Georgia has 47% of forest cover in the town, which makes it one of the most heavily forested urban areas of the United States! You will not only have a metropolitan vibe from the city but also find an equally calm and green.

2. The Peachtree confusion!

When you are in Atlanta, there are over 70 streets that have been named by Peachtree with very slight variations, like Peachtree plaza, Peachtree venue. We hope you successfully land in the right place. The fun fact here is that there weren’t any peach trees formerly present in the area.

3. The Phoenix Symbol!

The city of Atlanta Georgia, was destroyed as a result of war by General Sherman, he ordered to burn the city to the ground, and only 400 buildings were left after the destruction. Everything has been built again. That is why the symbol of the Phoenix is chosen.

4. The busiest airport in the world!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world because from here, accessing any other major cities of America is relatively easy, convenient, and fast. And the airport is quite big and can fit 45 football fields into its area.

5. The music and movies!

You must have heard of some of the other artists that have emerged from this beautiful city. Few famous artists are Ludacris, Outkast, Gucci Mane, Manchester Orchestra, and many other musicians. Apart from musicians, Atlanta Georgia is home to Margaret Mitchell, who wrote ‘Gone with the Wind,’ which was also filmed here.

C. 10 Best Places to Visit!

1. Georgia Aquarium

One of the top-rated and must-visit places in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. This isn’t some regular aquarium with average size; the aquarium is so giant that it appears people have entered in an ocean and can see fishes of all types swimming around and over them.

This public aquarium has hundreds of species, and over thousands of sea creatures are present in this aquarium. There are seven galleries present in the premise and 10 million gallons of freshwater and saltwater are loaded, you can say that a part of the ocean is stored here.

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium of the United States and the third-largest in the world. You can spot not only smaller fishes and sea creatures but also the substantial beluga whales, sharks, dolphins, etc.  You can visit this aquarium in Downtown Atlanta, and the fun fact here is Coca-Cola has donated the land.

The Georgia Aquarium has been featured in a television show named ‘The Aquarium’ and was telecasted by TV Network’s Animal Planet channel. It’s one place that every visitor should visit when in Atlanta.

2. Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is one natural wonder present in the city of Atlanta Georgia. If you successfully climb this mountain on a clear day, you have chances of viewing the Great Appalachian Mountains. Generally, it remains cloudy and foggy. The park was opened for the public in the year 1965.

The park is spread in over 3,200 acres of land and is one of the most visited places in Atlanta Georgia. The stone is referred to as the giant isolated mountain lookalike stone. The rock is so humongous that the circumference of the stone is over 5 miles at the base.

The giant rocks of this park have been carved to form three leaders of the Confederate. The carvings witnessed some controversies, and some also call it the ‘largest shrine of white supremacy in the world’s history.’

One notable fact about the park is that of the most hit Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ few scenes have been shot outside Stone Mountain park! But apart from this fun fact, there are some fun elements for you to witness like the laser show, fireworks, river boating, play area for children, and lots more to see.

3. World of Coca-Cola

We all have heard of Coca-Cola and are among one the most loved drinks of all time, but did you know that the journey of Coca-Cola started in Atlanta Georgia? In this great city, you have the opportunity of actually visiting the museum of Coca-Cola.

This museum has displayed the journey and history of this worldwide loved drink. This museum is spread in 20 acres, which says that the trip was quite long and interesting. The present museum was formerly present in Underground Atlanta Georgia, and it has been re-located here.

It is said that the original museum attracted over 9 million visitors every year, which is quite a prominent figure. But don’t get disappointed as there are several other worlds of coca-colas present outside Atlanta Georgia. Here you can witness over a thousand artifacts as you roam around the premise.

Inside you can witness the secret process of making this soft drink; the process is displayed with the help of a 4-D movie where you can see scientists in a laboratory trying to come up with a formula.  The best part about this visit is you can taste over 60 different flavors that have been experimented by the company.

 4. Atlanta History Center

As the name suggests, Atlanta History Center is all about the historical events that happened in the past few centuries. And visiting a historical place of any city should be an essential part of your trip because knowledge about its past events makes or breaks the image of the town.

This History center of Atlanta Georgia has nine permanent exhibitions, and a temporary exhibition keeps on changing from time to time. But in case you are wondering that this history center can be a boring place, then you’re mistaken.

Here you will not only gain insight into the events that happened in Atlanta, but you will find some entertaining elements like gardens and exciting houses that are built across its 33-acre land for demonstration. The types of homes we are talking about here include a Swan house, wooden cabin for families, and a Smith Farm.

The center was built in 1926, which makes it almost a century old. There is a lot to learn about this city, from the railroad to Indian relations and the Olympics. The journey is long, and it has been displayed in an engaging style, which makes it a must-visit place in Atlanta Georgia.

5. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden is another popular destination in the city, and the moment you enter, you will start getting recommendations about visiting this place. As the city is vastly spread and so are its tourist destinations. The Botanical Garden is laid in a vast area of 30 acres.

If you are one curious soul with love or admiration for plants and trees, then visiting this garden is necessary. Located just adjacent to another famous park known as Piedmont Park, reaching one destination from another is not a problem in the city.

The Botanical garden was initiated in 1976 to preserve the wide variety of plants for display and research and education. You can witness several gardens here which are themed on a different basis like you can see a Japanese Garden and rose garden.

The purpose can sound dull to others but believe that you won’t witness a dull moment here as there are woodland areas, children’s gardens, which has surprising elements like fountains and sculptures. There’s also a conservatory which has plants from the tropical rainforests and a lot of animals as well.

6. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Not just one place but several places have been dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., because at whichever place he lived or some event happened with him has been turned into a historical site. This National Historic Site was built in 1929 and is spread in a vast area of 35 acres.

At this historical site, you can explore the Martin Luther King Jr. burial site, his birthplace, the Baptist Church, and different types of Houses. It is said that for converting the area into a historical site, many people who lived there were convinced to move out and relocated, and their homes were bought by the Trust.

Going through the life journey of some great leaders of the world will take you through different emotions and experiences. You can see where Martin Luther King Jr. was born and what kind of situations he went through. If you are a history buff, then Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site should be on top of your list.

You can enjoy the view of fountains and roses near the International World Peace Garden. You can listen to the speeches and videos of Martin Luther King Jr. here and feel the power within him. Visit the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame and see the authentic shoe prints of the great leaders of the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great world leader, but unfortunately, he was assassinated, and you can read about some more great leaders of the world here!

7. Oakland Cemetery

If you are wondering that visiting a cemetery isn’t an ideal location for your Atlanta Georgia Trip, then you may be wrong. The Oakland Cemetery is one of the largest green spaces in the city, spread in six acres, and later expanded to 48 acres. This cemetery was established in 1850 and is laden with oak and magnolia trees.

The Oakland Cemetery is one of the greatest examples of Victorian Style cemetery present in Atlanta Georgia. Also, this place is one historical landmark because other buildings in the city were burned, and the few who remain have become a site now, and among them is this cemetery.

Here at the entrance, you will notice a life-size sculpture of Jasper Newton-Smith, who played a major role in reconstructing the city. Inside you can witness over 6,900 burials of people, and among them, 3000 people are unknown.

The cemetery is divided into sections like the Jewish section, Confederate section, Black section, porter’s field, bell tower, and monuments. Some of the famous people of Atlanta are buried here like the mayors, presidents, governors, author Margret Mitchell, Benjamin Franklin, and lots of known personalities.

8. National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Now to show your gratitude towards the human rights that has given you all kinds of freedom today, pay a visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta Georgia. This museum is dedicated to the civil rights movement that happened in the USA and the human rights of the world.

You will learn a great deal of inner information and events that happened during the movement and how it has shaped the mindset of people, and its impact has brought a change in the world. The museum was established not long ago in 2014.

In the exhibitions, you will find collections from Martin Luther King Jr., the American Civil Rights Movement, and the Global Human Rights Movement. The history and collection are likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed, and the architecture will leave you impressed.

The building here is one sight worth watching because award-winning designers have designed it. The story of the journey has been displayed with the help of portraits, photos, and videos to keep the visitors engaged.

9. Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is quite old as it was officially opened in 1895, and from then, several improvisations have been done continuously to the park. The fun fact about the land of this park is it was purchased by Benjamin Walker, who bought it from a man who won the land in a lottery!

The park is quite old and hence longer is its history. But despite many ups and downs, the park has never failed in being one of the best relaxing places to visit when in Atlanta. The park promotes lots of outdoor activities. Apart from people playing casual and professional sports, some serious matches and tournaments are organized here.

If you visit at the right time or from the right place, you have a chance of being a part of some of the other matches and sports tournaments. Recently a new lake has been added to the park which promotes fishing activities, and some events, festivals, and weddings are also organized here.

Piedmont Park has witnessed some of the greatest musical concerts by some musical legends like Sir Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Coldplay, and The Black Keys. So plan accordingly and try to be a part of some musical concerts or festivals.

10. Fox Theatre

You must be wondering that visiting a movie theater of a city cannot be a tourist destination. Still, so far, we have seen that Atlanta Georgia has many surprising elements and another one of the Fox Theater. Earlier, the Fox Theater was an active movie theater that has now been converted into a performing arts venue.

The theater has a Shrine temple-like design inspired by the Islamic architect.  It was opened in 1929 as a movie theater with a seating capacity of over 4,500 people. The building has an impressive overall look and never fails in grabbing the attention of passersby.

The interiors of the theater have a fantastic starlight ceiling, and it also flickers and some projections of clouds. Imagine a perfect date night here! You can also witness an Egyptian style ballroom inside the Fox Theater, also known as Fabulous Theater.

You can see 42 rank pipe organs here named ‘Mighty Mo’; the site is likely to blow your mind as it is the second-largest theater organ in the city. You can enjoy and be a part of several events, and Broadway shows regularly organized here. In the past, some great artists like Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Outkast, James Brown, and lots of other musicians have performed here.

As we saw the ten best places, you should visit Atlanta Georgia, but there are several other places which are a major tourist destination in Atlanta Georgia. Some of the other best sites that we recommend you to visit include the Grant Park and High Museum of Art because these places will show you the different side of the city.

Atlanta Georgia has a world-class infrastructure and equally balanced greenery, it sounds like a perfect place to living the rest of your life, but in case you can’t, then always try to visit the city as tourists. The city has a lot more to show and tell, and the chances of leaving you mesmerized are relatively high.

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the birthplace of one of the most loved presidents of America who is the one and only Jimmy Carter; the novel prize winner has lots of places that go by his name. If you are one political enthusiast, you must visit Atlanta Georgia, for this experience.

And a visit to any tourist destination remained incomplete until you go shopping, so for your ease, we recommend you to visit the Buford Highway Farmers Market, and there are lots of fun things to do nearby, so visit and buy yourself a souvenir.

To know something more about what places to visit and some fun things to do in Atlanta Georgia, you can click here!

This was an article on ‘Atlanta Georgia: 3 Amazing Highlights to Know!’ if you have anything more to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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