Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Anuva Agrawal

As an avid reader, I realise the power of words and here is my attempt to make an impact through the bit of creativity in me. 🙂

10 Worst Habits Of Boys Who Are Introverts

I ain't a psychology student, but I have come up with all these points based on simple observations and surveys. Disclaimer: This content does not...

7 Best Quotes from Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy. This Shonda Rhimes show, with all the emotional drama woven into the lives of doctors, does have a lot more than just stories....

Out-Of-The-Box Stories That Can Keep You Inspired!

If you are here, you might as well keep your mind open! If you do just that, I assure you that these stories will...

Of Similarities and Stereotypes.

Here’s a conversation I had during my encounter with a new friend on Whatsapp. We were both moving to a different city from our...

8 Reasons to Be Crazy and ‘Stand up for Your Heart’!

Sometimes our hearts call out to us, and we respond t it with ignorance. You have had enough of it! I might not have a...

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